Friday, August 31, 2012

Heavy & widespread rains for entire Maharastra coast to continue for another 48hrs...

Heavy rains also forecast for N,N-E.Andhra, S.Chatisgarh, E,central.Maharastra and into Orissa from 1-Sep till 4-Sep..

More showers coming up for most of Gujarat till 4/5-Sep.

Scattered rain for North India and Entire Himalayan foothills will continue till 4/5-Sep.

Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac moved towards New Orleans and the United States’ Gulf Coast on August 28, 2012. This movie shows the movement of the hurricane from dawn to dusk. GOES-14—a geostationary weather satellite temporarily taken out of on-orbit storage—took one image every minute, compared to the standard of one image every 15 minutes. The “super rapid scan” images reveal the movement of clouds at different altitudes, and the rapid development of thunderstorms near the storm’s core as evening approached.
The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) normally operates a pair of Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites—GOES-East and GOES-West—to monitor the nation’s weather. Before becoming operational, GOES satellites are stored in space, which is safer and less expensive than preserving them on the ground. NOAA took GOES-14 out of storage in August of 2012 to evaluate applications of high-frequency imagery.
Offshore trough along Maharastra coast is strong .. the trough is expected to persist till 5-Sep..

Today a Monsoon LOW can be seen over S.Orissa, N-E.Andhra and S.Chatisgarh ...

This monsoon LOW is expected to persist over Orissa and Chatisgarh till 5/6-Sep...

Today, 2 weak Low level circulation can be seen, 1 over S.Chatisgarh and another over N-W.Maharastra..

N,N-W.Bay will pop a fresh circulation on 2/3-Sep...

2 UAC today, 1 over N.Andhra and another along Maharastra coast ...

N.Andhra UAC is expected to track West and vanish along N.Karnataka & S.Maharastra in another 24hrs..

UAC along Maharastra coast is expected to track slightly West and persist over N-E.Arabian sea till 4-Sep.

Fresh UAC expected along N-E.Andhra coast on 3/4-Sep ... 
5:30pm, Heavy rains seen over most of Gujarat, S,S-W,central Rajasthan and ALL along W,S-W coast ... 
RT @ssaig: Having an amazing day here at Trivandrum   @ Tides @ The Leela Kovalam (6:12pm)

RT @khushsundar: Trivandrum welcomes me with a lovely weather..rains n chill breeze..(6:04pm)

Rainy week forecast for most regions

Rain-driving low-pressure systems have brought six per cent more rain than normal for the country during the past week ending Wednesday.
It was only two per cent below average the previous week, which is still within the normal range.

The low-pressure systems had remained elusive during June and July as the Bay of Bengal, where these get generated, idled.
But things started falling into place from the latter part of July, reversing the ‘drought conditions’ in the Bay.
Rains, too, have followed, though their spatial distribution leaves much to be desired still.
Parts of north-west India, peninsular as well as east India continue to show a rain deficit. Gujarat, where only scanty rains have fell, has fared worse.
The overall deficit remains 12 per cent, though it is a significant improvement over what a bad June and July seemed to portend.
Meanwhile, Climate Prediction Centre of the US National Weather Services has signalled to fresh rains developing in the Indian Ocean during the next seven days.

Entire eastern Arabian Sea (covering Lakshadweep Islands); the west coast from Konkan-Goa to Kanyakumari; southern peninsula (southern Maharashtra, southern Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu) and entire south Bay of Bengal (Andaman and Nicobar included) will all come under rain cover during this period.
An extended outlook by the US National Centres for Environmental Prediction said that the ‘productive monsoon’ session would continue to hold until mid-September.
An India Meteorological Department (IMD) update on Thursday evening said that the monsoon was vigorous over coastal Karnataka during the past 24 hours.

It was only slightly less intensive over Konkan, Goa, south interior Karnataka, Kerala, sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Meanwhile, a fresh low-pressure area has formed over west-central and adjoining northwest Bay of Bengal off south Odisha and north Andhra Pradesh coasts.
Heavy to very heavy rainfall has been forecast over coastal Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, west Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand during the next two days.
Heavy rainfall may also lash coastal Karnataka, Kerala, the northeastern states, east Rajasthan and Haryana during this period.

Blue Moon

What is a 'blue moon'? ...

Blue moon to appear Friday night, broadcast online by the Slooh Space Camera to honor Neil Armstrong...

Blue Moon LIVE Coverage ...  >>in 13hrs 45min
Monsoon rains above average in past week...

Monsoon rally sees near 100% rain in August ... 
#chennai - 1:23pm, Warm and with mild breeze from S-W... Signs of Sea breeze now ! Today as well showers expected after 5pm.

Yesterday, S.Andhra got good showers, zones North,N-W of #chennai at about 45 to 80km from city... 
RT @aash_tvm: It is raining today morning also. Now drizzling. #trivandrum #kerala #malayalam @weatherofindia (9:55am)

RT @aash_tvm: It will rain again anytime! Aruvikkara #trivandrum #kerala @weatherofindia (11:27am)

12:30pm, Heavy & widespread rain ALL along S-W coast, Heavy rains also seen over S,S-W.Rajasthan..

Today, Monsoon showers continue over Kanyakumari dist. of Tamilnadu.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Heavy T.showers are sweeping zones N,N-W of #chennai at around 80, 60km from City... near sriharikota in S.Andhra.. 
For next 48hrs, Heavy rains along Kerala and Karnataka coast to continue ...

Heavy rains expected along N,N-E.Andhra, E,S-E.Maharastra, S.Chatisgarh, Orissa till 1/2-Sep...

From evening of 1-Sep, Heavy rains will be along Karnataka & Maharastra coast ...

Scattered showers over most of North India will persist for another 2/3 days !

Isolated showers for S.Karnataka, S.Andhra, N,N-E.Tamilnadu and #chennai will continue on a daily basis till 4-Sep and beyond.
RT @fredericchristy: Yippeee..Dis climate is the proper #kerala #monsoon !!24hrs raining for the past 4days.! Im loving it..!!:-)) #calicut

RT @supersujit: #mumbai #rain #taxiDriver 
Offshore trough along S-W coast persists and strong.. will continue for another 3 days..

New monsoon low expected along Orissa coast on 1/2-Sep...

Today a weak low level circulation seen along N-E.Andhra & Orissa coast ...

Fresh circulation expected over N-W.Bay along Orissa coast on 1/2-Sep...

Monsoon current will continue to be strong along entire S-W coast till 2-Sep and beyond ...

Yesterday's UAC along S.Andhra coast persists..

S.Andhra coast UAC is expected to drift North along coast and enter inland near N-E.Andhra on 2-Sep... 
RT @aash_tvm: Raining raining and non stop raining! #trivandrum #kerala @weatherofindia (7:09pm)
#chennai - had a drizzle & cloudy morning till 10am, after that mostly cleared out.

#chennai - Signs of sea breeze now 2:50pm, Good strong winds from W-N-W seen at upper levels upto a height of 2.1km above sea.

#chennai - Today as well Rains expected after 4:30pm.
1:30pm, Heavy & widespread rains over Kerala & coastal Karnataka ...

1:30pm, Rain also over N,N-E.Andhra, scattered over S.MP, E,N-E.Rajasthan, W.Uttarpradesh ..

Today after 3pm, HIGH Vertical.V expected over N,N-E.Tamilnadu, S.Andhra and ALL along Kerala .. Heavy rain ahead..

High Vertical.V also seen along W,central,S.Maharastra and into N.Andhra.. Heavy showers possible before morning..

In 36hrs, More heavy monsoon rain ahead for Kanyakumari dist. of Tamilnadu 
RT @aash_tvm: Heavy Raining in #trivandrum frm early morning! #kerala @weatherofindia (9:55am)

RT @prashantthegame: @weatherofindia heavy rainfallw in jaipur.  (12:24pm)

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 12.50pm, Fabulous weather!! Cloudy with slight drizzles, It rains daily in the eve, this week.

RT @vedicheritage: Rain drops in the #monsoon. #Kerala @vedicheritage  @ Vedic Hertage Hotel 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

For next 2 days, Heavy & widespread rains forecast for entire W,S-W coast ..

Due to presence of UAC along S.Andhra coast, Heavy rains for N,N-E.Tamilnadu, coastal Andhra till evening of 31-Aug..

Heavy & widespread rains expected over N,N-E.Andhra on 30,31-Aug..

Heavy rains from N,N-E.Andhra is expected to move into S,S-E,central.Maharastra from evening of 31-Aug and into 1,2-Sep

Most of N.India, Rajasthan, Madhyapradesh, W.Uttarpradesh to get scattered Rain till 1-Sep.
RT @ranganaathan: @weatherofindia Intermittent rains in T-Nagar Chennai from Evening, cool breeze, hope it stays for few days (11:14pm)

RT @syamjee: For the first time, Onam got socked with all day rain in Kerala..

RT @shuklasudhir: Rain rain
#mumbai (6:37pm)
Offshore trough along S-W coast is moderate and will persist for another 3 days ..

A fresh Monsoon LOW expected over N-W.Bay along Orissa coast on 1-Sep and Monsoon axis is also expected to be strong..

A weak low level circulation seen along S-W.Rajasthan.. this is creating showers in that zone..

Fresh circulation expected along Orissa coast & N,N-W.Bay on 31-Aug..

During next 3 days, the Monsoon current will be strong ALL along S-W,W.coast and over S-W Bay ..

2 UAC seen today, one along S.Andhra coast and another over N-E.Arabian sea ..

N-E.Arabian sea UAC will move west and vanish in another 36hrs.. while UAC along S.Andhra coast will persist ..

Next UAC along N-W.Bay, N-E.Andhra coast and Orissa coast will pop on 1-Sep.. 
8:30pm, Showers seen over central,S,N-W.Rajasthan, central Gujarat, N,S.Andhra, S.Chatisgarh ...

8:30pm, Rain seen over most of S-W coast, Heavy along N.Kerala, N,N-E,central.Tamilnadu..
#chennai - 9:20pm, Polichalur zone got some strong drizzles

9:30pm, Heavy showers now sweeping zone S,S-S-W of #chennai at around 45 to 100km.. 

Heavy Rains lash Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu

My dad house located very close to Chitharal a small village situated at a distance of 7 Kms from Marthandam and  around 45 Kms, from Kanyakumari. The temple can be visible from top our house.

He reported very Very heavy rains today

Wow that river just flows before our house

Rainfall till 5.30 pm in mm in Kanyakumari district today are as follows

Thucklay - 55 mm
Nagercoil - 47
Kurunthancode - 45
Neyoor - 27
Agastiswaram - 27
Perunchani Reservoir - 6
Pechiparai - 6
Thiruvattar - 6
Anaikidangu - 5
Kulasekaram - 5
Lower Kodyar - 3
#chennai - 2:58pm, lots of shower activity over W, W-N-W from city at around 60,70,80km
RT @divyashree_s: Gorgeous grey sky & light showers of rain #mumbai #rains (12:56pm)
RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia A rainbow over Delhi faintly visible in this photograph. (28-Aug, 6:31pm)

RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia Again heavy rain in #delhi from early morning (8:30am)

RT @prashantthegame: @weatherofindia after more then a week, clear sky and bright sunshine not a single cloud. Jaipur 9:21am

RT @aash_tvm: Short break for rain now at #trivandrum #onam #kerala #malayalam @weatherofindia (11:21am)

RT @thatsmalayalam: It is raining intermittently in Trivandrum. Cloudy sky. Generally we never experience rain on a Thiruvonam day. 11am

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chennai - drizzle in parts of s, s-w suburbs of city! 5:50pm

RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia  Its raining heavy in #delhi (4:40pm)

RT @sarakumar1: @weatherofindia Dark clouds & strong wind but still no rain at #chennai south #Kovilambakkam at 4.50pm
2:30pm, scattered showers over Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, central Uttarpradesh and Orissa..

2:30pm, Heavy & widespread rains all along S-W coast .. Heavy along S,central.Maharastra coast ..

RT @shettyshantaram: Tks God 4 sending rain. No one in d world can do cloud Cding better than U. BMC now work on filling potholes of #Mumbai

RT @gparayil: Rain as seen from my aunts place #myvillage #kerala (10:59am)
#chennai - 3:40pm, sharp showers approaching W,W-N-W and S-W suburbs of city.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.15am, Bright sunshine with passing clouds, cool n wet due to yesterday evening rains. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Heavy rains in Delhi again. 6:20pm

Heavy rains along Maharastra coast will go down from 29/30-Aug

Showers along Andhra coast, N-E.Tamilnadu coast, #chennai to continue and get heavier from 30-Aug..

Less showers forecast for North India till 31-Aug

Scattered showers over central India to persist till 31-Aug.
RT @zubair_bbc: It is pouring with rain in Mumbai. Much needed (12:29pm)

RT @mid_day: Heavy rain in Mumbai affects life; trains running late, traffic moving at slow pace #Mumbai
UAC is along N-E.Andhra coast .. and expected to move N-W into S-E.Maharastra in another 12hrs..

Today, a weak UAC expected along Maharastra, Goa coast ..

Another UAC along N-E.Andhra coast expected on 30-Aug.. 
GOOD Offshore trough along S-W coast ...  >> And expected to persist another 4days.. Heavy rains ahead!

2 low level circulation can be seen, 1 over W.Uttarpradesh & #Delhi, and another over N-W.Bay along Orissa coast..

Monsoon axis is slowly drifting south and it'll continue to do so till 29/30-Aug..

Arabian sea wing of Monsoon is going to be strong for next 3/4 days... Heavy & widespread rains forecast for entire S-W coast.

Another strong circulation expected over N-W.Bay along Orissa on 1-Sep ... 

Tamilnadu rainfall till 8:30am of 26-Aug

Ponneri (Tiruvallur Dt) 11, Chennai airport  8cm, Chengalpattu (Kancheepuram Dt) and Arakonam (Vellore Dt) 6 Each, Uthiramerur and Sriperumbudur (both Kancheepuram Dt), Thiruvalangadu (Tiruvallur Dt), Anna university (Chennai Dt), Ambur (Vellore Dt) and Shoolagiri (Krishnagiri Dt) 5 Each, DGP office (Chennai Dt), Valparai, Devala (Nilgiris Dt), Tiruttani, R.K Pet and Poonamalle (all Tiruvallur Dt) and Mahabalipuram (Kancheepuram Dt) 4 Each, Ennore aws, Pallipattu and Tiruvallur (all Tiruvallur Dt), Mylam aws (Villupuram Dt), Krishnagiri, Barur and Penucondapuram (all Krishnagiri Dt), Marungapuri (Trichy Dt), Devakottai (Sivaganga Dt) and Tambaram (Kancheepuram Dt) 3 Each, Kundha Bridge and Ketti (both Nilgiris Dt), Red hills and Madavaram aws (both Tiruvallur Dt), Gudiyatham, Vellore and Melalathur (all Vellore Dt), Hogenekal (Dharmapuri Dt), Kancheepuram (Kancheepuram Dt), Vazhapadi (Salem Dt), Periyar (Theni Dt), Rayakottah (Krishnagiri Dt), Arantangi (Pudukkottai Dt), Manamadurai (Sivaganga Dt), Chinnakalar (Coimbatore Dt) 2 Each and Karaikudi (Sivaganga Dt), Kaveripakkam, Sholingur, Walajah and Kalavai aws (all Vellore Dt), Poondi and Cholavaram (both Tiruvallur Dt), Mudukulathur and Paramakudi (both Ramanathapuram Dt), Yercaud and Thammampatty (both Salem Dt), Dindigul (Dindigul Dt), Manapparai (Trichy Dt), Maduranthagam (Kancheepuram Dt), Pochampalli, Uthangarai and Thali (all Krishnagiri Dt), Chennai (Chennai Dt), Palacode (Dharmapuri Dt) and Chidambaram aws (Cuddalore Dt) 1 Each.
Today, Vertical.V will be high along Maharastra coast, Karnataka coast & S,N-E.Andhra,N,N-E.Tamilnadu.. 
10:30am, Heavy rains all along S-W coast.. 
RT @saifarash: heavy rain... @ Kottakkal #malappuram #kerala #weather (11:10am)

RT @suku06: Sitting on my porch and writing as the rain falls. Aaaaaaah :) #home #thrissur #kerala (10:09am)

RT @kedarcfc: Heavy Rain. Love the atmosphere #Mumbai (11:20am)

RT @retweet_addict: Mumbai: Traffic jam after water logging.Local trains running 15 mins late after rain pouring since last night. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

RT @dr_nawin: @weatherofindia splendid mornin in chennai. Cloudy. Breezy. Drizzlin. 9:03:28 AM

RT @swaroopk: It is a heavy rains morning today! :-) 7:30 AM Happy Sunday! #Hyderabad @weatherofindia

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The MJO is coming out of its weak phase rapidly, and going into "neutral" mode. Possibly can get into a moderately (not very) strong phase from the 26th of August.

I do not expect much from the Low mentioned below, hence do not think it should be numbered.
But, I expect another "better" low in the Bay around the 29th of August. 

The mentioned vortex (Friday Blog) off the West coast may form by Tuesday, and strengthen the trough.
A Low has detached itself from the monsoon axis in the North, and stands independently below the axis. Situated on the Orissa/W.Bengal coast, and is at 1000 mb. 
A trough runs down south from this low. Running along the Easy Coast, the trough cuts inland from North TN coast, and at 1200 UTC Saturday, shows a line of wind discontinuity from North TN coast down Southwards. Winds to the West of the "line" are NW and SW to the East of the "Line."
The progress of the Low and trough needs to be monitored next 12 hrs.
See more updates in vagaries also.

4:32pm, heavy rain near south of virudunagar -  Tamilnadu


RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia. Determined to wipe out yhe shortfall. Raining again in Delhi. 9am

Friday, August 24, 2012

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Heavy rains since afternoon. Raining right now in #Delhi (7:43pm)
Showers along entire S-W,W.coast to pickup from 26/27-Aug...

Heavy & widespread rains for S,central,Maharastra coast, Goa and Karnataka coast from 27-Aug evening .. and persist..

Widespread showers expected over chatisgarh, Orissa, N,N-E Andhra on 26,27,28-Aug..

Showers to continue over S.Karnataka, S,S-central Andhra, N.N-E.Tamilnadu and #chennai .. till 31-Aug and beyond.. 
RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia heavy downpore in #delhi (7:17pm)
Today, a weak UAC can be seen along #Delhi and W.Uttarpradesh.. will persist for another 12hrs..

On 26-Aug, a UAC is expected along S.Andhra coast .. and it's expected to persist till 30-Aug.. 
Offshore trough along S-W coast is almost non existent today... and will be till 26-Aug.

From 27-Aug, Offshore trough along S-W coast will be back and deep..

Today, the monsoon axis is weak and more tilted towards Foot hills of Himalayas.

From tomorrow the monsoon axis will slowly drift south and on 27-Aug a strong Low level circulation expected near #delhi

Monsoon current to become strong ALL along W,S-W coast from 26/27-Aug...

A weak circulation is expected over N-W Bay on 27/28-Aug.
5:30pm, ... showers seen over N,N-E.Rajasthan, S.Haryana, Uttararkand, W.Uttarapradesh, Jharkand, most of Bengal, Orissa
#chennai - 6:25pm, is having mild breeze from E-S-E upto a height of 0.3km above sea level

Vertical.V is again going to be HIGH over S.Karnataka,S,S-central.Andhra, N,N-E.Tamilnadu from 4pm.. more rain ahead..

Vertical.V will stay HIGH over S.coast Andhra and over N-E.Tamilnadu , #chennai till morning of 25-Aug.. Rain possible.

Most of N.India, and most of Uttarpradesh to experience more heavy rains on today and tomorrow...

5:30pm, Lots of T.showers seen over central, S-central and N-W Tamilnadu ... 

Tirunelveli - 3:25pm, raining now

RT @akaasi: Steady drizzle in Coimbatore  @weatherofindia 2:35pm

Tirunelveli - 12:40pm, conditions are good for a t.shower after 1:30pm. Good t.cell formation seen now!

RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia midnight drizzlling in #delhi 2:40am

Thursday, August 23, 2012

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 10.30pm, Widespread Heavy rain with lightning and thunder lashing for the past two hours.

RT @jagadaprana:  @weatherofindia moderately heavy to very heavy rainfall near arekere off iim Bangalore for the past 45minutes 9:20pm

RT @iAravindh: Raining heavily @bangalore @weatherofindia 8:41pm

RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 8.20pm, Cloud formations in the evening, Scattered showers, Heavy rain now.. eve sky

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 12.30pm, Clear blue skies, sunny, warm. Wonders where is the monsoon !!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chennai - 5:45pm, a heavy shower can be seen over n-w from city at 40km

RT @abishekkalro: @weatherofindia RT @abishekkalro: Marthumalai hills under rain 3:20pm

RT @prashantthegame: @weatherofindia very heavy rainfall,jaipur,11.45pm, 21-Aug

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cherrapunji crosses 10000 mm for the year 2012

Peninsula Giants in Maharashtra and Karnataka stole the show in August with stations such as Kollur, Agumbe, Kitwade, Amboli, Shiragon, Tamini and Dawdi all getting close to 2000 mm in 20 days in August.

Cherrapunji, after posting monstrous rainfalls of 3600 mm in July and 3450 mm in June 2012, August was silent till yesterday with just 500 mm till 19th. Yesterday it got around 105 mm and followed it with a 384 mm today. I posted earlier that Cherrapunji would cross 10000 mm mark by mid August.

Here is the list of instances in past few years, when Cherrapunji has crossed 10000 mm and the date of crossing is as follows -

2012 - 21st August, 2012 (10298 mm till date)
2011 - it did not cross 10000 mm for the year (ended year at 8372 mm)
2010 - 23rd July, 2010 (ended year at 13472 mm)
2009 - it did not cross 10000 mm for the year (ended year at 9070 mm)

Will it cross 14000 mm mark for the year, i dont think so personally. In last 20 years of rainfall in Cherrapunji it managed to cross 14000 mm mark only thrice.

1995 - 14210 mm
1998 - 14537 mm
2004 - 14791 mm

Last time when hell broke loose in Cherrapunji in a Calender Year was in 1974 when  it got around 24555 mm rainfall with 8205 mm falling in July alone.

RT @prashantthegame: @weatherofindia raining,jaipur 10:11am

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.00am, Lovely morning, dark clouds, cool breeze, however no heavy rains yet.

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Heavy rains in Delhi. 7:56am

Monday, August 20, 2012

Rain for entire W,S-W coast will be very less from today till 25-Aug.

During next 24/36hrs.. heavy rain will be over S,central,E.Madhyapradesh...

Widespread heavy rains for most of N-E states during next 48hrs...

Heavy rains forecast for Sikkim, N.Bengal, Bihar, Nepal and entire Himalayan foothills from today till 24-Aug..

Present rains for #Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, E,N-E.Rajasthan, Himachal and Uttarakand to continue till 24-Aug..

Rain for Himachal, Uttarakand, Nepal and entire foothills to continue from today till 25-Aug.

Some rains may push into E.Gujarat during next 24/36hrs.

Rain over S,S-E.Karnataka, S.Andhra, N,N-E.Tamilnadu, #chennai to persist and even become heavy & widespread after 22-Aug.
RT @rahulpilot: @weatherofindia The rain just began ! Its been so hot and finally it cooled down! #Mangalore 5:35pm
Today, the monsoon LOW is over E,central,N,N-E.Madhyapradesh...  

Offshore trough along S-W coast might go down after 22/23-Aug...

Today, the low level circulation is over S.Madhyapradesh ...

The low level circulation extends upto E,N-E.Rajasthan.

Present S.Madhyapradesh circulation will move North and expected to vanish along N,N-E.Madhyapradesh & W-UP in 24hrs .

Today an UAC can be seen along W.Maharastra and over Arabian sea just along coast of Maharastra ..

Models suggest that almost NO UAC expected over Land or over seas near India during next 3 days.

Medium level circulation is expected over W.Uttarpradesh along #Delhi on 22/23-Aug... 

Reduction in rainfall across Kerala over past century with Peermade Annual Rainfall reduced from 5165 mm from 4428 mm

Peermade (-737 mm), Kottayam (-404), Punalur (-399), Tiruvalla (-361) and Alappuzha (-269) are those stations in the State which have witnessed significant reduction in their annual rainfall during the last century. Y.E.A. Raj, Deputy Director-General, Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai, revealed this during a special address at the Kerala Environment Congress 2012 here. 

The topic of his address was ‘Extent of climate change over India and its projected impact on Indian agriculture.’Climate change in respect of individual stations manifests with mixed trends with positive and negative changes, he said. For instance, positive trends are available from stations such as Kochi (+ 100.6 mm) and Kasaragod (+153.5 mm) in annual rainfall in the State.

“It must be stated here that rainfall series for individual months/seasons in some of the series may have shown a significant trend.In some other cases, these trends would have manifested only recently.
“A more detailed analysis of time series must be performed to detect and analyse such incidence,” Raj said. 

The scenario of significant climate change, especially global warming, is now well documented and the evidence incontrovertible. However, in the Indian context, there appears to be no clear signal of such change at least in crucial parameters such as rainfall and occurrence of cyclonic storms. 

Projected climate change based on various models suggests steady increase in temperature and, at a later stage, slight increase in rainfall. The effect on agriculture is likely to be mixed, Raj said. The increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere initially favours agricultural production.But increase in temperature would have exactly the reverse effect. The situation is fluid and could even be seen to be contradictory at times. This calls for learnt and measures responses based on scientific facts free from transnational biases. 

Source : Business Line

Amgaon in Karnataka is the New Cherrapunji of South India displaces both Hulikal & Agumbe

Residents at Hulikal in the Shimoga district, who had been basking in the fame of their village replacing its neighbour in Shimoga district, Agumbe, as the Cherrapunji of South India, have some disheartening news. Amgaon, a remote village in North Karnataka, now wears that crown.

A resident of Amagaon in Khanapur taluk walks to his village on a rainy day. DH photo/M R Manjunath
The tiny Amgaon, which nestles in the dense forests of the Western Ghats in the Khanapur taluk of Belgaum district
has reached the magical figure of 10,000 mm annual rainfall twice in the last six years. The surroundings of the village located in the Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary have been declared a protected area for medicinal plants.

Thrice in the last six year, Amgaon received more rain than Agumbe and Hulikal. In the last two years (2010 and 2011), it received more rain than its peers in in the heart of Malnad, the region in central-west Karnataka which literally means region of rain. In 2011, Agumbe got 7733 mm and Hulikal around 8700 mm. While Amagaon got around 9105 mm.

Of course, Cherrapunji in Meghalaya, the byword for rain for over a century, has been overtaken by Mawsynram, its neighbour. The average rainfall in both places is in 11,800 mm rain each year, with Mawynram just a nose ahead. The world record, held by Cherrapunji, is a monstrous 26,461 mm recorded between August 1, 1860, and July 31, 1861. Mawsynram almost snatched that record with 26,000 mm in 1985. Amgaon is not in the same league, but recording 10,000 mm is not to be scoffed at. At least, outside the two rain record holders in Meghalaya.

The tiny village is a paradise for nature lovers and trekkers. In monsoon, the Bail Nala, a tributary of the Malaprabha river, blocks the bumpy road to Amgaon, making a two-km walk mandatory.Part of the Amate Gram Panchayat, this village is at a distance of around 35 km from Khanapur town. “We have around 70 houses here. The population of about 300 speak Marathi. Paddy is the main crop. We have a lower primary school in our village, and a government doctor visits the place every Tuesday. If we need to go to the town, we have to walk for about seven km in the forest to catch a bus. In summer, MUVs ferry people to and from our village,” says Laxman Sahadev Ghadi, a resident of Amgaon.

Siddappa Y Barki, a forest guard who visits the village almost daily, feels the residents there are very healthy and are accustomed to heavy rainfall.

Though the arrival of monsoon was delayed this time, Amgaon received 4541 mm rainfall till  August 15, 2012. In the similar period, Agumbe has got 4883 mm and Kollur another HRF (Heavy Rainfall station in Karnataka got 4676 mm.

Source: Deccan Herald
RT @rohhit: @weatherofindia Raining heavily at Ghaziabad, Chandigarh & Delhi. (3:28pm)

#chennai - having good sea breeze from East upto a height of 0.6km above sea level.

#chennai - some parts of city will have rains after 5pm.
2pm, Showers seen over Punjab, Haryana, W.Uttarpradesh, E,N-E.Rajasthan, S-W.Madhyapradesh..

#chennai - again got some mild rains till 8:30am of today.

2pm, Almost NO rain along entire S-W coast ...

Again, Vertical.V will be high over S.Karnataka, S.Andhra, N,N-E.Tamilnadu and #chennai ... More rain ahead .. 
RT @arunpillai666: Good mornin tweeple.. a lovely mornin here in #palakkad, kerala. Hope it doesnt rain.. its a public holiday 7:28am
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 11.00am, Clear skies, sunny with pleasant breeze. It drizzled yestday evening.

RT @prashantthegame: @weatherofindia very very heavy rainfall, jaipur (12:26pm)
RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia its raining in #delhi (19-Aug, 10:51pm)

RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia #delhi had a shower (19-Aug, 11:18pm)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

For next 24hrs, heavy rains will be over central,E.Maharastra...

From tomorrow evening, heavy rains will move into N,N-E.Maharastra and into S.Madhypradesh ...

By 22-Aug, Heavy rains will move into E,N-E.Madhyapradesh and into S,S-E.Uttarpradesh ..

Showers along entire himalayan foothills, Punjab, Himachal and Uttarakand to continue 23-Aug..

Some heavy rains are also possible over #Delhi on 21,22-Aug..

COLA suggests the rains for S.Karnataka, N,N-E.Tamilnadu and S,central Andhra to continue till 24-Aug,in fact it'll become strong after 22nd
Now the low level circulation is over S.Chatisgarh ...

The low circulation will track N-W into S.Madhyapradesh and weaken in another 24hrs ..

Low circulation is likely to re-emerge over E,S-E.Uttarpradesh on 22-Aug...

Today, the UAC is almost over the same place as that of LOW .. that is over S.Chatisgarh & along Orissa ...

By now the UAC has moved into E-central.Maharastra ... and it'll vanish almost there in another 36hrs... ..This is why, heavy rains have popped over S,central Maharastra now!
Today, the monsoon LOW is over S.chatisgarh & Orissa ...

The present LOW is expected to vanish in next 24hrs and Another expected over E.Uttarpradesh on 22-Aug..

Today the offshore trough along S-W coast is bit strong and will be for another 2 days and weaken after 22-Aug.. 
3:30, Heavy rains along entire Maharastra coast continues, while Kerala & Karnataka coast is having less rains..

3:30pm, Heavy rains seen over S,central Maharastra as well, and over Haryana, Punjab, W.UP, N-E.Rajasthan ..

RT @akash_wadhwani: Mumbai rain awesome :) (3:23pm)

#chennai - 4:30pm, is having strong low level winds from E-N-E

Again, Vertical.V is going to be high over S,S-E.Karnataka, S.Andhra, N,N-E.Tamilnadu and #chennai from 4pm.. more rain ahead!

Here's the High Veritcal.V map over S.Andhra, #chennai & N-E.Tamilnadu .. 

RT @siddhray: 7am. #Mumbai, Santacruz... Raining since 3am today as it should during this time of the year. A welcome change this monsoon

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rainfall figures in mm in Chennai Region on 18.08.2012

Though the rain in Chennai was not widespread, we got food rains. Here is the rainfall figure ending 8.30 am on 18.08.2012

Tiruttani - 20
Kancheepuram - 20
Arakonam - 20

Chennai (IMD) – 14
Chennai (Kea) – 14
Puzhal – 12
Redhills – 11
Chemberabakkam – 11
Poonamalle - 10
Kaveripakkam - 10
RK Pet (IMD) – 7
Chennai AP – 4
Madhavaram – 3

Heavy Rain lashes Kerala for past 2 days. Heavyweight HRF Neeriamangalam bounces back

Among the southern Indian divisional rainfall, Kerala got the most deficient rainfall of -37% for the week ending 15.08.2012.

However, for the past two, it alone is getting battered in the Southern Peninsula and deficiency is reduced by 4% to 33% as on 18.08.2012. Here is the SWM departure % as on 18.08.2012\\

  • TELENGANA -3% (Normal)
  • RAYALASEEMA -12% (Normal)
  • N. I. KARNATAKA -36% (Deficient)
  • S. I. KARNATAKA -32% (Deficient)
  • KERALA -33% (Deficient)

Neeriamangalam - 520 mm in last 5 days 

14th - 70 mm
15th - 80 mm
16th - 130 mm
17th - 160 mm
18th - 80 mm

Keerampara - 280 mm in last 4 days

15th - 40 mm
16th - 40 mm
17th - 120 mm
18th - 80 mm

Peermade - 260 mm in last 4 days

15th - 40 mm
16th - 50 mm
17th - 100 mm
18th - 70 mm

Vazhathope - 220 mm in last 4 days

15th - 50 mm
16th - 25 mm
17th - 100 mm
18th - 45 mm

Thodupuzha - 220 mm in last 3 days

16th - 55 mm
17th - 115 mm
18th - 50 mm

Vadakara - 180 mm on 18.08.2012

Chennai - a strong shower now 9:45pm is lashing chengelpet zone! 40km s-s-w from city

RT @NEWSFROMASIA: RT @NewIndianXpress: Landslide kills 4 in Kerala; two missing #Rain #Landslide #Kerala

RT @gulf_news: After rain havoc, search on for bodies in Kerala: #India

RT @aash_tvm: No rain during nite in #trivandrum. Hope this atmos will continue till morning! #kerala #malayalam @weatherofindia

Friday, August 17, 2012

Heavy Showers along Kerala & Karnataka coast to last for next 36hrs and go down gradually till 22-Aug.
RT @iaravindh: @weatherofindia heavy downpour in Bangalore Cantonment (8:45pm)

Today, the UAC over N.Bay is seen near Orissa coast...

N.Bay UAC is expected to track West into Orissa and vanish in another 24hrs !

On 19-Aug, a surprise UAC is expected near S.Andhra coast ...

Upcoming UAC along S.Andhra coast is expected track W-S-W into S.Karnataka on 20/21-Aug..
RT @js_miranda: @weatherofindia pouring rain in egmore! #chennai 8:24pm
@sribalakumar >> Follow @weatherofindia  for weather forecast of India. Real time forecasts & reports are only available for #Chennai
RT @ranganaathan: @weatherofindia Heavy rains started in T-Nagar, #chennai now 8:13pm
RT @vasuphani: @weatherofindia Raining heavily in Pallavaram #Chennai (8:09pm)
RT @dsanjeevkumar: @weatherofindia #Chennai #Guindy - It started raining here now.. 19.55hrs.

RT @arulperumal: Cool..!! Raining in #Villivakkam..!!! #Chennai (7:59pm)
#chennai - High winds and started raining in Polichalur zone, 7:55pm
#chennai - Heavy rains approaching West, S-W suburbs in another 15/30 min !
#chennai - 6:52pm, good sharp showers over Arakkonam zone.. now at around 65km West from city.
#chennai - 6:52pm, good sharp showers over Arakkonam zone.. now at around 65km West from city.
Today, the western end of monsoon axis is more towards Himalayan foot hills.. it's expected to drift South from 18/19-Aug

N.Bay is having a low level circulation and it's expected to drift inland on 19-Aug thru Orissa coast ..

By 21-Aug, the low circulation is expected to be over E.Madhyapradesh & N.Chatisgarh .. 
Today the N.Bay LOW is slowly taking shape ...

Offshore trough along S-W coast is weak, bit strong near Karnataka & N.Kerala coast ..

The N.Bay LOW will take shape in next 2 days and move inland thru N-E.Orissa on 20-Aug.. 
RT @ambaarsaria: @weatherofindia rained good here at Amritsar (5:43pm)
RT @aash_tvm: heavy rain in south kerala frm early mrng till noon. Landslide in erattupetta&kothamangalam. 6 missing. One body found.
RT @rahulpilot: @weatherofindia Its been a rainy day all day today! in #Mangalore (4:45pm)
RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 4.10pm, Dark cloud formation and it is drizzling right now. It was dry for the past 4 days. 
RT @saanpaurseedi: To beat drought, Mumbai will take Israel `s help for Artificial rain / cloud seeding 
2:30pm, Expected widespread Heavy rains over most of #Kerala continues and showers seen over S.Karnataka coast as well..

2:30pm, Due to fresh N.Bay circulation, Heavy & widespread rains over Orissa and moving into Chatisgarh..

2:30pm, Isolated T.showers seen over N-central Tamilnadu and towards East...
RT @rangith: Non stop #rain since last night. #monsoon #kerala #india (1:23pm)

RT @ajithshankara: Right now i'm in Northern Kerala (India) , drinking Masala Chai & enjoying the monsoon rain ! (1:24pm)
#chennai - having a Clear & HOT day so far 3pm, Now a good low level sea breeze has set in from East.

Today as well isolated showers possible over S-central,Central Tamilnadu and scattered over N,N-E.Tamilnadu & #chennai .
RT @rajeshpp2: @weatherofindia Torrential rains here in Alleppey,Kerala  (12:23pm)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rains lashed for 3rd straight day around Chennai region

Rainfall figures in mm ending 8.30 am ending 16.08.2012

Kalavai  - 55
Cheyyar – 51
Shollinganallur (Sathyabama University) – 39
RK Pet Agro – 37
Chengelpet - 30
Kancheepuram  - 30
Kaveripakkam - 30
Tambaram - 20
Kelambakkam - 20
Tiruttani - 20
Madhavaram – 15
Tiruvallur – 14
RK Pet (IMD) – 14
Sriperumbudur - 10
Cheyyur - 10
Kalpakkam - 10
Arakonam - 10
Sholingur - 10
Nungambakkam (Kea Metsite) – 9
Kadambathur – 9
Taramani – 6
Poondi - 6
Kolapakkam (Back of Airport) – 6
Uttiramerur – 6
Nungambakkam (IMD) – 5
Poonamalle – 5
Madurantakam- 5
#chennai - 10pm, showers still approaching city from W-N-W ... now at 65km !
#chennai - 9pm, today again, a strong T.shower is seen over W-N-W of city at around 90km.. and it's present movement is E-S-E towards City.
Today, a weak UAC can be seen over N.Bay...

N.Bay UAC is expected to drift West into Orissa coast and die in another 24 / 36hrs...

Due to this N.Bay UAC, fresh rains are expected to move into Orissa & most of E.India from today till 18-Aug..

Showers for #Kerala may extend beyond 18-Aug...

Very less rains for entire Maharastra coast till 21-Aug !

@ashitc >> Sorry for Kutch region.. Almost ZERO rains till 22-Aug and beyond !

Scattered showers for N,N-E.Tamilnadu, #chennai , Isolated for rest of Tamilnadu, S.Andhra & S.Karnataka to continue till 21-Aug and beyond.
Remnant of low level circulation can be seen over N.Rajasthan..

A weak N.Bay circulation can be seen today, it's expected to become strong on 17/18-Aug..

The upcoming N.Bay circulation is expected to track W-N-W from 19-Aug and reach N.Chatisgarh, S-E.UP by 20-Aug..

During next 2/3 days.. strong ground level winds from W-N-W will prevail over S.Andhra coast, #chennai and N.Tamilnadu coast.
Offshore trough along S-W coast persists and it's expected to persist as a weak trough till 20-Aug..

N.corner Bay LOW is expected to be prominent by evening of 17-Aug... 
Already (5pm) , T.showers has popped over N-central,N,N-E.Tamilnadu. Less activity seen over S.Andhra.

#chennai - 5pm is having good sea breeze from East upto a height of 0.6km above sea level.
For the past 2 days, Tamilnadu & Kerala are getting good rains.. today also it's continuing ..

Last showers seen over N,N-W.Rajasthan and into Pakistan, Fresh showers are picking up again over E.India..
More rain possible over S.Karnataka, N,N-E.Tamilnadu, S.Andhra and #chennai after 5pm.. as Vertical.V is HIGH again..

#chennai - till now 4:30pm is having a Warm & mostly clear day with preliminary T.cell formations seen over N-W from city.

#chennai - Yesterday night as well S-E,S,S-W suburbs of city got a good T.shower... 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Heavy Rain lashed Kanyakumari District in Tamil Nadu

Heavy Rain lashed at most places in the Kanyakumari district during 8.30 am ending 15.08.2012

Rainfall in mm

Neyyoor - 103
Kurunthancode - 73
Thuckalay - 46
Anaikidangu - 36
Mullanginavilai - 28
Kozhiporvilai - 24
Kuzhithurai - 22
Nagercoil - 21
Pechiparai Agro - 21
Thiruvattar - 19
Kottar - 18
Lower Kodayar - 17
Mylaudy - 13
Pechiparai Dam - 12
Boothapandy - 11
Kanyakumari - 8
Palmore - 7
Adaiyamadai - 7
Agastiswaram - 7
Eraniel - 5
Upper Kodayar - 5
Aralvaimozhi - 5
Colachel - 3

Second Straight day Rain lashes Chennai

It rained in Anna Nagar pretty heavily after nearly a week. It badly missed rains past week.

Chennai and surrounding Region Rainfall in mm ending 8.30 am on 15.08.2012

Tiruttani – 80
RK Pet Agro – 59
Sholingur – 50
Thiruvalangadu – 50
Arakonam – 40
Kadambathur – 39
Korrattur – 28
RK pet (IMD) – 28
Uthukkottai (Entry Point) – 25
Tiruvallur – 20
Tamaraipakkam – 18
Poondi Agro – 17
Poonamalle – 15
Ellapuram – 15
Katpadi – 12
Chembarbakkam – 8
Red Hills – 7
Puzhal – 7
Poondi Lake – 6
Cholavaram – 5
Madhavaram – 3
Kolapakkam (near Chennai AP) – 3
Nungambakkam (Chennai City) – 2

RT @charles044: @weatherofindia Drizzling here in perambur. Chennai 10:53pm

RT @archvivekh: @weatherofindia it has started drizzling here in Ambattur! Windy too!

Chennai - 10:37pm, drizzle with high winds now over Polichalur zone!

#chennai - 8:45pm, Good sea breeze from E-S-E upto a height of 0.9km above sea level.

#chennai - a heavy T.shower is seen over W-N-W from city at around 80km.. and it's moving East towards the city, will reach after 10:30pm.
RT @rajugana: Bangalore 6.30pm, Clear skies, Hot and a Sunny day. Thunder clouds formation with heavy wind in the eve. Will it rain? 
By 20/21-Aug.. the next N.Bay low will push upto S-E.Uttarpradesh and N.Chatisgarh ... more rains for E.India..

E,N-E.Gujarat, S,E,central.Rajasthan to get more showers for another 24 to 36 hrs..

Most of E.India to come under a wet spell again from 17-Aug...

Present rain over Himachal & Uttarakand will continue for next 24hrs.. more coming up after 18-Aug...

Heavy rains for most of Kerala to continue till 18-Aug...

Very less rains for entire Maharastra coast till 20-Aug !!
Today, the remnant of the Low level circulation persists over E,central.Rajasthan ..

The circulation over E.Rajasthan is expected to vanish in another 24hrs in that same location or just N-W of it.

Next low level circulation is expected to take shape over N.Corner Bay along S.Bengal coast on 17/18-Aug.

Today, the last of UAC can be seen over S.Rajasthan..

The UAC over S.rajasthan will die in another 24hrs over N.Gujarat.. and a weak UAC expected to pop over S-W.Orissa.. 
Today, the weak offshore trough along S-W coast persists and it's expected to weaken till 19-Aug and may come back again

Another LOW is expected over N.corner Bay along S.Bengal & N-E.Orissa on 17/18-Aug... 
RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia no rain in delhi  (4pm)

@satishkg >> Bangalore - Today evening the conditions are perfect for a Sharp or T.shower !
Very high Vertical.V possible over S.karnataka, S,central.Andhra, N,N-E.Tamilnadu and #chennai from 5pm today..

Today, the high vertical.V will stay over S.Karnataka, N,N-E.Tamilnadu, #chennai & S.Andhra till 3am and Heavy rains possible.
3pm, Fresh Showers seen over S.Tamilnadu, Kerala, Central,N-W.Rajasthan, N-E.Orissa, Uttarakand, Himachal & E.UP.. 
#chennai - yesterday as well HEAVY rains for city Suburbs .. especially for W,N-W suburbs..

#chennai - 3:45pm having a mild sea breeze from E-S-E at low levels. Today as well showers possible after 6pm and will move in from W-N-W
Overall monsoon deficit has come down to 15 per cent with one-and-a-half months left for the season to end..

Earthquakes near Tabriz, Iran on 11-Aug-2012... 
RT @aash_tvm: Raining in #trivandrum frm early morning. Now drizling @weatherofindia (8:31am)

Happy Independence Day !

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chennai - 10:39pm, a strong t.shower is nearing n-w, w-n-w suburbs of city. Now at 45km n-w from city!

A super T.shower is now 8:50pm is sweeping S.Andhra, Around 85km N-W from #chennai city.
A super T.shower is now 8:50pm is sweeping S.Andhra, Around 85km N-W from #chennai city.

Thunder Storm rocks Chennai and surrounding places

After 7 days of daily Thunder Storms, Chennai had a lull for 2 days. But the rainfall from yesterday evening till 14.08.2012 at 8.30 changed everything. Everyone in Chennai weather blog slept assuming there will be no further rains in the night after superb showers in the evening. But unlike evening the early morning TS gained strength to Strength and covered almost all the area of Chennai.

Rainfall in mm

Meenambakkam (Chennai Airport) – 50
Kolapakkam (Back of Chennai Airport) – 50
RK pet (Agro) – 42
Tambaram – 40
Sholingur – 40
Marina Beach – 30
Mahabalipuram – 30
Arakonnam – 30
Korattur – 28
Nungambakkam (Chennai City) – 27
Taramani – 27
Chembarbakkam – 27
Cheyyur – 26
Kattupakkam (near SRM Univeristy) – 25
Kea Metsite (Nungambakkam) – 21
Kancheepuram – 20
Thiruvalangadu – 20
Poonamalle – 19
RK pet (IMD) – 18
Guindy – 17
Shollinganallur – 15
Tiruvallur – 15
Uttiramerur – 15
Kadambathur – 15
Chengalpattu – 10
Maduranthagam – 10
Sriperumbudur – 10
Kelambakkam – 10

It was surprise that Nunga did not miss out. Others who missed out yesterday are -

Tamaraipakkam – 6
Madurantakam – 5
Poondi – 4
Ennore – 4
Cholavaram – 4
Madhavaram – 2
Avadi – 2
Puzhal – 1
Red Hills – 0
6:30pm, strong showers seen over S,S-W,central Rajasthan, New showers popping over Haryana, Uttarakand..

6:30pm, Lots of T.showers seen over S,S-central Tamilnadu .. 
For next 2 days S,S-central Tamilnadu to get some T.showers!
For next 2 days S,S-central Tamilnadu to get some T.showers!
#Kerala to get good widespread rains from today till 18-Aug..

For next 24 to 48hrs.. Showers will linger along S,S-E,E, central.Rajasthan, W,N-W.Madhyapradesh..

COLA model expects rainfall activity for most of E.India will start from 16-Aug due to the upcoming N.Bay circulation..

Scattered rain for S,central.Karnataka, N,N-E.Tamilnadu, #chennai and S,S-central Andhra will continue till 19-Aug !
Offshore trough along S-W coast persists ... Expected to vanish for next 3/4 days and will be back around 19-Aug..

Today the low level circulation is over N-N-E.Madhyapradesh ... it'll vanish in almost the same location in 24hrs..

Surprisingly, COLA models suggest a strong low level circulation to build over N.corner Bay along Bengal coast..

COLA suggests that from 16/17-Aug.. the N.Bay circulation will start to track West thru N-E.Orissa & S.Bengal .. 
RT @srushtik: @EmraanKKC_79 lol :p :D send some rain to mumbai -_- no rain here .. Rainy season but without rain ☹ 
RT @kjdevasia: Torrential rain in Kerala. More pictures from Idukki Dt. 
Today again, High Vertical.V possible after 4pm over S,central Karnataka, N.Tamilnadu.. More showers possible..

High vertical.V again for N-E.Tamilnadu, #chennai and S,central.Andhra ... More rains possible after 5pm and before 3am. 
#chennai - till 8:30am today got 2 rounds of T.showers (especially over S,S-W suburbs).. City records 3cm and airport 5cm of Rainfall.

#chennai - This accumulated rain estimate shows Heavy rains were concentrated over S,S-W suburbs of city...

RT @kjdevasia: Torrential rain in  Kerala. Late rain hits villagers badly. Flash Flood in rain affected areas 
RT @rajugana: Bangalore 9.00am After yestday's night downpour, today its Bright SunShine & Clear Skies. Wet, Green, breezy !!!. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

RT @omniprasan: @weatherofindia Heavy thunders near Medavakkam #Chennai (6:19pm)
#Chennai - Sky during past 1hr .. .... 
RT @drjagadesh: @weatherofindia rain now in chetpet , #chennai (5:54pm)

#chennai - 6:02pm, a strong T.shower "Electric shower" is sweeping S, S-S-W suburbs of city. Heavy in Pallavaram zone now !
#chennai - 5:30pm, another heavy T.showers is sweeping zones South of Chengelpet .. around 70,80,100km S, S-S-W of City.
#chennai - 5:25pm, a super T.cell viewed from South Chennai .. now lying over North suburbs of city... 
RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia heavy downpore in #delhi (5:18pm)

RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia rain continuous over Udaipur region (Rajasthan) 
@jagadaprana >> Bangalore - Evening or late evening sharp showers possible from today till 19-Aug.
@isoumendu >> from today, there'll be very less rains forecast for entire #Kerala .

@isoumendu >> #kerala .. Scattered early morning showers possible along coast till 19-Aug.
3:40pm, strong showers sweeping zones along border of N-E.Tamilnadu & S.Andhra... Around 70,80km North,N-W from #chennai city.
For next 24 to 48hrs, Heavy rains will be over E,N-E.Gujarat, S,S-E,E.Rajasthan and W.Madhyapradesh ...

COLA models predict very less rains for entire W,S-W coast from today till 19-Aug and beyond..

After 15-Aug, MOST of India will have very less Monsoon rains.

E.India may have rise in rainfall after 17-Aug.. depending on the next LOW over N.Bay !

Scattered showers all over N-E states will persist till 18-Aug !
Today, the monsoon low is seen over N-W.Madhyapradesh & along E.Rajasthan ..

In next 24hrs the Monsoon low is expected to move N-E and die over W.Uttarpradesh on 14/15-Aug..

Trough along S-W coast persists but weak and it'll be even more weak after 15/16-Aug till 19/20-Aug.

N.Bay may pop another LOW on 18/19-Aug.. !

The low level circulation associated with LOW is seen over N,N-W.Madhyapradesh ..

The low circulation is expected to drift N-N-E and die along N.extreme Madhyapradesh and along W.Uttarpradesh in 24hrs.

Today, the UAC is seen over W,S-W.Madhyapradesh and along E.Gujarat...

In next 24 to 36hrs, the UAC will drift into S,S-E.Rajasthan and vanish ... 
RT @prashantthegame: @weatherofindia rain again,jaipur (3:01pm)

RT @asury: @weatherofindia "yesterday I went around Mysore and Kabini things r really good. Good Rains there" 

Mahabaleshwar - This monsoon total 3694 mm (147 inches), 295mm (11 inches) short of average !
RT @ashshanuferns: Funny #Mumbai weather...suny..cloudy..suny again....but no rain... good good!! (2:21pm)
1pm, Fresh showers popping over N-E,E.Gujarat, S,central,E.Rajasthan, N-E.Orissa & Bihar..

1pm, Very less rains seen over entire S-W coast..
Till 8:30am of 12-Aug, Heavy rains seen over E.Gujarat, S-W,W.Madhyapradesh, S,S-E,E.Rajasthan & Karnataka coast..

Rainfall till 8:30am of 12-Aug... 
From now, Vertical.V will be high over S,central.Karnataka, N.Tamilnadu and into S,central.Andhra.. showers possible..

After 4pm, High Vertical.V possible over S.Andhra, N,N-E.Tamilnadu and #chennai .. Rain possible in these zones ..

#chennai - 2pm, Already we have good cloud formation over zones N-W,W at around 100 to 200km from City.. High possibility of rain after 4pm.
#chennai - having a partly cloudy day so far, HOT & Humid. Records 36.0°C at 1:10pm and feels like 40.8°C.

#chennai - 1:45pm, stiff breeze from S-W continues.
RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Sunset in Delhi on 12-Aug. An unusually clear sky for Delhi in the month of August. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

No stopping of rains in Kollur in Karnataka, gets 1500 mm in last 9 days

This was supposed to be the weak phase of MJO for Southern Peninsula. The intensity of rains have been reduced in Maharashtra. However, in Karnataka and Kerala it has just started pouring see the last week cumaltive per day rainfall in the IMD Monsoon page. Not even IMD or other models predicted such heavy rains for these two states particularly Karnataka. Two places, Kollur which along with Agumbe and Hulikal dominated rainfall in 2011 got heavy rainfall for past one week.

Kollur rainfall in mm in last 9 days
04.08.2012 - 115
05.08.2012 - 90
06.08.2012 - 190
07.08.2012 - 201
08.08.2012 - 180
09.08.2012 - 193
10.08.2012 - 166
11.08.2012 - 173
12.08.2012 - 190

Total 1500 mm in last 9 days and 4500 mm for the 2012 SWM season

Agumbe rainfall in mm in last 9 days
04.08.2012 - 119
05.08.2012 - 66
06.08.2012 - 164
07.08.2012 - 224
08.08.2012 - 101
09.08.2012 - 167
10.08.2012 - 170
11.08.2012 - 130
12.08.2012 - 105

Total 1250 mm in last 9 days and 4780 mm for the 2012 SWM season

RT @CHIRAG_ROSHAN: 10:49am, Continiously Nicely Raining From Last Night In Mehsana North Gujarat And Almost Major Part Of Gujarat State !

RT @prashantthegame: @weatherofindia Very heavy rain this morning #jaipur 8:33am

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Heavy rains seen over zones N,N-W of Pondicherry and around 100-120km S-S-W of #Chennai
RT @prashantthegame: Raining Here too jaipur, rajasthan  (5:07pm) 
RT @aghorii: @weatherofindia rains gods gets angry .. raining ... like .. cyclone.. #Hyderabad (4:59pm)

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia. Rains in #Delhi. (4:54pm)
4:40pm, Fresh showers seen over S.Andhra .. around 150km N-W from #Chennai.
@aghorii >> Less rains across India from 15-Aug till the next Wet MJO phase.. that is from 24-Aug.. 
@ambaarsaria >> Amristar - 1 or 2 showers forecast till 14-Aug and beyond that very less rains forecast for the zone.
In 24 to 48hrs, Heavy rains possible for S-W,W.Madhyapradesh and showers expected to push into E,N-E.Gujarat..

Showers expected for E,central,S-E,N-E.Gujarat from today till 13/14-Aug..

Heavy & widespread rains for Karnataka coast & N,central.Kerala to continue till 13/14-Aug..

Very less rains forecast for MOST of India after 15-Aug !!

Scattered .. Afternoon / evening / late evening showers for N.Tamilnadu coast & S.Andhra coast to persist till 17-Aug and beyond.
RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia south #delhi is having medium downpour (4:06pm)
Today the Monsoon LOW is over N.Madhyapradesh & along E.Rajasthan ...

Present strong Offshore trough along Karnataka coast will persist for another 24/48hrs.. and then weaken..

Analysis shows 2 low level circulations, 1 over E.Rajasthan and Another over E.Madhyapradesh & N.Chatisgarh...

Low level circulation is expected to be over W.Madhyapradesh in next 24hrs and then weaken and die over N-E.Rajasthan on 13/14-Aug.

The remnant of the circulation may persist along N.Madhyapradesh,W.Uttarpradesh and may be near #Delhi on 14,15-Aug..

Today, the UAC can be seen over S-E.Madhyapradesh & Chatisgarh ...

Present UAC is expected to track West towards W.Madhyapradesh and then into S-E,E.Rajasthan on 13,14-Aug.. 
2:30pm, Fresh & Heavy rains seen over most of Rajasthan except West, #Delhi , Haryana, S.Uttarpradesh..

2:30pm, More rains seen over Jharkand, S.Bengal, Orissa and into Bihar & N.Chatisgarh..

2:30pm, Less rains along Maharastra coast, Heavy along Karnataka coast, N,central #Kerala ..
Chennai - now 3:14pm, is partly cloudy, With stiff breeze from S-W and Temp. at 33.8°C

After 5pm, Good Vertical.V will be over S,S-W.Karnataka, S,Central.Andhra, N-E.Tamilnadu & #Chennai.. Showers forecast.

High Vertical.V is expected to persist along S,central Andhra coast till morning of 12-Aug.High possibility of T.showers 
RT @rohhit: @weatherofindia Its raining cats & dogs in Delhi & NCR. #Nowthatssomerealrain  (2:26pm)
RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia after few spell of drizzle, #delhi is so hot and humid (12:15pm)
direction of clouds changed to "approaching from south east". It can indicate presence of lpa in north of bangalore

Friday, August 10, 2012

RT @aghorii: @weatherofindia 23 cm rain in on day Rajasthan mehnidpur balaji temple roads became rivers.. check pic

RT @jimmy_karumalil: all that #Mumbai needs is 10-15 days of raolin showers and not just rain drizzles everyday 
RT @rahulpilot: #Mangalore #Weather updates will now be avaliable in HD at 

MJO suggests a WET September! Good for Monsoon!

Present MJO suggests a Dry phase for peninsula and will be replaced by a strong WET phase after 23-Aug..

MJO suggests a WET September, b'coz a good wet phase is expected from 24-Aug till 18-Sep and beyond! Good for Monsoon!..
On Independence Day, 15-Aug .. #Delhi may have strong showers .. 
In 24hrs, Heavy & widespread rains for Entire Madhyapradesh, Chatisgarh, Orissa & Jharkand ..

Some heavy rains forecast ALL along Karnataka coast, N,central #Kerala till 13-Aug..

Till 13-Aug, Heavy & widespread rains will be over most of Madhyapradesh and W,S-W to have very heavy rains ..

@abhikothari30 >> From 12-Aug, Rains will push into N,S,E,Central.Gujarat .. and Heavy rains expected till 14/15-Aug..

From tomorrow, Rains will push into S,S-E.Rajasthan and persist till 14-Aug..

After 15-Aug, Most of India to have very Less rains .. 
Today, the Monsoon LOW is over almost the same position, N-E.Madhyapradesh.. and Another over S.Chatisgarh..

Present Monsoon LOW over N-E.Madhyapradesh is expected to track West into E,N-E.Rajasthan in next 2/3 days..

Today as well the trough along S-W coast persists.. strong along Karnataka coast & N.Kerala !

The offshore trough along S-W coast is expected to weaken rapidly (or) even vanish after 14-Aug..!!

Today the low level circulation associated with the LOW is seen over N-N-E.Madhyapradesh ..

Another low level circulation seen over N.Orissa & S.Jharkand ..

2 low level circulations are expected to merge over N.Madhyapradesh in another 12hrs and track into E.Rajasthan, 13-Aug.

Today, a UAC can be seen over Jharkand & N.Orissa ..

Present UAC is expected to track West and reach S-W,W.Madhyapradesh on 12-Aug... 
2:30pm, Fresh showers seen over Most of Chatisgarh, Orissa, S.Bengal, S.Jharkand & Madhyapradesh ..

2:30pm, More rains over E.rajasthan, S.Haryana, S.Uttarpradesh.. Karnataka coast, Kerala and South N-E states..
Today again, High Vertical.V possible after 4pm along Most of Karnataka, Most of Andhra, N,N-E, #chennai Rain possible..

#chennai - After a clear early morning, It was cloudy with high cloud cover from 10am till now 3:18pm.

#chennai - 3:19pm, NO sea breeze yet, but signs are good. The low level winds from S-W has almost stopped.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

RT @fabwrite: Heavy downpour in #Mandaveli #Chennai ☔ @chennaiweather @weatherofindia (8:27pm)

RT @s_raghuraman: @weatherofindia heavy rains in Kodambakkam (8:33pm)

RT @sirajsoft: Heavy Rains at this part of Chennai. #Velachery (8:29pm)