Thursday, January 31, 2013

Some showers are expected along E.Srilanka from tomorrow evening.

A moderate easterlies is expected to reach E.Srilanka on evening of 3-Feb.. more rain ahead ..

Due to easterlies, odd showers or cloudy days possible for S.Tamilnadu from 4 to 7-Feb.

Mcleodganj - "a holding pattern... (pm.31.jan.13)"

Early morning low temp: 45.1F (7.3C)
Afternoon high temp: 55.9F (13.3C)
Rainfall: none

Just a few hours left of January 2013, and we're ending the month on a very quiet note.  There are a few clouds around shortly past sunset this evening, after another day of alternating sun and high cloudiness.  Temperatures remain a couple of degrees above normal for this time of year.

It's hard to keep track of all the weak upper-level disturbances passing through northern India recently -- but they are all virtually identical in their inability to stir up any precipitation.  Our air mass remains too dry for the development of any rain and/or snow, despite the occasional high clouds.  The back-and-forth between clouds and sun will continue for another two or three days, along with an outside shot at a raindrop or two, while temperatures stay on the plus side of seasonal averages.

By late Sunday, we'll be starting to feel the effects of a storm system which is going to dramatically change our weather conditions all the way into the middle of next week.  Rain chances will be on the increase, with the various computer models pointing to Monday through mid-day Wednesday for our best chances of picking up some moderate to heavy amounts of rain.  It still appears that snowfall will be confined to the higher elevations (mainly above 2300m/7500ft), but I wouldn't rule out a period of snow/sleet here in Mcleod as the center of the upper-level circulation passes through on Wednesday.  At any rate, a few days of wet and colder weather look very likely during the first week of the new month...

clear to partly cloudy.
low: 7C (45F)

sun, with increasing high clouds once again.  a mild start to february.
high: 13C (56F)

periods of mainly high clouds.
low: 8C (46F)

During next 12 hrs, due to W.D, showers possible over Kashmir, Himachal and Uttarakand ...

N,N-W India to experience some heavy rain from Sunday, 3-Feb... 

From Monday, 4-Feb, the scattered rain due to strong W.D is expected to spread over N-W,N-central India ... 
During next 24 hrs, odd showers possible over N,N-W Maharastra and also over S,S-W.Madhyapradesh.

Yesterday, night temp. over N.India has risen.. Lowest min. temp of 4.8°C has been
recorded at Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh)

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 9.15am, Foggy and chill, sun peeping out of hazy sky. Yesterday evening partly cloudy skies >> records a low of 17 C

#chennai - Airport records a low of 21 C today morning.

#Hyderabad - Today morning, records a low temp. of 18.7 C
Another moderate W.D is expected to reach N,N-W India on 2-Feb ... 

Next W.D will be followed immediately by a strong system on 3 / 4-Feb ...

No COLD waves are expected till 5-Feb over N,N-W,N-Central India, due to the upcoming W.D.
4pm, The present W.D is clearing out from Kashmir in a quick manner ...

4pm, Most of N-W,N,N-central,central India is cloudy with odd mild showers around ...

4pm, mild rain seen over central,W. Uttarpradesh ...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A low level circulation is seen over N-E states..

Some showers expected over North of N-E states from today till 2-Feb.
Day temp. along N,N-W,N-Central India will go up from tomorrow till 4-Feb.

Warm / Hot day temp. expected over Coastal,W.Maharastra, Coastal,N-W Karnataka from tomorrow.
A weak easterlies may reach E.Srilanka on 3 / 4-Feb ... 

Mcleodganj - Weather update - "Slow changes... (pm.30.jan.13)"

Early morning low temp: 46.6F (8.1C)
Mid-day high temp: 55.6F (13.1C)
Rainfall: none

There are still a lot of high clouds across the area at sunset this evening, at the end of a day dominated by dim sunshine through a variable layer of mainly high cloudiness.  My pre-dawn low temp up at the top of town was the mildest I've recorded this entire month... but the high clouds kept us from capitalizing on that head-start, though today was still warmer than normal for this time of year.

The satellite view this evening shows a rather messy scenario from central Asia into the western Himalayas.  Although there is no significant storm system to be found, the atmosphere is in a very indecisive phase, with lots of weak disturbances flowing from west to east -- generating a considerable amount of cloudiness.  Moisture is very limited at this stage, however, so very little rain and snow is being produced by those clouds.  We may come up with some random raindrops between now and Sunday, but the the big drama will hold off for several more days.

That approaching drama will be due to a very strong late winter storm system which is expected to develop over Afghanistan and Pakistan by the very end of the weekend.  It is looking more and more likely that we'll be seeing some moderate to heavy precipitation early next week -- mainly from Monday into early Wednesday -- but from this vantage point, it appears that it will remain warm enough for a (mostly) rain event here in McLeod.  Lots and lots of time to monitor developments, so stay in touch...

partly to mostly cloudy and mild.  slight chance of a few sprinkles.
low: 8C (46F)

both clouds and some sun at times.  one or two brief, light showers possible.
high: 13C (56F)

partly cloudy skies.
low: 7C (45F)

a mix of sun and mainly high clouds.  mild start to february.
high: 13C (56F)

Some more odd showers expected over N,N-W Maharastra on Tomorrow, and may persist till 1/2-Feb...

Low level moisture persist along Andhra coast and W.Ghats of Kerala ...

Odd showers expected along central Andhra coast during next 24 hrs...

Chennai cloudiness today evening and possible showers along S,central Andhra coast is due to an upper level trough.. 
6pm, the upcoming moderate W.D is almost near N,N-W India.. most of N,N-central India had a high cloud cover day..

Due to W.D, showers expected over N-W.India, Kashmir from tomorrow morning ... 

A strong W.D is expected to reach N,N-W India on 2 / 3-Feb... 
Today morning, #Chennai - Airport records a low temp. of 21.1 C, #Bangalore = 18 C, #Hyderabad = 20.2 C.
RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 9.25am, Clear sky, Sunny, cold, Dry & Dusty. Yestday eve, slight cloud formation in the western horizon.

Today's lowest minimum temperature of 2.8°C has been recorded at Adampur (Punjab)

Cold wave conditions continue to prevail over some parts of east Madhya Pradesh and interior Odisha.

Today morning, Dense fog has been observed over many parts of E.Uttar Pradesh, parts of Bihar and isolated pockets of Punjab, N.Haryana

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

7:30pm, Isolated showers seen over S.Maharastra, N-central Andhra ... 
The lowest minimum temperature of 2.6°C has been recorded at Najibabad (Uttar Pradesh)

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.00am, Clear skies, bright sunshine, moderate cold. >> Bangalore recorded 17 C today morning.

#Chennai - Airport records another 20.3 C today morning.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Some Interesting activity in the Northern Sub-Continent regions, with 3 WDs on the way !..

Tuesday 29th: Dry all over except scattered precipitation in Nilgiri mountains. 

Wednesday 30th: dry all over, except Kashmir where J-5 moves as a weak WD..prevailing precipitation over Kashmir for 2 days.
(So, we end Jan with 5 WDs. Prediction by Vagaries on 2nd Jan was for 6 WDs).

Thursday 31st: A small East West trough line slopes Eastwards with  height  towards the North Mah/MP region. Thursday 31st will be cloudy in North Marathwada. Aurangabad and Akola districts will be cloudy in the day.Thursday night light rains in Aurangabad, Akola and adjoining South MP forecast on vagaries.
COLD night & day conditions over E.Uttarpradesh, Bihar, Jharkand and Bengal to continue for another 2 days.

After 30-Jan, most of N,N-W,central India to have increased Day and Night temps.
Mid level moisture and high Vertical.V are expected to persist over central Peninsula during next 2 days.

Odd showers will pop over central,N.Maharastra, N,central.Andhra and N,Interior Karnataka till 30-Jan, Showers may increase after 31-Jan
An easterlies is expected to reach E.Srilanka coast on evening of 31-Jan ... more rain ahead for the Island ... 
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.00am, Fog engulfed the city, biting cold, feels as if in Hill Station, fabulous! City records 16 C

Today morning #Chennai airport records another 20.3 C. Day was around 30.3 C, but felt like 35 C with higher humidity than usual.

Low level moisture was present today along N.Tamilnadu, Andhra coast, expected to persist for another day... 
Next moderate W.D is expected to reach N,N-W India on 31-Jan ... 
4pm, High cloud cover seen over Uttarakand, central Uttarpradesh, Central,W.Madhyapradesh, Bengal...

4pm, Showers are back over N,central Maharastra, and isolated showers also seen over N.Andhra as well...
Today morning, lowest minimum temperature of 2.0°C has been recorded at Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)

Cold wave conditions are prevailing in some parts of east Uttar Pradesh. 

Low temp. till 8:30am today over N.India, #Delhi = 7 C, Shimla = 5 C, Amristar = 3 C, Jaipur = 8 C, Varanasi = 6 C.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

IMD warning :: Ground frost would occur at a few places over the hill ranges of  Nilgiris district (Tamilnadu) during the next two nights.

#chennai - as expected, the low temp. has dropped by 2 deg C, today morning it was 20.1 C. Expected to continue for next 2 or 3 nights.

Today morning low temp., #Bangalore = 15 C and Hyderabad = 18.4 C.
Cloudiness with light rain expected over N,central Peninsula during next 2 or 3 days ... 

Another easterlies to push into S-E Bay on 1-Feb and approach Srilanka..!

Low level Anti-cyclone is over Chatisgarh and expected to persist and drift N-E into E.India during next 4 days.
7pm, Cloudy and light rain continue over N,N-E.Maharastra, Showers have ceased over E.Srilanka ...

7pm, Medium high cloud cover seen over S,interior Karnataka and over W.ghats of Kerala...
#Dharamsala - #INDvENG Cricket ODI tomorrow will have COLD, Clear skies till 2pm and may become cloudy towards the end of match around 4pm.

#Dharamsala - "it does look like we could see an increase in high cloudiness later tonight and Sunday" - mcleodganj - 
A weak W.D is expected to reach Kashmir tomorrow evening...

Only cloudy skies expected from this W.D over Kashmir & Himachal on morning of 28-Jan.

Next strong / medium strength W.D will reach N,N-W India on 31-Jan... 
Low temp. recorded today morning over N.India, #Delhi = 6 C, Shimla = 3 C, Jammu = 4 C, Srinagar = -6 C, Amristar = 3 C, Dehradun = 5 C.

Today morning, lowest minimum temperature 3°C was recorded at Gaya and Sabour over East India.
Cold wave conditions prevailed over isolated pockets of east Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal , Sikkim and Madhya Pradesh.

Today morning lowest minimum temperature of 2.6°C has been recorded at Fursatganj (Uttar Pradesh)

Today morning lowest minimum temperature in N.India was 1.4ºC recorded at Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)

IMD warning :: Cold wave conditions would occur in some parts of Uttar Pradesh during the next 48 hours

Friday, January 25, 2013

Nagpur - got showers during early hrs today morning ! (report from one of our Facebook reader)

Cold wave conditions prevailed over some parts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar
during past 24 hours.

Till 8:30am today, lowest minimum temperature of 2.2°C was recorded at Amritsar (Punjab)

The day and night temp. over N,N-W,N-central, Central India will rise by 2 deg around 29-Jan, till then it'll remain the same.

Till 8:30am today, lowest minimum temperature in N.India was 1.8 ºC recorded at Adampur (Punjab) and not Amristar at 2.2 C.

Low temp. recorded till 8:30am today over N.India, #Delhi = 6 C, Hissar = 5 C, Jaipur = 6 C, Srinagar = -3 C, Lucknow = 3 C.
A weak W.D will reach Kashmir on 27,28-Jan ...

This W.D is not expected to affect the #IndvEng Cricket ODI in Dharamsala ... 
2:30pm, showers and cloudy over S,S-E.Madhyapradesh, N-E.Maharastra, central Chatisgarh and W.Orissa...

Present rain over N,N-E.Maharastra, S,S-E.Madhyapradesh and Chatisgarh will persist & push into Orissa during next 24hrs, vanish after that.

Showers are expected to be back over N,central.Maharastra from 28-Jan... 
DRY & COLD Wind from N-W India is sweeping into N.Bay and seen reaching up to N.Tamilnadu, Andhra coast.. And will persist till 27 / 28-Jan

NOGAPS predicts cloudy weather with odd rain for S, interior Karnataka from 26 to 28-Jan... 

Minimum temperature fell appreciably at one or two places over North Interior Karnataka and Telangana.

Today morning #Chennai records a mild 22.8 C... expected to drop by 1 or 2 C during next 3 / 4 days.
Bay Circulation due to easterlies is seen near S-E Srilanka, this will vanish or drift South or S-E in next 24hrs..

Showers for Srilanka will die down from tomorrow noon... 
2pm, Easterlies bringing in more rain for E,S-E Srilanka for the past 36hrs ...

Dharamsala  Weather for the ODI on Sunday, 27th:
Clear morning turning cloudy later..Day's high will be 18c and low will be 7c (28th morning) it is a day match, the playing temperatures will be from around 10c in the morning to max 18c by afternoon.

General Weather Situation and Forecast for this Weekend:
Friday 25th/Saturday 26th, the trough Strengthens and expected to run West to East roughly along the 19N line and from 75E thru eastwards upto Orissa coast.

Friday 25th: Light rains likely in Marathwada, Vidarbh and adjoining Southern MP. South Madhya Mah. will be partky cloudy.

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th will be dry days for the Sub-Continent region...barring light rains in small pockets in Marathwada and adjoining Vidarbh. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

NOGAPS suggests showers over S.Karnataka on 26-Jan !! But COLA model did not support this forecast.
Yesterday, as expected showers happened over N,N-E.Maharastra and over S.Madhyapradesh .. Akola = 3cm, Pachmarhi = 1 cm.

6pm, Isolated showers seen over N-central,N-E Maharastra, S-E.Madhyapradesh and rain pushing into N-central.Chatisgarh

Showers over Maharastra, S,S-E Madhyapradesh and Chatisgarh to persist for another 24hrs... 
A weak W.D may affect Kashmir alone on 27-Jan.
Till 8;30am today, lowest minimum temperature of 2.4°C has been recorded at Rewa (Madhya Pradesh)

Cold wave conditions are prevailing over some parts of Uttar Pradesh,
Bihar and northeast Madhya Pradesh.

Low temp. recorded till 8:30am, #Delhi = 6 C, Srinagar = -1 C, Shimla = 2 C, Amristar = 3 C, Luchnow (almost 5 deg C below normal) = 3 C

IMD warning :: " Ground frost may occur in isolated pockets of Punjab, Haryana and west Uttar Pradesh during the next two nights. "

A weak low pressure has formed in N.Maharashtra region (see IMD MSLP chart as on 12 UTC 23rd). A trough ta sea level runs from North to South along East Maharashtra and adjoining MP, tilting westwards.. Trough strengthening, and precipitation expected over Vidharbh and adjoining MP.
Akola had a heavy shower on 23rd evening recording 28.5 mms, Wardha 7 mms. Several station in Vidarbh and adjoing MP had light showers on Wednesday evening and night.
An UAC has formed over the Lakshdweep region...posted noon 24th Jan

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A low level anti-cyclone has formed over N,N-E Maharastra, Chatisgarh.. and expected to persist there for next 3 days..

From tomorrow, DRY & COLD winds from N-W India will travel across Uttarpradesh, Bengal and into N.Bay ..

These DRY winds from N-W India are propelled by the new Anti-cyclone over N-E Maharastra.

These cold winds will travel from N.Bay towards Andhra coast and up to N,central Tamilnadu coast.. More COLD morning ahead for these zones.
5pm, Easterlies showers have pushed into E.Srilanka ... and more coming up ...

Due to this easterlies, a low level circulation is seen over 5th parallel S-E of Srilanka ...

The easterlies may push some moisture into S,S-E Tamilnadu during next 2 / 3 days and Odd showers possible... 
Due to present trough of W.D and moisture push at mid levels are happening into N,N-E Maharastra ...

In next 24hrs, odd showers possible over N,N-E.Maharastra, and may slip into S.Madhyapradesh & Chatisgarh.. 

These showers may expand over more areas of N.Peninsula during next 5 days.
4pm, W.D is affecting Kashmir, and cloudy over N.Himachal. W.D is slowly moving away, Rain/Snow seen over Kashmir..

By tomorrow morning, the W.D will clear off from Kashmir..

@enjoyl >> There's no W.D expected for N.India till 28-Jan. The weather for Dharamsala will be clear & COLD on 27-Jan for #IndvEng cricket.

Cold wave conditions are prevailing over some parts of Haryana, east Uttar Pradesh and
west Madhya Pradesh.

Today morning, Lowest minimum temperature of 1.8°C has been recorded at Karnal (Haryana).

Min. temp. till 8:30am today, #Delhi = 4 C, Hissar = 3 C, Srinagar = -3 C and Varanasi = 5 C.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

J-4 moving across Northern Kashmir...though Srinagar did not get precipitation, the Northern areas like Anantnag and other regions had light precipitation.
Northern Sub-Continent still retaining the previous cold temperatures...Lowest in Indian plains was at adampur (Punjab), showing 1.7c...and Amritsar was 2c. Delhi Sjung was cold at 4.8c (4/5c).

An UAC has formed over Vidharbha and adjoining Chattisgarh...Light rains likely over Vidharbha and adjoining Chattisgarh on 23rd and 24th...vagaries
6:30pm, Cloudy over W,N-W kashmir due to an approaching W.D system... 
Yesterday night, most of the places in N.India registered below normal temp. 

N. India temp. today morning, #Delhi = 6 C, Chandigarh = 5 C, Hissar = 3 C, Srinagar = -5 C,  Amristar = 2 C and Lucknow = 5 C.
RT @chetanishere: @weatherofindia #velachery #Chennai chill morning breeze over Guindy forest brought in the chills (7:49am)

#chennai - Airport records 20.3 C today morning.

Bangalore - records another 15 C morning today. Yesterday's high was around 30 C.

Today morning, Belgaum airport recorded the lowest minimum temperature of 11 C in South India.
Till 8:30am today, lowest minimum temperature of 1.7°C was recorded at Adampur( Punjab)

Cold wave conditions prevailed over at few places over Madhya Pradesh and over isolated areas in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

Monday, January 21, 2013

On 23,24-Jan.. Due to W.D's trough extending upto N.Arabian sea.. showers expected to pop over N.Maharastra, S,central Madhyapradesh.

NOGAPS, suggests, if the W.D trough persists beyond 23-Jan, then more rain expected for central,E-Central India.. 
A weak W.D is expected to reach N.India on morning of 23-Jan ...

#IndvEng Cricket match to be held on 23-Jan at Mohali ... Expected to have cloudy skies and NO rain... 

The upcoming W.D is expected to bring Rain / snow for Kashmir on 23-Jan, Cloudy for Punjab and Himachal.
Today morning, An easterlies is seen pushing upto S-central Bay ...

The easterlies will be pushed below 10th parallel and will affect Srailanka from tomorrow evening / night..

NOGAPS suggests, the upcoming easterlies moisture will affect coastal Tamilnadu on 23,24,25-Jan. Cloudy days with isolated showers expected.

But COLA suggests NO rain for Tamilnadu from the upcoming Easterlies, that is from 23 to 26-Jan... 
Morning and now 10:30am, Thick FOG can be seen over N,N-W Uttarpradesh ... 
On 21-Jan, Highest maximum temperature of 35.6°C recorded at Punalur (S. Kerala)

Max temp. fell by 2 to ­6°C west Uttar Pradesh, some places of Bihar, Jharkhand, north Chhattisgarh, Gangetic Bengal, and north Odisha.

#Delhi - Till 8:30am today, records a max temp. of 18.4 C and min. of 6.2 C.

Amristar - records a max. of 17.4 C and a min. of 4 C.

Srinagar - records a max. of 7.9 C and a min. of -3 C (minus)

Lucknow - records a max. of 21.4 C and a min. of 7.3 C.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tonight easterlies moisture nearing Tamilnadu coast will be pushed south below 10th parallel...

Both NOGAPS and COLA model predicts another easterlies to push up to S-W Bay on 22-Jan...

COLA model expects showers only for Srilanka from the upcoming easterlies from 22/23-Jan.

But NOGAPS predicts a circulation near S-E Srilanka on 21/22-Jan...

NOGAPS predicts heavy rain for E,S-E,N-E Srilanka from 22-Jan ... 

NOGAPS even predicts isolated rain for central,S-E,S. Tamilnadu coast on 23-Jan... 
Remnant low level circulation of W.D is expected to persist over Uttarpradesh for next 3 days...

Due to this remnant W.D low level circulation over Uttarpradesh, No moisture is left to produce showers.
Yesterday night, min. temp. fell over Punjab, Rajasthan, west Uttar Pradesh, Haryana,  Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Rainfall over N.India till 8:30am today, Due to W.D

Narayanagarh 10, Morni 5, Bilaspur and Chhachhrauli 4 each, Jagadhari and Sadhaura 3 each, Chandigarh, Karnal, Hodal, Panchkula, Raipurrani and Kalka 2 each and Ambala Airport, Hissar, New Delhi (Palam and Safdarjung), Delhi Ridge and Ayanagar 1 CM each. 

Renuka and Ponda 7 each, Dharamshala, Palampur and Gaohar  6 each,  Shimla, Solan, Dehra Gopipur, Kalka, Sunni Bhaji, Arki and Khandaghat  5 each, Bhuntar, Manali, Nahan, Kangra, Berthin, Kahu, Sujanpur Tira, Gular and Nagrota Suriya 4 each and Sundernagar, Una, Jhandutta, Saloni, Bhoranj and Nadaun 3 each. 

Kukernag 6, Batote 5, Quazigund, Katra and Udampur 4 each and Jammu, Banihal, Bhaderwah and Kathua 3 each. 

R.S. Dam site 6, Madhopur, Shahapur Kandi  and Nangal 5 each, Pathankot and Malakpur 3 each, Gurdaspur and Mukarian 2 each and Amritsar, Halwara, Bhatinda, Dasuya, Garshankar, Adampur and Ropar 1 each.  

Pilani 1cm.

Varanasi 2 and Gorakhopur and Bahraich 1 CM each

Nazibabad and Sarsawa 3 each and Moradabad, Meerut, Kasganj, Khurja and Gautam Budh Nagar 1 CM each. 

Dehradun 6,  Pithoragarh 5, Tehri 4 and Mukteshwar 3 CM.
7pm, now the W.D has cleared out from most of India and even from Nepal as well... 

Friday, January 18, 2013

An weak easterlies is slowly making its way towards S-central Bay...

The low level moisture from the easterlies are expected to reach Tamilnadu coast by tomorrow evening

COLA model expects, Cloudy conditions with odd showers expected along S-E,central, N Tamilnadu coast from tomorrow till Monday.

NOGAPS suggests that a circulation along with easterlies is expected to pop over S-E of Srilanka along 5th parallel on 20-Jan.

NOGAPS even suggests a stronger moisture push into most of Tamilnadu coast on 22-Jan.. and predicts Rain along coast.. 
#chennai - had a cloudy and cold morning, Temp. was at 20.4 C.

Due to low level moisture along Tamilnadu coast, #chennai the day till 1pm are expected to be cloudy tomorrow as well 

#Bangalore - records a low temp. of 15 C today morning.

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.30am, Dip in temp, biting Cold in the morning; Clear skies, bright sunshine. 
Night temp. over N,N-W, N-central India will go down from tonight..!

Day & Night temp over N,N-central, N-W India will go down again from tomorrow... >> Another COLD wave ahead !
Showers are expected to clear out over most of N.India from early morning of 19-Jan.

#Delhi - will not have RAIN tonight and can expect a clear day tomorrow.

On Sunday, there'll not be ANY rain over N,N-W,N-Central and even over E.India... 
Analysis show that W.D upper level circulation is now over N.India, it's trough extends south upto N-W Maharastra ..

During the next 24hrs, the circulation & trough of W.D will die down.. and the showers will push into Bhutan, Sikkim..

W.D rains will cross into Sikkim, N.Bengal, Bhutan by tomorrow noon and by evening it'll push into North N-E states .. 
7:30pm, Isolated Showers even seen over N.Bihar and N-E Uttarpradesh.
7:30pm, W.D slowly moving E-S-E.. Heavy rain / snow over Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakand and into Nepal... 

Rainfall till 8:30am, due to present W.D

Bilaspur 7, Jagadhari 6, Dadupur, Naraingarh, Safidon and Chhachhrauli 5 each, Karnal, Chandigarh Airport, Gohana and Sadhaura 4 each and Ambala, Narnaul, Chandigarh, Barara, Jind, Nilokhari, Shahabad, Israna, Panipat, Samlakha and Mustfabad 3 CM each

Shimla and Kasauli 7 each, Nahan, Solan and Shimla Airport 6 each, Bhuntar, Manali and Paonta Sahib 5 each and Sundernagar, Keylong and Jubbal 3 CM each

Rajouri 7, Gulmarg 6, Quazigund 5, Batote, Banihal and Srinagar 4 each and Kupwara, Bharwah, Awantipur and Anantnag 3 CM each

Gurdaspur and Dasuya 3 each, Patiala and Samana 2 each and Pathankot, Madhopur, Shahapur Kandi , Anantpur Sahib, Ropar and Sangrur 1 CM each

Ajmer and Pilani 1 CM each

Jodhpur and Churu 3 CM each

Nazibabad, Meerut and Sarsawa 3 each, Aligarh 2 and Bareilly, Shahjahanpur and Hindon 1 CM each

Dehradun 6, Mukteshwar 5, Tehri 4, Pithoragarh and Nainital 3 each and Pantnagar 1 CM.

Good precipitation in the Northern hills and plains, and lived up to the expectations of rains along Sindh coast (Karachi), Western Gujarat and Kutch, into Rajasthan.(The NE line as expalined last week).The induced low over Rajasthan did the trick. 
For the Northern plains, Delhi included), precipitation will decrease by Friday evening...Thick fog on 20th morning.

Now, J-3 estimated to move into Nepal on 19th Saturday, with heavy precipitation in Utterakhand and adjoining Nepal.
Kathmandu will get showers on 19th Saturday and 20th Sunday.

Entrie India and Pakistan region will get a 2 day "rain break" from 20th Sunday, i.e. 20th and 21st.

But, the cold NW winds will take over from 18th Friday, as the temperatures start dropping.
The Gujarat, Maharashtra and MP regions will feel the drop from 18th Friday night.

Detailed report in Vagaries...
Today morning, fog was observed over isolated pockets of north coastal Odisha adjoining   Gangetic West Bengal

Till 8:30am today, Lowest minimum temperature of 8.2°C has been recorded at Ayanagar (Delhi) in the country.

Showers in Delhi due to W.D

Reports of showers over Delhi from yesterday late evening...

RT @aknarendranath: Heavy rains and hails lash Delhi. @weatherofindia (17-Jan, 11:02pm)

RT @aknarendranath: Raining quite heavily in Delhi with an occasional clap of thunder. @weatherofindia (6:02am)

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Quite a downpour! (8:30am)

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Frequent rains in Delhi since last night. Wonder if we are on January or August. (12:10pm)

Thanks to our Twitter follower @aknarendranath

Thursday, January 17, 2013

First official android app launched by India Meteorological Department ... Download from here >> 
#chennai - Today morning records 20.4 C... From morning of 20-Jan it is expected to be around 22 C.
A weak easterlies has entered into S-E Bay.. and its moisture may reach Central, S-E Tamilnadu coast on 19-Jan...

Due to this easterlies moisture isolated rain, cloudiness expected over S,S-E Tamilnadu below 10th parallel on 20-Jan

Due to the upcoming easterlies, a low level circulation is expected over 5th parallel S-E of Srilanka on 19-Jan... 
The showers over N,N-central India due to W.D is expected to last till Saturday...

In N,N-W India, the day & night temperature is expected to fall again from tomorrow night.
The present W.D showers over N.India is expected to persist for another 24hrs before moving E-S-E into Nepal.. 

From tomorrow, the W.D showers are expected to push E-S-E into Nepal and some spill over rain for N.Uttarpradesh...

Some rain are expected over N,central Uttarpradesh on 18,19-Jan and odd showers for Bihar on 19-Jan.
The upper level circulation of present W.D is over N,central Pakistan. And the trough extends south up to S,S-W.Gujarat.

The low level circulation related to W.D is over W,N-W Rajasthan, and this will drift N-E during next 24hrs...

During the next 24 to 36 hrs the upper level circulation and trough will move into W,N-W India...

By 19-Jan evening, the W.D will clear from N,N-central India.
3pm, W.D is moving in strong.. Heavy snow / rain seen over Kashmir, Rain over Himachal & moving into Uttarakand as well

Till 8:30am today, Rain/snow has occurred at many places over Jammu & Kashmir.

Due to W.D, till 8:30am today... Rain occurred at few places over Kutch, W.Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and W. Uttar Pradesh.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.15am, Hazy skies, chill and foggy, 9.00 AM looks 6.00 AM, however, Now, Sun is peeping out !!!! 

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Drizzle in Delhi. The first rains of 2013. 6:23am

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

10:30pm, showers seen over Kashmir, N-central India. And mild rain over W.India as well..

10:30pm, due to W.D it's cloudy over N,N-central, central,west of India ..

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

N.Tamilnadu is having COLD mornings and Warm noons... Chennai = 19.1C, Dharmapuri = 12.9C, KARUR PARAMATHI = 16.5C, Salem = 18.3C.

COLD morning for N,Central Tamilnadu and #Chennai expected till 18/19-Jan.
10pm, Kashmir is cloudy due to W.D, by noon tomorrow most of N.India will come under cloud cover and some rain.. 
An easterlies is expected to reach Srilanka on evening of 18-Jan... 
Today the low,mid level Anti-cyclone was over N,N-E Maharastra.. and will move E-N-E into E.India on 18-Jan...

The present W.D will be followed by another COLD wave for N,N-W,N-Central India from 18-Jan. Both night and day temp. will drop below normal
W.D circulation has entered into N-W India..

The upper level circulation of present W.D will reach N,N-W India on 17-Jan...

This W.D Upper level circulation and it's trough will pull moisture from N.Arabian sea into N-W,N,N-central India by 16,17-Jan.

Scattered rain for N-W,N,N-Central India is expected to start from noon / evening of 16-Jan... 

The W.D rain for N,N-central India is expected till 18-Jan, before the showers move into Nepal by evening of 18-Jan.

Some rain is also forecast for N,N-W Uttarpradesh on 17,18-Jan... 

Monday, January 14, 2013

WD (J-2) gone, and the 2/3 days intermediate period till J-3..already announced rain less for 2 days, 13th and 14th...
The prevailing high pressure over Central India moves towards the Orissa/AP coast on Tuesday, but the ridge stretching from the centre of the high towards the West coast remains for a day Wednesday, the high moves into the Bay region...

Tuesday 15th: As a instant result, the system, J-3 moves Eastwards and the system attracts initial SW winds towards the Sindh coast on the 15th.

Cold wave effect from details on Vagaries...