Saturday, December 22, 2012

#chennai - Temp. now 9:24pm is 25.7 °C and going down slowly.. another 20 / 21 deg C morning ahead.
8pm, S.Arabian sea Low "90A" has slightly moved West in past 12 hrs, Heavy rain over N,E.Srilanka and into Gulf Mannar.

Some showers are expected to push into S.Tamilnadu coast from Gulf Mannar tonight .! 
Is nuclear power necessary for solving climate change? ...

Climate effects of " Arctic hurricanes " ... 
From 25-Dec, S,S-E Tamilnadu may get scattered heavy rains.!!
In N.India, present cold wave will have a respite on 24-Dec.. due to a W.D affect Kashmir ...

This W.D will be followed by another moderate one on 27-Dec... Which is expected to persist till 29-Dec.

A severe COLD wave is expected for N,N-W India from 29 / 30-Dec.

After 24-Dec W.D, the next may push into W.Kashmir by evening of 26-Dec.
Present easterlies affecting S,S-E.Tamilnadu, Srilanka are expected to persist over Bay below 10th parallel..

More easterlies are expected to push into S,S-E bay on 24-Dec... this may pop a circulation over S.Bay on 25/26-Dec..

Due to present & upcoming easterlies, mild showers expected over S,S-E Tamilnadu during next 3 days.
Low pressure "90A" - over S.Arabian sea., expected to become as a Depression and hit Somalia on 25-Dec... 
#chennai - records 21 deg C today morning. And Tirupattur (N.Tamilnad) records 14.4 deg C.

Low pressure "90A" - over S.Arabian sea.

Low pressure "90A" - over S.Arabian sea. This was along 5th parallel for the past 3 days.
Now its located at 8.9N and 65.1E.
Wind speed upto 45kmph.

This is system is expected to become a Depression in next 24 / 36 hrs and track west towards Somalia coast. Landfall expected around early hrs of 25-Dec.
No harm expected for any of the Indian coast.