Monday, December 15, 2008

Chennai witnessed a classic cricket TEST match

"Well done Team India !!"
Our forecast for the whole of test match stood perfect.
Thanks to weather and Team India, Chennai witnessed yet another classic test match.
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For the past two days the minimum temperature was not low, even it's increasing every night. Yesterday (14-Dec-08) night it was 26.2°C (2:14am).
Thru the day it was HOT and mildly humid.
Even the cloud formations seen in mornings for the past 2 days was not seen today.
Today there was very little cloud movements.
Going by the latest satellite pic,

There's still a Anti cyclone over the northern bay.
And we can see lot's of activities around Southern bay region just EAST of Srilanka.

Hats off to "INDIAN CRICKET TEAM"..!
The GFS suggests, that there'll be a MILD low pressure system forming in another 36 hrs and it'll move across Srilanka (again) in another 2 days. No suggestion of moving up and crossing Tamilnadu coast. This system will trace the path of "07B".

Still the remnants of "07B" can be seen over South-central Arabian Sea with some power. This system will enter the COOLER waters near Arabian peninsula and die out.
Only 30% chance of reaching the Yemen or Saudi Arabian coast.