Friday, September 18, 2009

Chennai - Still with high cloud cover, No rain so far but there's hope till midnight.
Almost FULL of tamilnadu is getting heavy thunder storms.. except coastal Tamilnadu.
Chennai - 90% High cloud cover now 5:03pm, soon we can expect a thunder storm to brew among this high cloud cover, wait till 10pm.
Satellite shows very heavy thunder showers over Tamilnadu and Kerala ..
Getting reports of heavy showers in Cochin - Kerala
RT @Anoopkpscuba: jus back in kochi and amazed to see the shower in kochi so strong whereas in chennai i cant find a drop of water on road..
Chennai - A high cloud cover is moving in from North-east Sea.
Chennai - .. This is why today evening it may be WET.. and with good sea breeze from East. We'll keep it posted
East of Chennai over Bay is very active with heavy electric storms.. Chennai evening after 4:30pm will be wet as far as latest sat picture.
The Hindu, India: Rain lashes Thanjavur: Heavy rain, coupled with deafening thunder and li.. .. Heavy cloud formation over Bay east-south-east of Chennai ... Formations are getting heavier by the hour.
Chennai - Minor thunder cell formation over west-north-west.
Chennai - Today again recorded another high 37.8°C (11:21am)... This clear, humid and HOT phase is good for the coming-up North-east monsoon.
South-west Bay is very active now 9 am..
Chennai - Another clear morning for chennai, going to be HOT & Humid till 1 pm, after that weather might change to WET mode.