Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cyclone "PANCHO"

Take a look at the last of TC-Pancho, picture provided by Australian Government.

"92B", no threat

As the numeric forecast suggested the "92B" dissipated around the central bay.
Chennai is experiencing the HEAT again for the first time in this Initial Summer burst..
Yesterday's Hi: 35.2°C @ 10:30am Low: 27.2°C @ 6:25am
But at around 1:30 PM there was widespread electric showers...it was heavy at places.
And recorded a 16mm for the day.
Today is April-1 "April Fool's Day"...but this day will mark the start of Summer-2008 for Chennai.
For the past 5 days, the wind direction is again favorable for the moisture from the sea to set in around mid-noon and then later develop into an electric shower.

Another thing, going by the satellite pic we can see the south bay area is still very much active.
I think we can expect a Hot, Humid and Wet APRIL.