Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some heavy and widespread showers forecast for Kerala and Tamilnadu till 25-Apr ...
IPL weather update ... Mohali may get cloudy around 8pm and may even get some light showers.
6pm, Widespread and heavy T.shower activity all over S, S-E peninsula ...
6pm, Widespread and heavy T.shower activity all over S, S-E peninsula ...
@asury >> NO, not at all. But the onset may not have the Fizz to start with... It's early days to predict those. !
Chennai - These T.showers may continue till 25-Apr... but showers can be expected only once or twice in a Day and scattered.
Due to rush of wind from S-S-W into S. Kerala. Heavy showers possible for S. kerala and S.Tip Tamilnadu on 22,23,24-Apr.
IMD models suggest widespread T.showers for Kerala, Tamilnadu till 25-Apr... and will go down after that..
Low level winds along S-E peninsula will be from S-E till 24-Apr... Till then T.showers possible for Tamilnadu.
A Low level trough can be seen over S-E Arabian sea along Kerala .. will stay there for another 2 days and move over Lakshadweep.
Hot Maharastra on 20-Apr.. highest maximum temperature of 41.6 C was recorded at Jalgaon ( Maharashtra).
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia- Kutch region received showers yesterday-
Chennai - Heavy rain just 11:15am started over Pallavaram
Chennai - 11:04am, reports of scattered showers >> Kindly request all Chennai weather reporters to post a Photo and mention @weatherofindia
RT @koolhead17: 1st rain of the season, enjoyed getting drenched. Chennai (10:58am)
Chennai - Will host a good thunder shower before 1pm... already we have one over S-E Chennai... more on way !
RT @vinodvv: The drizzle just fizzled at Velachery, It is hot now. rain chennai (10:50am)
RT @neha_murthy: Thunder..Rain...and they call this THE SUMMER!! (1046am)
RT @shyamk: Something is wrong with good ol Madras. dark clouds & rain in summer. Crap. (9:53am)
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.45am, Yestday 41-23C, Now its partly cloudy sky..a pic of morning low clouds
Chennai - s-e now ..
Chennai - 8.18am it's like monsoon day, heavy cloud formation moving in from s-e ! Showers possible in 30min over s.Chennai
Chennai - yesterday around 3pm w-n-w had some good thunder cells..
Chennai - 7am, unusual thunder cell seen over e-s-e over bay. Now 7.55am it has dissipated. More chance of T.shower today