Saturday, January 25, 2014

An easterlies is expected to affect Srilanka, S,S-E Tamilnadu on 29,30-Jan.
Isolated moderate rain expected for S,S-E Tamilnadu.

COLD and FOGGY conditions expected over N,N-central,N-W India during next 4 days.

7:30pm, NO rain activity seen over most of India. Scattered high cloud cover seen over E,S-E India and over W,S-W Rajasthan.

#Chennai - Today morning temperature, IWM station = 20.7 C (6:44pm), Nungambakkam = 22 C.

Till 8:30am today, Thiruvananthapuram records rainfall of 2 cm.

In most of N,N-central India today morning's low temperature was above normal by 3 to 4 C.
Meanwhile, Churu (Rajasthan) records 5.2 C

A weak W.D circulation is expected to give scattered rain / snow over Kashmir, N Himachal during next 24hrs ... 
After this system, NO W.D system expected to affect N,N-W India till 31-Jan.

Another LOW temperature was recorded at Bikaner Airport (Rajasthan) = 3.9 C
#Delhi - for republic day, Dense FOG expected till 10am with morning temperature around 9 C and day will be around 19 C.