Friday, September 05, 2014

Chennai - 9:30pm, heavy rain seen over SW suburbs now.
Drizzle now in Polichalur.
More heavy T showers on way for city.

Chennai - 10:20pm, a T shower is sweeping into NW, central zones of city and moving SE.

Chennai - 11am, moderate steady rain over polichalur zone for past 30min.
And its raining in most zones of city now.

Latest analysis show that low,mid-level circulation persists over N Rajasthan and S Punjab ... 
N Bay circulation also persists and well organized now ... 

In next 48hrs, present N Bay circulation is expected to drift into Odisha and push to S Chatisgarh ... 
Present N Rajasthan circulation is expected to drift into Punjab, then weaken and persist at low,mid-levels till 7-Sep.

On 7-Sep, the upper-level circulation from Bay is expected to cut across N-E Andhra and push to N,N-W Andhra.. 

Heavy rain to persist over Punjab during next 15hrs.
6-Sep - Heavy scattered rain to be over Odisha, S,central Chatisgarh, N,N-E,central Andhra, S,central Jharkhand and S Bengal.

Weather Instagram at September 05, 2014 at 05:02PM

#chennai - 4:52pm, partly cloudy and warm. Thunder storm seen along Chengelpet now. Possibility of rain after 6pm for city. #weather

from Instagram

#Chennai - Today's chance of rain is reduced to 20%. 
Now it is partly cloudy and getting Hot.

7am, Update from Malout (S Punjab) - "Good morning Happy Flooding" rainfall round 208mm.. 

Photo taken from this Facebook group...