Friday, January 13, 2012

BAY will not produce any Cyclone / Depression / LOW at least till Feb-2012 end.
Today's strong UAC over S-E Bay will stay there till 16-Jan.. without Moving WEST ..
S-E Corner of Bay is having an UAC .. there's NO threat from it because a strong N-westerly is present over most of Bay.
chennai - temperature going down fast now 6:03pm.. 25.6 C ... 21 deg C night ahead!
Ground frost may occur at a few places over the hill ranges of Nilgiris district (Tamilnadu) during next 2 nights
Cold wave conditions would prevail over parts of Telangana (Andhra) during next two nights.
From 15-Jan.. Day temp. may rise due to W.D over N-W India !
Dense fog has been observed over some parts of Punjab, E.Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Sub­Himalayan Bengal and N-E states
Cold wave conditions would continue over some parts of central and east India during next
48 hours
Rain also forecast for Punjab, Himachal and Uttarakand on 15,16-Jan.. ...
Heavy rain/snow expected over Kashmir on 15,16-Jan...
A W.D approaching N-W India.. will start from evening of 14-Jan and continue till 17-Jan.!
Entire South India will go dry from tomorrow.. NO moisture remnants from 15-Jan ..
chennai - having a mild and DRY day so far (1:31pm).. 28.1 Deg C >> showers expected today !