Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BB-4 Moves into SE Uttar Pradesh,,and takes Monsoon Axis Northwards...

RT @KironZ: It's raining heavily in Bangalore for last 1 hour.. Nice! :-) #monsoon # Bangalore @weatherofindia 4:47pm

Malout, Punjab - 2:20pm, #HOT (may be around 45 C), partly cloudy, clouds move west to east west air blowing.

#Chennai - 2:10pm, Good low cloud formations seen and movement from W-S-W. Temperature around 36 C. Small Chance of evening sharp shower !
2013 Uttarakhand Flooding .. Crisis Map by Google 

Today, the upper level 500hpa circulation is seen over S,central Madhyapradesh.... 

The LOW pressure and low, mid level circulation is seen over E.Madhyapradesh, S-E.Uttarpradesh, N.Chatisgarh.. 

1pm, Due to LOW and circulation, Heavy rain seen  over S,central.Bihar, most of Madhyapradesh, W.Uttarpradesh.. 

1pm, Showers also seen over central,N.Bengal, most of Maharastra coast, and scattered over Kerala ...

#HOT at 1:30pm, Thiruchirapalli = 36 C, Amristar, Lucknow = 35 C.

Varanasi - Airport, 1pm, has reported "Light rain"

Patna, airport at 12:20pm has reported "Rain with Thunderstorm"

#Kolkata - after morning showers, now (2pm) it is overcast.

Atlast inflow into Mettur, but the second biggest dam Bhavanisagar gets over 12000 cusecs inflow. Sholayar to overflow

1. Mettur dam gets inflow of 1100 cusecs after water was released from Kabini dam after it got full. More rain in Wayanad. So more inflow for Kabini and more for mettur.

2. Bhavanisagar gets huge inflow after super rains in kerala. Inflow is over 12200 cusecs.

3. Its raining more in Sholayar than in Cherrapunji it gets 100 mm heavy rainfall today also. It adds 17ft in one day and is now at 145 ft against full level 160 ft. (Inflow is over 9000 cusecs and stored water is 4200 mcft against full capacity of 5100 mcft)

4. Papanasam inflow is around 3700 cusecs. The Dam level is at 110 ft against full level 143 ft. (Stored water is 3600 mcft against full capacity of 5500 mcft)

5.Other dams
Periyar ~ 5200 cusecs and getting good rains.
Amaravathy ~ 3500 cusecs
Parambikulam ~ 2000 cusecs
Aliyar ~ 1200 cusecs
Pechiparai and Perunchani ~ 1000 cusecs.

Over all its a good day for Tamil Nadu Dams
Mumbai in the rains on Tuesday..view thru the car window...

 -BB-4 Situated on Tuesday Night in the Northern Chattisgarh and adjoining East Mp region. An UAC lies to the SW of this system, where maximum clouds are associated.
2.       -System likely to move N/NW and enter Southern Up. Consequently it will merge with the monsoon axis.
3.       -West Coast off shore trough persists in current strength.
4.      - Heaviest rainfalls  ( 70-120 mms) next 2 days will be concentrated in the Central Up (Lucknow) area, Northern Bihar and Northern West Bengal.
5.      - Moderate  (30-70 mms) heavy rains along west coast of India, Southern regions of Uttarakhand.
6.      - Light to medium rains (10-30 mms) in West UP, Delhi NCR, Interior Maharashtra, Saurashtra , Gujarat Region and Kerala. 

   City forecast on vagaries..