Monday, December 24, 2012

11am, Visible satellite shows FOG conditions seen extending from Punjab to Delhi to Lucknow and to Patna...

A severe cold wave expected to follow after the next W.D (after 29-Dec).

11am, Visible satellite shot in Color showing the Foggy conditions over Punjab, #Delhi, Haryana, U.P, N.Bihar,N.Bengal. 

"04A" - Reached Somalia coast.

Now "04A" - has reached Somalia coast.
11:30am IST, Showers are seen along coast.
It is showing signs of weakening.
Pressure now is still around 993 mb.

It is expected to cross fully into Somalia coast at around midnight of today.

The present W.D over Kashmir will clear in another 6 hrs.

Next moderate W.D will start affecting Kashmir from late evening of 26-Dec.. 

The next W.D will affect Punjab, N-W,N.Rajasthan, Haryana and #Delhi even till 31-Dec... 
As the circulation moves over Srilanka, and into Gulf Mannar, the showers will increase from morning of 26-Dec...

COLA model suggests that after 28-Dec to 30-Dec, some showers may pop along N,central Tamilnadu coast as well.
Easterlies has now pushed up to S.Bay...

A weak low level circulation is also seen over S.Bay along with the easterlies ...

The S.Bay circulation is expected to track west towards E.Srilanka and cross into Srilanka on midnight of 25-Dec.. 

By evening of 25-Dec, showers due to Easterlies and circulation will enter into Gul Mannar, S,S-E Tamilnadu ...

If the circulation moves into Gulf Mannar on 27-Dec, then showers are expected along most of Tamilnadu coast, except North coast.
#chennai - Temp. now (2:03am) is 24.8 deg C.. and going down slowly. May reach 21.5 deg C at around morning.
A strong easterlies is pushing into S,S-E Bay.. a circulation is also embedded on it over S-S-E Bay...

Easterlies will reach S,S-E.Tamilnadu coast on Christmas day & the circulation is expected to come near N-E.Srilanka.. 

COLA suggests that rain expected for most of Tamilnadu coast & #Chennai from the Easterlies & circulation, from 26 to 29-Dec.

More on this Easterlies, Circulation and Rain for Tamilnadu, #Chennai .... tomorrow at 11:30am.

"90A" is now a Cyclone "04A" - No name yet

S-S-W Arabian sea system "90A" was a low pressure system yesterday, now it's upgraded to a Cyclone numbered as "04A".

It has consistently moved West towards Somalia coast.
Present pressure is around 993mb.
Winds gusting upto 70 kmph.
Latest satellite IR reveals that the system is nearing Somalia coast. 

The system is expected to maintain strength or weaken slightly before making landfall along S.Somalia coast around midnight of 24-Dec-2012 or early hrs of Christmas day.
This'll be the 2nd Cyclone to hit Somalia this season.

12am, W.D is affecting Kashmir now, moderate snow / rain expected for another 18hrs...