Sunday, November 13, 2011

Surat Hottest in Asia on Sunday! 36.6c.
Mumbai S'Cruz very close 2nd at 36.4c.
BB-10 at 1008mb moves N.

2 feet of snow and 100 mph winds roar across Colorado and America West.
Underwater Volcanic Eruption off Canary Islands...Volcanic Eruption Could Give Birth to New Island.
A "low level circulation" has formed around the Isalnds, and given the status of 97B by NRL, it is just around 1008 mb today (Saturday) evening. Will build up slowly and travel westwards for now.

With no W.D. in sight, dry and cold weather is expected in Northern and NW India. NW winds have started cooling the NW region, and expect nights to get cooler in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and West U.P. Expected lows in next 2 nights, Chandigarh: 12/13c, Amritsar: 10/11c and Delhi 12/13c.