Friday, September 13, 2013

Chennai - Rain, 1:29pm

Chennai - 1:29pm, T showers over several parts of city and more on way!
Chennai - 2:22pm, heavy T showers over Polichalur zone now..

@weatherofindia Good rain in nungambakkam area for past 20 mins,waterlogging in many areas

@weatherofindia Thundering here in Nanganallur now. Very humid though

heavy rain in KK Nagar

@weatherofindia Heavy Rains at #Chennai#Nandambakkam #Guindy at 14:00hrs

@weatherofindia Pouring in Nanganallur for last 20 mins

@weatherofindia Heavy rains for last 30.mins in OMR as we commence our KSS at Syntel 14:30hrs

@weatherofindia Lightning and Thunder over Taramani Region #Chennai 2:58 pm IST