Wednesday, September 13, 2017

5:30pm, The entire zone from NW,W Maharastra, W Madhyapradesh to N Bay, Odisha, Jharkhand is active with T showers

S,central Kerala is also getting rain now ! More HEAVY rain ahead in next 12hrs for S Kerala and S-tip Tamilnadu .

Today's SE corner Arabian sea circulation is expected to make its drive North in next 12hrs
And, this circulation is expected to push North upto N-coast Karnataka, Goa on Saturday, 16-Sep

Entire Kerala and Karnataka coast to get heavy rain from 14th to Sunday.
Westerlies will be back over Tamilnadu and #Chennai from tomorrow, 14th.

Scattered T showers over N,N-central Tamilnadu and #Chennai is expected to be back from Friday.

Mumbai gets 103mm from a T shower

Eastern suburbs of Mumbai were expected to receive T showers before morning of 13-Sep. 

Mumbai city joined in the act and got a HEAVY T shower overnight, amounting to 103mm before 8:30am today. Many zones of N,NW,W Maharastra also got T showers.

Aurangabad was another biggie with 82mm.

Today, a Low-level circulation seen over Madhyapradesh and a weak one over N Bay. 

During next 24hrs, the entire West-2-East belt from NW Maharastra, W Madhyapradesh to N Bay will be active with moderate and heavy T showers.