Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Delhi too was following its schedule with drizzles on Monday night/Tuesday morning. And with a marginal fall in the day from 30c to 27c, it was better off. Night temperature on Tuesday morning was 15c (16c was forecasted).
Forecast for next few days expected to tow the line as mentioned in the weekly forecast.

Mumbai: At it again. Showed its fluctuation, with the day shooting up to 34c (forecasted 35/36c) on Tuesday.
A reader actually  Mailed me  to ask "why fluctuate Temperatures this week? Its very confusing". Not able to correctly get his meaning though .-:)).
As explained in the weekly forecast, this rise was a result of the NE winds which dominated most of the day on Tuesday. Tuesday morninf saw a low of 19c (forecasted 19/20c).
No change in the outlook for Wed/Thursday.

Pune: Refused to give in to the 2 day warming tendency, seen all around. Day's high was stuck at 34c (36c expected) and the night stubbornly at 12.8c (16c). Lets see if Pune wants to go its own way next 2 days or tow vagaries' line  -:))

Bangalore: Clouds have appeared over the city, with light drizzles.

Chennai: Got its rain on Monday, but much below expectations. Only 1.6 mms. Elsewhere in the state, Nagapatinam got 2 cms and Pamban 1cm. Forecast hold good for Wed/Thursday.
More on vagaries.
RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Drizzle, accompanied with a lot of thunder and lightning over Delhi right now(1:12am)... WoW, due to W.D
chennai - reports of light rain coming in from Porur !
RT @ranganaathan: waiting for a blast in T-Nagar RT @weatherofindia: chennai - pallavaram zone had a strong drizzle just 10 min back !!
North India is having a cloudy night, with Kashmir, Himachal having strong showers... http://ow.ly/i/votY
chennai - pallavaram zone had a strong drizzle just 10 min back !!