Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#chennai - Sharp shower originated near Thiruvallur at around 5:45pm and travelled S-E and now 7:12pm its over Sea.
RT @premspk89:     #rain @ #Chennai 
@dr_nawin @leprincz >> "not raining this part of Chennai"  These sharp shower system usually will be very small and travel from West to East
RT @chitrachaudhuri: RT @hemalmajithia: I wish it would rain, the humidity is killing. #badweather in #Mumbai (3:49pm)
RT @dsanjeevkumar: Crazy Rain. Heavy Winds. Traffic Jams all over the place. @ Chennai. (6:38pm)
RT @karthikdot: It's raining in #Chennai. Chaos on OMR! (6:37pm)
RT @fabwrite: It's raining in Teynampet! @chennaiweather @weatherofindia (6:32pm)
RT @nandhitharavi: Soooper mazhai @ chennai :-):-):-) semma... (6:29pm)
RT @stylish_vignesh: Raining in chennai.... Cool... Loving climate ...:) <3 rain now :_;) #chennai #Tamilnadu

#chennai - 6:20pm, a sharp shower is sweeping into city from West. 
Arabian sea wing of Monsoon is expected to peak again along S-W coast, #Mumbai and Gujarat from 26-Jun.. 

#chennai - 4:40pm, having good strong sea breeze from EAST for the past 1 hr. Breeze extends upto a height of 0.6km above sea level.
#chennai - Wind changing direction now 3:50pm, a strong Sea breeze possible from East after 4pm.
2:30pm, Heavy rain has broken out over Bengal, Odisha (Orissa), Jharkand, Bihar and even into E.Uttarpradesh.. 
#Delhi - records 42.0°C at 1pm
#chennai - at 12:40pm records 36.0°C with Strong winds from WEST continues.

On 19-Jun, highest maximum temperature  of  44.6°C  was  recorded at  Sriganganagar (Rajasthan)

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 11.45am, Sunny, humid & hot.. No rain for the past 3 days.. Wonders where is the monsoon ??? 

10:30am, ALL calm along S-W coast.. except for some heavy rain over Kerala, While N.Bay circulation is moving inland.. 

Yesterday, monsoon has progress even more into E.India .. 

RT @arunpillai666: Its cloudy and overcast in Kalladikode #Palakkad,#kerala.. surely looks to rain hard in afternoon.. (11:02am)

RT @mumbairealtime: Govt to send rain alert SMS #mumbainews 

Yesterday's N.Bay low circulation is moving inland into S.Bengal and S.Bangladesh .. 

N.Bay circulation is expected to push upto E.Uttarpradesh and be live till 23-Jun.. this'll further push Monsoon .. 

Top one day rainfall observed in 2012

(min 300 mm)

  1. Cherrapunji, Meghlaya - 09.06.12 - 396 mm
  2. Malvan, Maharashtra - 19.06.12 - 386 mm
  3. Khowai, Tripura - 16.06.12 - 369 mm
  4. Dapoli, Maharahtra - 18.06.12 - 337 mm
  5. Dhubri, Assam - 16.06.12 - 315 mm
  6. Falakata, West Bengal - 17.06.12 - 312 mm