Friday, April 29, 2011

29 April 2011 1600 UTC

NRLMRY [US Naval site] has identified a brewing- invest area in BOB. Chennai radar winds are also showing changes in wind flow direction now. Mid-Upper level northerly is seen. Mumbai is also reporting Northerly.
  • Meandering of WD to flow into BOB and to form invest area[?]
4:30pm, Thunder cell over S, N Tamilnadu, S. Chatisgarh, N-E, central Andhra, and more showers comin up for Kashmir..
Minimum temperature touches 30c for the first time this year today, 29th April at Kota (Rajasthan). 
In 2010, 30c as minimum was recorded on 17th April.

Mumbai at 30c now at 2 pm (Friday). Almost cloudy .

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Isolated afternoon showers over S. Tamilnadu and Kerala will persist till 3-May.
W.D has started over Kashmir .. this'll pump in westerlies into West India and it's expected to Dip into S-central Peninsula for next 3 days
Today, the S-W Bay UAC has moved N-E and now lying over S.central Bay ..
India Monsoon May Dip Below Forecast ....
RT @harimenonz: Waiting for the rain ... Parambikulam , Palakad , Kerala
W-N-W super heat on 28-Apr.. highest maximum temperature of 44.0 C has been recorded at Churu, Jalgaon and Khargone
Chennai - Having a Hazy sky.(a typical summer mid-day) .. Dry and the HEAT is on now 11:56am.
RT @rtkeralam: RT @b2bprojects: News Kerala: Mercury rises in Delhi; rain, duststorm expected tomorrow:
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 11.25am, Yestday Sweltering 43-26C. Now its Clear sky, hot, dry and humid.