Monday, November 11, 2013

Philippines - latest after Super Typhoon Haiyan

Photo taken by astronaut Karen L. Nyberg, NASA shows Super Typhoon Haiyan from the International Space Station.. 

Typhoon Haiyan devastates Philippines ... photos ... 
Typhoon Haiyan: 'It was like the end of the world' ... 
“The dead are on the streets, they are in their houses, they are under the debris, they are everywhere,” ... 
Death toll in Philippines after typhoon Haiyan more than 10,000... 

"30W" over E Bay, what next ?

Early morning, Typhoon Haiyan made landfall over N Vietnam... now its showing rapid dissipation.
"30W" over S-E-Central Bay is showing signs of intensifying.
Still the system is bit elongated from N-N-W to S-S-E. 
At present the Northern quadrant of the system is getting good feed from Easterlies.
High winds are concentrated over its North quadrant.

Latest satellite IR at 8:30am shows, good convective activity over N-N-W, S quadrants.
During next 2 days, the system is expected to become as a marked LOW and move West.

"03A" makes landfall over N-central coast of Somalia

At around 5:30am, "03A" made landfall over N-central coast of Somalia as Deep Depression.
The pressure at that time was 997mb and Winds was gusting upto 95 kmph.
Latest satellite shows, HEAVY rain over along coastal Somalia.
And more rain ahead for interior,coastal Somalia and into Ethiopia during next 18hrs.

The system is expected is weaken rapidly and will dissipate in next 18hrs.