Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Second in our series after Earth..
Venus' Atmosphere...How does the atmosphere of the Hottest Planet ( 462c) in our Solar System compare with ours ...Venus being our Neighbour...On Space News Page

January 20, 2016 at 04:18PM

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An easterlies is slowly pushing into SE Bay, and expected to reach Tamilnadu coast  on 23-Jan...

On 23-Jan, an easterly trough expected along Karnataka coast and easterlies will be affecting S,central coast TN..

There's a "chance" of dry air & moist air collision along S-coast Andhra, #Chennai, N-coast TN on 22/23-Jan.
HEAVY rain a possibility !

NO #Cold mornings for #Tamilnadu and #Chennai till Monday, 25-Jan

Scattered Moderate rain ahead for Bihar, Bengal and NE states in 24hrs

Today, the low-level circulation of WD is seen over E Uttarpradesh and Bihar ..
WD's upper-level trough is now over W Uttarpradesh and dipping SW up to E,SE Arabian sea ...

Rainfall plot till 8:30am, today.
Anantapur 16mm
Ramgundam 5
Hyderabad 3
Amini divi 6mm
Mangalore 0.9mm ...
Scattered moderate rain till 8:30am over UP, Bihar, Bengal, Jharkhand...
Bhagalpur 18mm
Shanti Niketan 30
Jamshedpur 21
Daltonganj 18, Here's the rainfall plot over central,E and NE India during past 24hrs ...

In next 24hrs, the upper-level WD trough will fizzle out over East India.
The low-level circulation will be over N Bangladesh, NE states.
Remnant low-level circulation of WD is expected to persist weak over N Bangladesh and adjoining NE states till 23-Jan ...

Meanwhile moisture incursion is continuing thru S peninsula and will persist for another 24hrs...
10:30am, Satellite shows, cloudy over most of S,SE Peninsula, E,E-central India.
Rain over NE states...
10:30am,  .. thick Fog over Punjab, Haryana, N,E Rajasthan, W Uttarpradesh and Haryana. 

During next 36hrs,
Scattered moderate rain for S,SW,S-central,SE Karnataka and #Bangalore..
On Today and 21-Jan,
Scattered moderate / heavy rain for NW (Nilgiris), W,W-ghats Tamilnadu and over W-ghats Kerala.
Scattered rain also expected to pop over S,central,N Andhra on today.
Showers also possible over S Andhra on 21-Jan as well.
In 24hrs,
Scattered rain due to WD over ... Bihar, E UP, Bengal, Sikkim.
1 or 2 heavy over S Bengal, #Kolkata..
On today, tomorrow.. more scattered moderate rain ahead over N,central zones of NE states of #India.

January 20, 2016 at 10:00AM

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January 20, 2016 at 09:54AM

Chennai - 9am, cloudy with rain sprinkles around. Now, 9:51am, warm at 27.1 C. #weather

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