Monday, June 04, 2012

chennai - having an evening with strong winds from S, S-S-E... winds extends upto a height of 1.5km.. records 32.0°C, 8:10pm
RT @shetty_prathvi: RT @MangaloreCity: Mangalore rains!! (PIC)
RT @ganesh_babu9: Wind. Drizzle. Petrichor. Looks as if the monsoon is finally making an entry. Trivandrum (8:46pm)
BREAKING NEWS : South West Monsoon 2012 is here along kerala , Karnataka coast .rain will scale up during early hrs and towards morning !
RT @bennet89: Monsoon rain has finally arrived in trivandrum. mazha mazha kuda kuda.. (8:20pm)
RT @rajeshrdk: And we have rain in trivandrum! (8:25pm)
RT @seqv4u: Yippeee! It's raining in Mangalore :-) (6:26pm)
India's major grid solar power projects ...
@saraku77 >> chennai can expect afternoon T.showers (or) sharp showers from 6-Jun.
RT @theshineangel: The mighty Monsoon is back in Kerala The Rain is here to chill & wash our land and minds. Kochi
Reports of sharp showers along central, N.Kerala and Karnataka coast now 6:54pm
NOGAPS models suggest that Monsoon showers will start over Kerala and Karnataka coast from early hrs of 5-Jun ..
3pm, Showers seen along coastal Karnataka...
A low level circulation persists over Bihar and expected to continue for next 3 days ..
Strong winds from W,S-W, N-W to continue over Coastal Andhra, N.Tamilnadu, chennai , Gujarat, Rajasthan till weekend and beyond !
RT @charakan: Will these clouds bring rain? Palakkad kerala >> Monsoon is near ! (3:28pm)
RT @1prad: @weatherofindia Cherrapunji receives exceptional heavy rainfall..
40cm (4 june 2012)
RT @nihalcruise: @weatherofindia malappuram,kerala,but rain stops now. (2:10pm)
chennai - a low level sea breeze from S-E has set in at around 1:35pm .. In next 2/3 hrs we can expect Cloud formations over West
Due to W.D, some T.showers are expected over Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi , Himachal and Uttarakand during next 3 days!
A weak W.D will reach W.Kashmir from tomorrow evening .. will last till 9-Jun..
Monsoon showers will start and scale-up ALL along coastal Karnataka and Kerala from tonight into 5-Jun ...
@saravana6996 >> chennai - records 40.0°C at 1:10pm and Breeze from West is slowing up and signs of Sea breeze setting in !
After the monsoon sets in over Kerala, S,S-E Peninsula (including chennai ) will have respite from Heat from 6-Jun..
RT @arunpillai666: Monsoons havent hit kerala yet.. its playing hide n seek.. an occassional rain here n there, rest of time its sunny...
Today we can see strong moisture has been pushed along Coastal Karnataka and Kerala as the monsoon showers come close.
@merinjames >> chennai records 40.0°C at 12:10pm, Stiff breeze from West is not having any effect on the heat !
On 3-Jun, highest maximum temperature of 47.1°C was recorded at Tuni (Andhra Pradesh)