Thursday, July 11, 2013

1.BB-5 has established as a deep Low over Orissa as on Thursday evening.The system ,as a trough, is tilting SW with height.
The sea level low, will in all probibility fizzle out by Saturday, over Chattisgarh.

2. The upper air UAC, associated with the system will survive, and linger as an upper air trough in the MP region on Saturday and Sunday. The significant 700 hpa trough, in the MP/Chattisgarh region, is the region to pay attention on.

Friday: BB-5 moves W/NW.
Districts to watch for heavy rains will be Nagpur, Akola. In AP: Adilabad, Karimnagar and Nizamabad. In MP, Betul, Chundwara, Khandwa and Nimur
Maps on vagaries

#Chennai - Rain - 8:25pm

#Chennai - 8:27pm, Raining with high winds now over Pallavaram zone.

RT @alan_j_s: @weatherofindia Started raining in DLF porur #Chennai (8:34pm)

#Chennai - 8:35pm, Heavy rain with winds now over Polichalur zone.

-- update at 8:40pm --

RT @ramki_xlri: Yippeee, Rains started poring in Saidapet tooo.. (8:39pm)

RT @svgan_in: @weatherofindia Rain Reached Nandanam #Chennai now. (8:39pm)

#Chennai - T.shower approaching

#Chennai - 7:15pm, HEAVY T.showers approaching city from S-W,W,W-N-W.. now at around 70km from city near Arakkonam.

Chennai and Badlapur update, 5:30pm

Heavy rain lashes Badlapur today. So max temp is 25.7c today ... 

#Chennai - 6pm, Rain seen over W-S-W from city at around 120km... Showers may push into City around 9/10pm... reduced possibility today.

#Chennai - yesterday rainfall, Nungambakkam = 24.3 mm and Airport = 32.6 mm.

W.D update, 11-Jul-2013

Today, the W.D upper level weak circulation is seen along W,N-W.Kashmir ... and another weak trough will cross N.Kashmir in next 2 days. 

LESS rain expected for N,N-W India during next 48hrs.. some showers will slowly creep into Uttarakhand and Himachal from 14-Jul.

LOW along Odisha coast and its forecast

RT @aknarendranath: Low-pressure over Odisha boosts monsoon | Business Line @weatherofindia 

Today, the LOW along Odisha coast has become marked ... 

WRF expects the LOW to persist along Odisha, S.Bengal coast for 12hrs and to move N-W into S.Bihar on evening, 12-Jul 

Today, strong low,mid level circulation is also seen along Odisha coast ... 

And the upper level circulation associated with LOW is seen persisting along N-E.Andhra coast ... 

During next 48hrs, the low,mid level circulation is expected to move W-N-W upto E,central Madhyapradesh and move N,N-E 

Meanwhile the upper level circulation is expected to move N-N-W upto central Chatisgarh and may vanish in next 36hrs.

HEAVY and widespread rain expected for most of Odisha, N,N-E,central.Andhra, S,central Chatisgarh in next 36hrs.. 

From tomorrow, Heavy rain is expected to push into most of S,W,S-W,central. Madhyapradesh, N,N-W.Maharastra and into E,S-E.Gujarat.

HEAVY rain for coastal Maharastra, #Mumbai to continue for next 24hrs and reduce after that.

Kerala, Mumbai, Bangalore and Satellite IR at 2:30pm

RT @saifarash: Kerala Flood - From Therattammal, #Areekode #Malappuram #Kerala  #Monsoon @ 

RT @bnk24x7: Near zero visibility - .heavy rain in Navi Mumbai right now (9:44am)

RT @mayank_k91: Torrential rain on the #Mumbai #Pune expressway #monsoon (11:59am)

2:30pm, HEAVY rain All along S,S-E.Gujarat, Maharastra coast, Karnataka coast and Kerala... 

2:30pm, Rain also over N,N-E.Andhra, S.Odisha, central Bengal, N,S.Chatisgarh, E.Maharastra ... 

RT @arvenky: @weatherofindia pitch dark with winds,started pouring out here in Malleswaram,Bangalore (3:15pm)

11th july 11:45 a.m - Those clouds look "RIDICULOUSLY" beautiful ..... its just about to rain in kolkata ...........

Next 48hrs Forecast for #Chennai, S.Andhra

@ranganaathan >> #Chennai, S.Andhra, N-E.Tamilnadu to get less or low intensity rain during next 2/3 days... 

Midnight weather analysis and forecast, 11:47pm, 10-Jul

Latest analysis show that Low,mid level circulation is seen along Odisha coast ... 

Latest sea level pressure analysis show that LOW seen over Odisha coast and over E,central Uttarpradesh... 

Today, the W.D upper level trough is seen close to W.Kashmir... in next 36hrs it'll slowly drift East and move away.. 

The upper level circulation is now seen along N-E Andhra coast ... 

During next 24hrs, low level circulation, LOW will enter inland thru Odisha coast, While the upper level circulation will enter N-E.Andhra

Upper level circulation along S,central Maharastra coast is expected to prevail for next 36hrs.

The Odisha coast circulation will enter inland in 24hrs and drift W-N-W towards E.Maharastra ... 

On 13/14-Jul.. the Odisha coast circulation is expected to end up over central Madhyapradesh and vanish.

In 24hrs, HEAVY rain to continue for Maharastra, S-E.Gujarat coast and over W,S-W.Madhyapradesh ... 

In 24hrs, Showers also for N,central,E.Uttarpradesh, S-E.Madhyapradesh, HEAVY for Odisha, N-E.Andhra coast.

After 36 / 48 hrs, showers along Maharastra coast, Karnataka coast and Kerala to reduce... that is from 13-Jul.

After tomorrow evening and HEAVY rain expected for N-E.Andhra and then into N.Andhra and E,S-E.Maharastra ... 

From tomorrow till 13-Jul.. less rain expected for N.Bengal and Sikkim. Scattered rain to continue for central N-E states.

Important, very less rain forecast for entire N,N-W India during next 2 days