Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An incredible CB cloud build up in kolkata 16th sept 2013

COLD conditions prevail over East, E-central India and into N,N-E Peninsula.
Today, Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) records 3 C.
Today, upper and mid level W.D trough is seen along 63E and dipping south upto 23N, and circulation over N-W Pakistan 
This W.D trough is expected to reach N-W India by tomorrow evening !
The W.D trough is expected to be at its peak on night of 20-Feb and into 21-Feb along N,N-W,N-central,central India.. 

W.D trough is expected to dip south upto 18N and moisture expected to push into S-W coast, W,central Maharastra on evening of 20-Feb.
Moisture push is expected over W-central,central,N-central India and over N,central Peninsula from evening, 20-Feb to 22-Feb.
W.D trough is expected to travel East, the moisture is expected to drift most of N,N-central,central India to E,E-central on 21,22,23-Feb

From tonight till 21-Feb, Snow / rain expected over Kashmir.
On 21-Feb, moderate scattered rain for Punjab, Haryana, N,central,N-E Madhyapradesh and into W,central Uttarpradesh. 

@shanpati >> Cloudy with moderate,light rain expected for W,central,S-W,N Maharastra on 21,22-Feb.
Cloudy spells also for Mumbai !
@The3rd_Reich @NeenaRai >> #Delhi - 21-Feb to 24-Feb, city will be CLOUDY with possibility of rain on 22,23-Feb.
COLD day expected as well !

#Chennai - 1:40pm, #HOT and Humid again.
City and suburbs witnessed some drizzles during early hours.. IWM Polichalur = 0.6mm

Tamilnadu - Rainfall till 8:30am today, Coonoor and Eraniel records 3 cm.
Rainfall concentrated over E.Nilgiris and S-W Kanyakumari dist.
Some rainfall also witnessed over S Kerala as well during past 24hrs.
Thiruvananthapuram Airport = 1 cm

More rain ahead for N-W,W,S-W, W-ghats of Tamilnadu during next 2 days !
From tomorrow till 22-Feb, widespread moderate / heavy rain forecast for Kerala due to Wind Discontinuity ... 

Today, the low level circulation is seen over Arabian sea just N,N-W of Lakshadweep ... 
Expected to drift W-N-W.

Coming Soon this India's Wettest places Series - Chinnakallar/Upper Nirar, Tamil Nadu

Valparai Hill Station
In Coimbatore dt in Valaparai region, i have Upper Nirar / Chinnakallar, Lower Nirar, Iyerpadi, Anaimalai, Valparai etc daily rainfall data for last 13 years. Upper Nirar / Chinnakallar has got over 9000 mm in 2007 and close to 9000 in 2005.

Manjoli Hill Station
In Tirunelveli dt in Manjoli region, Kuthiraivetti, Oothu, Manjolai, Kakachi etc

Nilgiris Hills
In Nilgiris dt, Devala, Upper Bhavani, Avalanchi, Naickenshola, Ellamanna, Naduvattam etc.

Please watch out this space for the wettest series. You will be surprised with the rainfall data.

Ponnachi G Son sir,  we discussed a lot in Indian Weatherman few years back on the wettest place in Tamil Nadu and i have answers to your questions. Hope you reply back.

you asked me to come forward to analysis rainfall and distribution in these regions. Taluk wise rainfall distribution based on area weighted average will give clear picture.