Thursday, May 03, 2012

Heavy S-W monsoon style wide spread showers continue over entire Andaman Islands and will continue for another 2 days !
Today, the cross equatorial winds is strong and reaching well into Bay.. meanwhile the winds are reaching Somalia..
3:30pm, Showers seen over S.Kashmir, Himachal and upper reaches of Uttarakand.. this may be the last from this W.D..
@knowyourclimate >> and check for Lifted Index as well ..
@knowyourclimate >> CAPE .. check this for more ..
3:30pm, T.cells have popped over N-E. Andhra, Coastal Orissa, S-W Bengal, Jharkand, S.Bihar, central Tamilnadu.
Next W.D will reach Kashmir by evening of Sunday !
CAPE factor is going to be high along S.Kerala for next 2 days.. this'll produce strong T.showers before 6-May..
Heavy scattered T.showers forecast for Bengal, Bangladesh, into Jharkand and N-E Orissa from today till 6-May..
Moisture concentration is expected to be high along S.kerala for next 2 days.. Isolated T.showers expected till 5-May.
Moisture still lingering over Tamilnadu, S.Karnataka and entire Kerala... this'll last another 24hrs.!
The circulation over Chatisgarh will stay for another 36 hrs !
RT @sakibikas: Weather in Kashmir still chilling even though temperature is soaring in the rest of India..
Today a strong circulation can be seen over Chatisgarh, Orissa and S.Jharkand .. T.showers likely in these zones..
chennai - today touched a max of 37.6°C (12:02pm)... it may reach 40 C before 6-May and then reduce for next 4 days..