Saturday, July 30, 2011

RT @rajugana: Baroda 4.45pm. Passing clouds with drizzles at times. a pic Now it is sunny, hot, with clouds around.

Sangameshwar, Agumbe and Ganganbawada crosses 4000 mm rainfall, narrows down the lead of Kollur

Rainfall in mm (01.06.2011 to 30.07.2011 - 60 days)
  1. Kollur, Karnataka - 4792
  2. Sangameshwar, Maharashtra - 4302
  3. Agumbe, Karnataka - 4127
  4. Gaganbawada, Maharashtra - 4051
  5. Kadra, Karnataka - 3389
  6. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashhtra - 3272
  7. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya - 3220
  8. Quepem, Goa - 3075
  9. Gersoppa, Karnataka - 3036
  10. Bhira, Maharashtra - 3033
  11. Siddapura, Karnataka - 3026

In July alone Kollur and Sangameshwar has got 2500 mm each. Meanwhile Cherrapunji is having the worst monsoon rains in decades. It has minus 1965 mm rainfall from its normal. The trend is to continue in August too.

Mawsynram, Tamini, Hulikal, Amboli, too would have got above 3000 mm rainfall.
Chennai - Temp now 4:15pm is 32.9 C even though its FULLY cloudy from morning. NO sea breeze yet and wind is from W-S-W
Rainfall till 8:30am, 30-Jul-2011 .. ... MAP ..
NO N.Bay LOW or UAC expected till 5-Aug.!
Going to be very wet Sunday for Maharastra coast including Mumbai...
Rainfall intensity along S-W peninsula may go down rapidly from 2-Aug...
Vertical velocity along W,central Bay, Coastal N.TN and S.coastal Andhra will be high till 4-Aug... so evening showers expected in this zone
Massive showers expected along Karnataka and Maharastra coast, centrl,W.Bay and along N.Tamilnadu,Andhra coast due to high vertical velocity
2:30pm, Widespread showers all along S-W coast, S. Uttarpradesh ..