Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mumbai (Colaba) on 28th. April was hot at 35.5c.No indication of any cloud development and humid West winds added to the discomfort. Hottest in Maharashtra today (28th.) was at Brahmapuri: 45.5c.
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Present Pre-Monsoon Rains and Indian Heat -- Status report ...

Pre-Monsoon Rains and Indian Heat

The 2nd. half of April has seen Pre-Monsoon rains lashing the Southern and Eastern regions of India.Though today, after a long break, we see the rains relenting to some extent in the East, but the Southern state of Kerala continues to enjoy the "rain bounty", and much to the relief of the state, the temperatures have come down considerably, after record breaking 40 degree heat in the state.
The North-Eastern States had a fairly good spell of pre-monsoon rains, as mentioned. Traditional wet spot, Cherrapunjee, has recieved as much as around 3300mms of rain to date in April ! And that is 2588 mms above normal! Heading towards the 5000mms mark by May end ?? Passighat has recieved 926 mm, and is in excess by 626mm!!
And most places in the North-Eastern states are 100% to 200 % in excess rainwise.

In the South, Kerala and Karnataka have recieved, and continue to recieve the pre monsoon heavy thundershowers.Though T.N.did not get much rain, and would not normally, Kerala and specially coastal Karnataka is in excess. Thiruvananthapuram, as on 27th. has recieved 299 mms of rain, (for Mar/Apr, but almost all in April), excess by 163 mms. Now this total, is far in excess of rains recieved in this city, in April, in the last 15 years.

Good, substantial inflow of moisture into the North-East, due to a trough running into the North-East Bay is the cause of this rain there. And, a good flow of West winds, into the South Western coast of India, has precipitated rains along the coast.It is resultantly breaking up the "high" there.

Is all this now going to have a bearing on the advancement of the Monsoon? Is the heavy rain in the North-East going to effect the Bay branch? Cannot say now, but if the pre monsoon rains continue beyond, say, 10th. May, we may find some change in the arrival dates. Maybe either way, if the pre monsoon spell converts itself into a regular south-west flow.
We will discuss this as and when, with proper analysis in the Monsoon Watch series.

Todays day temperatures were above normal in the central region. The 2 IMD maps show the extreme heat wave in the centre of India. Highest today (27th. April) in Asia was at Chandrapur, Maharashtra, at 45.2c.with the night at this place recording 30.8c. Nagpur and Gwalior followed at 44.5c.
The map shows India in a clear North-South divide,weather wise. The southern temperatures were generally below normal, while the central region shows very high abnormality, and the rest of North/North-West India fairly above normal.

The Climate Prediction Centre (NOAA) deviation map of last week shows that the maximum heat was in the Rajasthan region last week. Anyway, a major portion of the sub-continent was in an "above normal zone" throughout last week.
Posted by Mr. Rajesh Kapadia
RT @Biorahul: @WaseemBits I can understand.. Hate summers.. It rained a bit in Jaipur today.. hwz karnataka??
RT @sunita67: It's raining in Jaipur.....Please please rain in Delhi too!!!
RT @flyyoufools: @kbhargava Only fair, since we had mud rain in Delhi last night....
RT @Risty1108: Rain clouds ditched us this afternoon :( RT @aatheena @ikaveri okies... hope delhi get some relief from heat.. :))
@akashkumarsingh >> Is it raining in Delhi ?? Pls update. Thanks
@ceetee >> I think u are from Chennai ?? Chennai today registered another moderate temp. of 35.2°C (12:35pm). Expect 43 deg C around 15-May
RT @jitukrish: Threatening clouds in Trivandrum
RT @bimalzone: heavy rain at Trivandrum.....feeling nice to watch a rain after a long summer days...
RT @karthika_nair: Seems the rain had made the roads here bit congested!! heavy traffic at Trivandrum
RT @hashkochi: RT @efheem : Confirmed that God had made a 'cron job' to make Kochi wet all the evenings. :) rain linux kochi kerala
RT @hashkerala: RT @akhil_k_anil : rain over here alappuzha kerala ......... cool atmosphere now !!
RT @ishafire: Enjoying the early monsoon of Cochin......
RT @chrisjob012: @neelannair ash clouds in kochi?
RT @jmanoo: its drizzling in kochi cochin
6:30pm, Lots of premonsoon and Nor-wester showers all over India.. Good looking Sat. shot..
5pm, Lots of Showers over Punjab, Haryana, M.P, Orissa, Bengal, Karnataka and Kerala ..
IMD :: Rain to continue in North-East, Orissa ..

Rain to continue in North-East, Orissa

Scattered to fairly widespread rainfall has been reported from the north-eastern States and the southern peninsula overnight on Tuesday.

The causative north-south trough ran down from east Uttar Pradesh to north interior Karnataka across Madhya Pradesh and Vidarbha with embedded upper air cyclonic circulations over east Uttar Pradesh.


A warning issued by India Meteorological Department (IMD) and valid for the next two days said that isolated thunder squalls would occur over the north-eastern States, West Bengal, Sikkim, Bihar and Orissa.

According to the US National Centres for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), the northeast would be awash with moisture from the Bay of Bengal for as long as the second week of May.

The NCEP has suggested that convective available potential energy (CAPE) values, which indicate the possibility of unstable weather (thundershowers or thunderstorms), would stay elevated during this week over the west coast also.

While the CAPE values are shown sneaking into interior Bihar and east Uttar Pradesh in the east, a convective weather system (embedded cyclonic circulation in a western disturbance) would drive moisture into the Gujarat and southwest Rajasthan during the week.

The rest of the west coast will witness volatile weather during this period as will large parts of the southern peninsula, with moisture-laden winds from adjoining seas expected to blow into interior peninsula.


An update from the Chennai Met Centre said that rainfall occurred at most places over Kerala and at a few places over Telangana, coastal and south interior Karnataka during the 24 hours ending Tuesday morning.

Isolated rainfall occurred over Rayalaseema, Lakshadweep and Tamil Nadu while mainly dry weather prevailed over north interior Karnataka and coastal Andhra Pradesh.

The forecast for the next two days said that rain or thundershowers may occur at many places over Kerala and Lakshadweep and at a few places over coastal and south interior Karnataka.

Isolated rain or thundershowers are likely over Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh and north-interior Karnataka.


As for north-west India, the region is bracing to receive some weather from an induced cyclonic circulation that is lying parked over central Pakistan and is expected to move further east.

The parent western disturbance is likely to affect the western Himalayan region during the next two to three days, the IMD said.

Satellite imagery on Tuesday morning showed the presence of convective (rain or thundershower-causing) clouds over parts of the Northeastern States, southeast Bay of Bengal and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Low to medium clouds (partly cloudy conditions) were seen over parts of the western Himalayan region, Punjab, Haryana, north Rajasthan, West Bengal, Sikkim, south peninsular India and southeast Arabian Sea.

Updated forecasts until Friday suggested the possibility of fairly widespread rain or thundershowers over Assam and Meghalaya and scattered rain over Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.

Extended forecasts until Sunday said that fairly widespread rainfall activity would occur over the Northeastern States while it would be isolated over east and south peninsular India.

Scattered rain or thundershowers are expected to occur over Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh during next two days and isolated rain over Uttarkhand on Wednesday.

Isolated dust storms or thunderstorms are likely over Punjab, Haryana, north Rajasthan and West Uttar Pradesh during the next two days.

Meanwhile, heat wave conditions prevailed over parts of Himachal Pradesh and isolated pockets of north Rajasthan, Bihar and Gangetic West Bengal during the 24 hours ending Tuesday morning.

Maximum temperatures have begun to pick up over parts of northwest, central and east India. The highest maximum of 44.5 deg Celsius was recorded at Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan.

No significant change in maximum temperatures is expected over the plains of northwest, central and east India during next 24 hours but a slight fall make take place thereafter.
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From reader >> "Rapid development of clouds over Bangalore now..a shower possible late evening"
From our reader >> "Heavy rainfall expected near Kozhikode railway station.."
3:30pm, Showers over Tamilnadu is bit subdued and active over Munnar & Kodaikanal mountains ...
3:30pm, Isolated showers over Punjab, haryana, Rajasthan, N Madyapradesh, Orissa and peppered over W.ghats ..
Rain on 27-Apr, Widespread over Bengal, N-E states, Kerala and South Tamilnadu ..
On 27-Apr, Adilabad recorded the highest maximum temperature of 45 degree Celsius in SOuth India
on 27-Apr, Piravam (Ernakulam dt) recorded a heavy rainfall of 7 centimetres in South India.
2pm, Thunder cells over Orissa, Bengal, S-E extreme Jharkand, South western Ghats, and over Ramnad district of TN ..
2pm, Showers over Kashmir, Himachal and South N-E states ..
India, Rainfall 2010 toppers till 27-Apr-2010 ...
23 killed in Assam thunderstorms, flood inundates Kaziranga Park ..

Rainfall 2010 toppers till 27-Apr-2010

Cherrapunjee has got 140.1mm yesterday, in the last 10 days it has received 1580 mm

2010 toppers till 27.04.2010
Cherrapunji 344 cm
Passighat 98 cm
Silchar 88 cm
Dibrugarh 79 cm
Itanagar 74 cm
Gangtok 67 cm
North Lakhimpur 62 cm


Tamilnadu toppers from 1.1.2010 to 27.4.2010
Pechiparai – 22 cm
Valparai – 19 cm
Kodaikanal – 17 cm

Posted by Mr. Pradeep John
Fall in maximum temperatures by 2-3°C over northwest and adjoining central India during next 2 days.
Hailstorms/ thundersquall may occur over Punjab, Haryana, Delhi & Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh during next 48 hr
Heat wave conditions are also prevailing over Haryana, west Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan , Punjab, northwest Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand.
On 27-Apr, highest maximum temperature of 45.5°C was recorded at Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh)
Early morning showers over west Kashmir and otherwise whole of India is Dry ..
RT @rajugana: Hyderabad - overcast sky n pleasant for the past two days.. Baroda- it is crystal clear sky, hot n humid (on 27-Apr)
RT @rajesh26: @weatherofindia Mumbai today hot,sunny n cloudless. No Thunderclouds 2day.High at 35c.Mah. dry too. (on 27-Apr)
Chennai - Now 11:46am is 34.6°C and will touch another moderate high of 35.5 deg C before 1pm and go down slowly.