Thursday, December 26, 2013

Max Temp take a dip in WB : many stations record 4 - 5 C below normal temps max temps on Christmas day ///

Max Temps remain LOW in kolkata .

Conditions Right Now in Kolkata : -
Cool and Cool .......
temp did not cross 23 C once again ... today ,
with brisk winds from North .

Mid level trough along Pakistan is seen upto 23rd parallel is pushing moisture into W,central India .. cloudy now... 

A moderate W.D is expected to reach N,N-W India around evening of 29-Dec ... 

RT @ajitmishra71: Bhagalpur is feeling extremely cold wave at this time with max temp 16C, min temp 6C. 2 PM, 25-Dec 

Rajasthan #COLD, Churu records a minimum of 1.5 C.
#Kolkata - today min temp 
Alipur : 13.3 C 

Dumdum : 10.9 C

Over N,N-W India, yesterday the day temp was also low ... Narnaul (Haryana) records a max temp of 16.5°C

#Chennai - Airport today morning records 20.4 C

Chill comes back to the city of joy .

suddenly the cold is biting everyone
today min temp of kolkata :- ( 26th dec 2013 )

1. Alipur : 13.3 C
2. Dumdum : 10.9 C !!!!!!!!!!!