Tuesday, January 10, 2012

General Information:
In the year 2011,the hottest temperature globally was 51.0c at Nawabshah, Pakistan on June 8.
and the year's coldest temperature was - 78.5c at Russia's Vostok Antarctic research station on May 20.

The first week of 2012, saw the hottest temperature 44.7c at Ceduna, South Australia.
and the week's coldest temperature was -55.1c at Russia's Siberian outpost of Oimyakon.

Cold wave has gripped the plains of Northern sub-continent region, with Amritsar dropping to -2c on Tuesday morning.Incidently, this was the projected temperature for Amritsar put up on Vagaries' weekly forecast map, alongwith the 4c for Delhi.
Mumbai and Pune, went down to 11c and 7c resp.

Vijaywada on the east coast was lashed by heavy rains today, recording 73 mms. In Orissa, Bhubaneshwar measured 14 mms in the day.Rains will persisit till tomorrow in the region.

IMD has annonced the withdrawal of the NEM from the Southern states today, 10th Jan.
chennai - may have to wake up warm on 11,12,13-Jan .. and showers also possible before 12pm on these days!!
Cold wave conditions  are prevailing over pockets of  Punjab, Haryana,
W. UP, Rajasthan, Gujarat, W. Madhya Pradesh and N. Maharashtra
IMD has announced that "Northeast monsoon rains have ceased over Tamil Nadu" on 10-Jan
Today, the moisture concentration is over N-E. Andhra.. showers expected along Andhra coast on 11,12-Jan.. http://ow.ly/i/ps80
chennai - Due to moisture push from N-N-E.. showers possible on 11,12,13-Jan.. http://ow.ly/i/ps6W
Present moisture along S-E peninsula coast will drift SOuth from today and will last till 14/15-Jan..
Present moisture along S-E peninsula coast will last another 24hrs, before it's blow away by strong N-W winds.. http://ow.ly/i/ps46
Till 12-Jan.. isolated showers forecast for S. Kerala and S. Extreme Tamilnadu
Next strong W.D will approach N-W India on evening of 14-Jan.. till then COLD and strong N-westerlies will blow,. http://ow.ly/i/ps3k
Showers over N-E states will stop from 14-Jan
7:30pm, W.D has vanished and moisture along S-E peninsula coast has started to drift South.. http://ow.ly/i/ps1w
Kolkata gets record January rain in 10 years ... http://ow.ly/8obdz