Friday, August 24, 2012

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Heavy rains since afternoon. Raining right now in #Delhi (7:43pm)
Showers along entire S-W,W.coast to pickup from 26/27-Aug...

Heavy & widespread rains for S,central,Maharastra coast, Goa and Karnataka coast from 27-Aug evening .. and persist..

Widespread showers expected over chatisgarh, Orissa, N,N-E Andhra on 26,27,28-Aug..

Showers to continue over S.Karnataka, S,S-central Andhra, N.N-E.Tamilnadu and #chennai .. till 31-Aug and beyond.. 
RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia heavy downpore in #delhi (7:17pm)
Today, a weak UAC can be seen along #Delhi and W.Uttarpradesh.. will persist for another 12hrs..

On 26-Aug, a UAC is expected along S.Andhra coast .. and it's expected to persist till 30-Aug.. 
Offshore trough along S-W coast is almost non existent today... and will be till 26-Aug.

From 27-Aug, Offshore trough along S-W coast will be back and deep..

Today, the monsoon axis is weak and more tilted towards Foot hills of Himalayas.

From tomorrow the monsoon axis will slowly drift south and on 27-Aug a strong Low level circulation expected near #delhi

Monsoon current to become strong ALL along W,S-W coast from 26/27-Aug...

A weak circulation is expected over N-W Bay on 27/28-Aug.
5:30pm, ... showers seen over N,N-E.Rajasthan, S.Haryana, Uttararkand, W.Uttarapradesh, Jharkand, most of Bengal, Orissa
#chennai - 6:25pm, is having mild breeze from E-S-E upto a height of 0.3km above sea level

Vertical.V is again going to be HIGH over S.Karnataka,S,S-central.Andhra, N,N-E.Tamilnadu from 4pm.. more rain ahead..

Vertical.V will stay HIGH over S.coast Andhra and over N-E.Tamilnadu , #chennai till morning of 25-Aug.. Rain possible.

Most of N.India, and most of Uttarpradesh to experience more heavy rains on today and tomorrow...

5:30pm, Lots of T.showers seen over central, S-central and N-W Tamilnadu ... 

Tirunelveli - 3:25pm, raining now

RT @akaasi: Steady drizzle in Coimbatore  @weatherofindia 2:35pm

Tirunelveli - 12:40pm, conditions are good for a t.shower after 1:30pm. Good t.cell formation seen now!

RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia midnight drizzlling in #delhi 2:40am