Thursday, April 21, 2016

WD trough at upper-level seen along Afghanistan and N,central Pakistan.. expected to drift into N,NW India in 24hrs ...
This WD system is expected to push into N India and affect Kashmir, Himachal till noon of 23-Apr.

In 42hrs... scattered moderate rain expected over Kashmir, Himachal and into Uttarakhand.

Heavy rain over many zones and very heavy over 1 or 2 places expected over N,central zones of NE states of India in next 36hrs !

The expected N-S low-level trough from N Bengal, N Bihar is taking shape.
Today, trough seen from S,SE Madhyapradesh to SW Karnataka !
In next 36hrs, this low-level trough can drift to SE coast of India due to WD and then move back ..

Meanwhile, the present low-level circulation over N Bengal and its trough to N,NW Bay to persist for another 2 days ! Meaning, more moisture push into Bangladesh and most zones of NE states of India.. scattered HEAVY T showers ahead !

5:30pm, T showers over NW,S Tamilnadu, S,central Kerala, SW Karnataka, NE Andhra and N,central zones of NE India ...

In next 36hrs, more scattered T showers over Kerala, W-ghats, S-tip Tamilnadu and 1 or 2 over S,SW Karnataka ...

April 21 2016 at 06:49PM

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Heat has spread all over India !

Super #heat is on... now many stations are recording above 43 C.. 
Titlagarh 47 C
Most of Tamilnadu is also experiencing blistering #Hot conditions. Today, Salem 41.8 C
Vellore 40.4

The heat has spread to ALL zones of India.
#Delhi 41 C
Ludhiana 38.8 C
Varanasi 44.2
Bankura 45.5
Ahmedabad 40.
#Mumbai is "cold" at 32 C !

#Chennai - Today,
Nungambakkam 35.8 C
IWM Polichalur @IWMpolichalur   36.3 C
Airport 38.5 C

During next 3 days, due to WD, the N,N-central,NW,W India to experience normal temps or even less ...
NO respite from HOT days for E,E-central,SE,S,S-central India during next 3 days.
Bengal, Odisha, Andhra to experience super hot days!
#Chennai will be around 37 C from Friday to Sunday.
#Kolkata will cross 40 C again during next 3 days !