Saturday, August 31, 2013

5pm, Heavy rain over W-Ghats of Kerala

Shahdol - 5:28pm, After morning overcast weather, rest of the day was mostly sunny and now some cumulonimbus cloud development over W,W-S-W

5pm, HEAVY rain over W-Ghats of Kerala, S,N-central,N-E Andhra and Uttarakhand, N-E Uttarpradesh ... 

HEAVY rain ahead for N-E states.

Today, a weak low level circulation is seen over Bihar, N,central Bengal ... expected to vanish in next 24hrs.. 

From tonight a low level trough is expected to be from N Bihar to N Odisha ... Good rain expected for N-E states till 5-Sep.
Tomorrow, the low level trough can be expected from N Bihar to Odisha to Andhra coast and upto N Tamilnadu, and expected to drift East.

Today, the low,mid level circulation is seen over mouth of Gulf Mannar and Comorin Sea ... 
In next 36hrs, the Comorin sea circulation is expected to drift West and vanish over S-E Arabian sea ... 
For 2 days, due to the Comorin sea circulation, N-S trough from Bihar, Scattered rain expected for S,S-central Karnataka, S,central Andhra.
And scattered T Showers for W-Ghats,S,central Kerala, S,W,N,N-W Tamilnadu till 2-Sep.

Due to N-S trough from Bihar, scattered rain expected for Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bengal from tomorrow.
On 1,2,3-Sep, Heavy rain expected for most of Bengal, Bihar, Odisha and particularly heavy for N,central N-E States 
As the N-S trough moves East, Heavy rain also expected for most of Bangladesh from 2-Sep.
Heavy rain for most of Odisha, Jharkhand, Chatisgarh and parts of S,central Bengal on 2,3-Sep.

@adorable_riti >> #Kolkata - can get showers on 3,4,5,6-Sep.
Talavadi - "after a prolonged dry period of 3 months Talavadi in Erode dist of N-W Tamilnadu recieved 18 mm last night "

#HOT #Chennai and T.showers over S.Andhra

#HOT #Chennai - 4pm, Temperature around 33 C (feels like 40.6 C). Less cloud formations seen.

4:10pm, HEAVY T. showers seen over S Andhra... at around 100 to 150km N,N-W from #Chennai.

Bangalore rain from early hours

Bangalore - 9:30am, it's raining from at around 4am. More reports, pics, forecast coming up.

RT @karaikudy: Good Morning World! from a Drizling #Bangalore #Malleswaram! Looks like been raining all night! Morning walk a miss!! 6:40am

RT @AxPn: overnight steady rains, continuing now with heavy downpour at 8am- South Bangalore @weatherofindia 8:29am

~~ 2pm update ~~

RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 2.00pm, Overcast sky and sharp showers in the morning.. a pic...Now it is sunny and warm. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

The SWM has started withdrawing from Western and Central Pakistan. 
The trough in the extreme North of Pakistan is "pushing" down , and the resultant WD is causing the seasonal low to weaken and elongate, that is concentrated regions are not seen. North Pakistan continues to get rains with Islamabad getting 30 mms today. 
Possibly, complete Monsoon withdrawal parameters may develop by Tuesday over entire Pakistan.

BB-11 is hovering in the UP region as a weak system. At the most, we can say it being embedded in the Monsoon Axis, is keeping active precipitation along the axis.
Rainfall is persisting along the axis line in North MP and adjoining UP.
As the system fizzles out by Saturday, rainfall will be shifted to the Eastern end of the axis. 

The western end of the monsoon axis is basically dry and has seen the SWM withdrawal commence.
Coastal Sindh region may still see some very scattered light showers on Saturday...may dry up after Sunday. West winds prevail.

Now, an UAC in the Southern Sri Lanka region is going to bring dry weather for Chennai in the next 2 days. Yes...dry weather. As the system moves Westwards and weakens in the Arabian Sea, we will see a rush of North winds into the system along the west coast, and a rush of south/south -west winds along the East (TN) coast. 

Hence, spent winds will bring dry and windy (South/South-West winds) conditions to Chennai and TN and moist winds will bring wet and North winds to Kerala.

This also forms a weak perpendicular line of wind discontinuity in the Interior Southern Peninsula, South of 12N.
Thunder showers may be expected along this line in the interiors of southern Karnataka and parts of Western TN. Kerala gets the double benefit of precipitation.

From Vagaries

Heavy rain(s) coming up for N-E states

Finally, N-E states of India to get some widespread HEAVY monsoon rain from Tomorrow. Flooding possible in Assam.. 

4pm, Showers again over S,W.Tamilnadu

RT @___narayan___: @weatherofindia It is raining in #Allahabad at 3.00 PM.  #UP #India 

4pm, Heavy rain seen over S Uttarpradesh, Uttarakhand. T. Showers over central Andhra, S,W,central Tamilnadu .. 

4pm, T. Showers also seen over S,central,N W-Ghats of Kerala. Moderate rain seen over S Bihar as well ...

#Chennai - 5pm, like yesterday, the T. showers popped over S Andhra is SLOWLY drifting South now nearing N-W suburbs, at 30km from city.

#Chennai - Yesterday HEAVY rainfall over N-W,W Suburbs ... Avadi records 89mm ... 
#Bangalore - 1:55pm, "Light rain"

2:45pm, moderate rain seen over S Andhra coast near Sriharikota... around 70km North from Chennai. More T.cells popping over N-W from city

S.Srilanka circulation and Rain for S,W Tamilnadu, S.Kerala

#Chennai - #HOT and Humid day so far 1:34pm, temperature around 33 C (feels like 39.3C) T.Showers expected today as well !

Today, a low,mid level circulation is seen near South of Srilanka ... 

The S. Srilanka circulation is expected to drift W-N-W along mouth of Gulf Mannar and Comorin sea in 36hrs .. 

Before midnight today, scattered HEAVY rain expected over S,W,N-W Tamilnadu and S,central W-Ghats of Kerala .

Today, tomorrow... rain expected over W,central Andhra as well.

T. Showers for S,central Kerala and S,W Tamilnadu to continue for next 48hrs.

#Chennai - Midnight T.shower

RT @shri611: Heavy rains in #Chennai near #Airport #Guindy #Saidapet. 11.57pm, 29 Aug. @weatherofindia

Chennai - 12:36am, moderate rain now with thunder here at Polichalur zone

ranganaathan12:00am via Silver Bird
Its raining now in T-Nagar, bit heavy for last 5 mts , hope it reduces the heat. @weatherofindia

@weatherofindia It started to rain at Tharamani #Chennai

@weatherofindia 12am Rains lash Madipakkam

@weatherofindia it is pouring buckets and buckets last 30min with #thunder #lightning..#mogappair 1am What's going on??

@weatherofindia very heavy rains in Egmore

Rainfall till 8:30am today, Nungambakkam = 42.4mm, Airport = 30.6mm

Thursday, August 29, 2013

6pm, T. Showers seen over S,W,N,N-E Tamilnadu, S,central Kerala, central Andhra and S,S-E Uttarpradesh ... 

#Chennai - rain alert for W,N-W suburbs

#Chennai - 4:20pm, Good Sea breeze seen upto 1km height. Heavy T. showers seen over W-N-W,N-W around 30 to 60km from city.

#Chennai - during past 1.5hr and now (5:50pm), the Showers are seen over W,N-W suburbs of city. Today, the showers are travelling N to S.


#Chennai - Yesterday's late evening T. shower reached upto Tambaram (got 2cm) and dissipated. Accumulated rainfall ..

East, E-central India update

Today's circulation over Jharkhand, N. Chatisgarh is expected to weaken in next 18hrs almost in that same zone. 
Present low level circulation over Jharkhand, N. Chatisgarh is expected to persist weakly over S. Bihar till 31-Aug.. 

Due to the expected persistence of circulation, 48hrs scattered rain for S,E. Uttarpradesh, N-E. Madhyapradesh, Jharkhand, S,E. Bihar

Meanwhile, the upper level W.D trough seen along W,N-W.Kashmir is expected to slowly drift to East during next 36hrs 

During next 48hrs, LESS rain forecast for N,N-W India, except for Himachal, Uttarakhand states.
#Delhi - may witness Monsoon withdrawal from 4-Sep-2013. The 200hpa JET is turning Westerlies upto 26th parallel.

Rain over S.Uttarpradesh, E.Madhyapradesh

#Chennai - #HOT and Clear, temperature at 1:20pm was 34 C (feels like 39.4C).

#Kolkata - Monsoon 2013 rainfall stats Till today... ALIPUR- 670mm, DUM DUM - 502 mm, average = 586mm

Shahdol - 2:20pm, "Its drizzling here in Shahdol from morning till now !"

1:30pm, Rain seen over S. Uttarpradesh, N-E,E. Madhyapradesh ... due to the Weakened  circulation ... 

Yesterday's Bengal circulation is seen over N. Jharkhand, S,S-W. Bihar and N. Chatisgarh into E. Madhyapradesh.. expected to vanish in 18hrs

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Super T.shower S-W from #Chennai, 7:15pm

#Chennai - 7:15pm, massive T.shower system is nearing Kanchipuram, around 80km S-W from city. A slow East moving giant !

#Chennai - 7:50pm, Slow moving massive T.shower system is now over Kanchipuram ... around 70km S-W 

#Chennai - 8pm, massive T. shower system approaching from S-W is now showing signs of dissipating ... "may" reach S. Suburbs as drizzle

Showers over S.Kerala and S.Tamilnadu

6:30pm, T.showers seen over S,W,central Tamilnadu, S. Kerala, E. Uttarpradesh, S,S-E Bihar ... 

6:30pm, Rain also seen over N. Punjab (isolated) ...

Almost no, N-W movement expected from Bengal circulation, and Weakening !

#Chennai - 5:45pm, Heavy showers seen over North from city (Ponneri zone) at around 25 to 40km. Very less movement seen towards East (Sea)

Today, the low level circulation over Gulf Mannar and Srilanka persists ... and expected to continue for 3 more days. 

As of 11:30am, the Bengal circulation has drifted N-N-W and its seen over W. Bengal and S,S-E Bihar ... 
The Bengal circulation is expected to weaken and vanish over S. Bihar, N. Jharkhand before Friday noon !! Already showing signs of it !

Upper level (500hpa) circulation associated with Bengal circulation is seen over Odisha, S. Bengal .. 
Present upper level circulation over Odisha is expected to weaken and drift W-N-W upto E. Madhyapradesh, S-E Uttarpradesh, on Friday !

What happened to W,S-W coast? Off shore trough along S-W coast?? NO revival seen for next 5 days !!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vellore Precipitation Summary (1871-1984)

Follow Up Post..Posted on Tuesday Night...

UAC has descended as a sea level Low , BB-11, and as on Tuesday evening iscentred over Southern Bengal. Associated UAC still hovers in the Orissa area. 
The axis lies in the Himalayan foothills, and further the axis runs East towards another low off Vietnam coast.

As forecasted for Tuesday (see vagaries Tuesday Forecast Map), NW regions of UP, Bareilly, Shahbad and Hardoi circles getting rain as seen in the Wundermap of  tuesday evening (below) of Tuesday evening.
Kolkata recieved 22 mms on Tuesday morning till 11.30 am IST.
Northern UP and coastal Bengal and Orissa are receiving heavy rains, with Haldia and Balasore getting 70 mms, Allahabad and Diamond Harbour seeing 40 mms, getting ..and in adjoining Southern Nepal, Dhangadi saw 146 mms, Dadeldhura 100 mms, Birendranagar 72 mms and Nepalgunj 13 mms. Rain figures till 5.30 pm IST.
As forecasted for Tuesday, NW regions of UP, Bareilly, Shahbad and Hardoi circles getting rain as seen in the Wundermap of Tuesday evening. 
Kolkata recieved 22 mms on Tuesday morning till 11.30 am IST.
Northern UP is receiving heavy rains...and in adjoining Southern Nepal,Dhangadi saw 146 mms, Dadeldhura 100 mms,  Birendranagar 72 mms and Nepalgunj 13 mms.
#Chennai - 7:45pm, a lonely T.shower seen over S-W from city at around 100km (West of Chengelpet) .. NO movement seen !

Circulation to pop over Gulf Mannar in next 3 days !

Analysis show a wind discontinuity over Gulf Mannar and adjoining Srilanka. Signs of Weakening South West monsoon air current !

On 29/30-Aug, a low level circulation is expected to be over Gulf Mannar.. this will light up S,central Kerala, Tamilnadu from 29-Aug

This kind of Gulf Mannar circulation and Westerly movement of circulation can be seen when the SW monsoon current becomes WEAK.

Scattered rain over Tamilnadu to scale up from 29-Aug, especially over W,central,S of Tamilnadu and along W-Ghats Kerala

GFS suggests that the entire Arabian sea wing of #Monsoon to go very WEAK from 30/31-Aug. Early !! ??

Heavy rain pushing into E.Madhyapradesh

5:30pm, HEAVY rain over S,S-E. Uttarpradesh, S. Bihar, Jharkhand, E. Madhyapradesh and N. Chatisgarh .. 

5:30pm, T.showers seen over S,central Tamilnadu ..

As of 11am today, the low,mid level circulation is seen along S. Bangladesh and S. Bengal.

From now, the circulation is expected to drift N-W and then West into E. Madhyapradesh on Thursday.
Bangalore - 2:16pm, "Dull Sunshine".

#Chennai - 2:30pm, #HOT , temperature around 34 C and feels like 40 C. LESS chance of rain today !

#Kolkata - 2:40pm, After heavy rain in morning (7 to 10am) , now clouds clearing out with Sun playing hide and seek.

What's up for Tamilnadu, #Chennai during next 2 days?

GFS model suggests, scattered rain for N,central Tamilnadu for today, wednesday.. And it expects the rain to spread and scale-up from 29-Aug

Moderate rain expected for S.Karnataka, Bangalore and S.Andhra during next 3 days... HEAVY rain expected from Saturday.

#Chennai - GFS expects some late evening, midnight moderate rain on today,28,29,30-Aug. Heavy on 29,30-Aug.

More HEAVY rain coming up for S,central,W. Bengal ...and other updates

11pm, Heavy rain over S,E. Bihar, Jharkhand and into N. Chatisgarh, E,S-E. Madhyapradesh ... 
11pm, Showers also seen over central,N-W Uttarpradesh and into Uttarakhand...

Today, the low,mid level circulation is seen along N. Bay and S. Bengal, S.Bangladesh ... 
Due to this N. Bay circulation HEAVY rain seen over S,central Bangladesh and into N,central zones of N-E states.

By evening of 27-Aug, the N. Bay low level circulation is expected to intensify slightly and slowly drift West ... 

Due to this circulation, HEAVY rain expected again for S,W,central Bengal from today till Thursday evening.
The upper level 500hpa circulation is seen over N. Bay and it is expected to reach upto Odisha coast on today !

During next 2 days, the vorticity will be high along S-W,S,S-E,E quadrant of the circulation.. HEAVY rain expected over Odisha, S. Bengal
From today, HEAVY, widespread rain will push into S,central Bengal, N. Odisha.
On wednesday, Heavy showers will push into most of Odisha, Chatisgarh, N,N-central Andhra, E. Maharastra.
Heavy rain also expected over Jharkhand from today till Thursday.

The rain "guns" are expected to remain silent along W,N-W India till Thursday. And LESS rain again for entire S-W coast of India.
Is this the beginning of the END of South west monsoon 2013 for Pakistan, N,N-W India.?? 

As the monsoon axis is over North India along Himalayan foot hills, showers expected for Uttarakhand, Himachal, Nepal for next 36hrs
From wednesday, the monsoon axis is expected to drift slight to South.

By Thursday evening the present N. Bay circulation is expected to reach upto E,S-E. Madhyapradesh.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

BB-10 has become an UAC over the MP/Gujarat border. Its clouding has "bloated'' And spread out over a larger area over North Mah and adjoining MP and Gujarat. But, precipitation is low, hence not much was expected from this.

Just for follow up reference trace our current blog back to the vagaries' article of 20th August: 
Repeat Post:"Storm "Trami" in the Pacific is now at 970 hpa strength, and just North of Taiwan. It has produced a strong trough in a SW direction, and has an embedded Low "pulse" at 998 mb and 107E and 20N, off Northern Vietnam Coast.. Keeping a track on this as it moves Westwards along the axis."

Yes, and move Westwards it did !  The pulse has entered the Bay, and on Sunday evening positoned off the Myanmar coast at 20N as an UAC at 700 hpa.

Forecast for next week put up...BB-11 and SWM Withdrawal..on vagaries
#Chennai - 3:38pm, having a #HOT day so far with less cloud formations and Deep blue skies. Temp at 3pm was 35 C. Wind is from East (Sea)

Weather for #India on 26,27,28-Aug

Today, the weak low, mid level circulation seen over central Madhyapradesh ... expected to vanish in 24hrs ... 
A weak low,mid level circulation also seen over N,N-E Bay ...
In next 24 to 36 hrs, the N,N-E Bay circulation will get strong and expected to drift West towards S. Bengal ... 
This N.Bay circulation is not expected to pop a sea level LOW in this process. 
During next 3 days the monsoon axis is expected to be aligned over North of India.

Forecast for 26,27,28-Aug-2013
By 28-Aug, Low,mid level circulation from N. Bay is expected to drift into N.Odisha, affecting S. Bengal, Chatisgarh 
On 28-Aug, an upper level circulation is expected along N-E. Andhra and S. Odisha .. and expected to move West.. 

Today evening moderate rain forecast for S. Karnataka, #Bangalore. And rain also expected for N,N-E. Tamilnadu, #Chennai after 8pm.
Before morning of Monday, moderate to heavy rain expected for S. Rajasthan, W,central. Madhyapradesh.
Till Monday evening rain expected for E,N-E. Rajasthan, #Jaipur, E,S-E. Madhyapradesh, N. Chatisgarh, S, coast Odisha.
After evening of 26-Aug to morning of Tuesday, scattered heavy rain for E,N-E. Maharastra, Odisha.
Morning to evening of 27-Aug, Rain for S. Uttarpradesh, N,N-E. Madhyapradesh, Heavy for S. Bangladesh, S. Bengal, most of Odisha.

On 27-Aug, rain also for N,central Chatisgarh, E. Madhyapradesh, S,S-W Bengal and E. Uttarpradesh.
From evening of 27-Aug, heavy rain for W,S. Odisha, most of Chatisgarh. 
Night of 27-Aug, into morning of 28-Aug is expected to be Wet for Chatisgarh, S. Odisha, N,N-E. Madhyapradesh, S, central Uttarpradesh
LESS or NO rain forecast for N,N-W India on 26,27-Aug.

Kerala Top 15 rainfall in this SWM from 01.06.2013 to 24.08.2013

Kerala is enjoying the monsoon of its life time even though its is having a dull August. Only Kuttiyadi has crossed 5000 mm mark and leads the Kerala toppers.

in mm

1.   Kuttiyadi, Kozhikode dt - 5162
2.   Panamkutty, Idukki dt  - 4000
3.   Chalakudy Dam, Thrissur dt - 3944
4.   Vadakara, Kozhikode dt - 3878
5.   Vythri, Wayanad dt - 3731
6.   Pookot Wayanad dt - 3657
7.   Piravom, Ernakulam dt - 3562
8.   Munnar, Idukki dt - 3514
9.   Irikkur, Kannur dt - 3500
10. Kannur, Kannur dt - 3188
11. Peermade, Idukki - 3153
12. Taliparamba, Kannur dt - 3128
13. Neeriyamangalam, Ernakulam dt - 3116
14. Idukki, Idukki dt - 3074
15. Thamarasery, Kozhikode dt - 3000

The rainfall data of heavy weights such as Walakkad, Pochippara, Silent Valley, Rajamalai, Lakkidi, Neelikkal and Sairandhri are not available. These places would have also found a place in the Kerala Toppers.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bangalore - Rain, 7:53pm

RT @axpn: It is raining steadily for past 30  mins Jayanagar, Bangalore @weatherofindia (7:53pm)

Tamil Nadu Top 10 rainfall in this SWM from 01.06.2013 to 24.08.2013

Its nearly three months since the monsoon. Sholayar Dam (Upper Sholayar) is nearing 4000 mm mark and leads the toppers ahead of other well known wettest place like Chinnakallar and Devala. Chincona and Lower Nirar Dam are not available for many days. They would have also made the list.

in mm

   1. Sholayar, Coimbatore district - 3734
   2. Valparai, Coimbatore district - 3321
   3. Avalanche, Nilgiris district - 3278
   4. Parsons Valley, Nilgiris district - 3182
   5. Devala, Nilgiris district - 3000
   6. Upper Bhavani, Nilgiris district - 2937
   7. Chinna Kallar, Coimbatore district - 2800
   8. Naduvattam, Nilgiris district - 2000
   9. Porthimund, Nilgiris district - 1813
   10. Upper Kodayar, Tirunelveli district - 1500

These stations can cross 5000 mm at end of September. These places get good rains in North East Monsoon too.
#chennai - 6:50pm, mini showers are pushing into W,N-W,S-W suburbs now !

Kabarwala - "hot sunny days in a SW punjab for the past few days."
RT @shri611: Intermittent rains in #Mumbai #Thane since morning. Now drizzling Godbundher-EHighway Junction. 2:50pm

Friday, August 23, 2013

Rain in #Chennai - 9:45pm

9:45pm, #Chennai - sharp showers now over Pallavaram zone.
9pm, Circulation weakened but still "visible" along W,S-W. Madhyapradesh, E. Gujarat ... 
9pm, ... Rain over E,S-E Rajasthan and into W,N-W. Madhyapradesh  .. rest of #India is having less activity!

Weather around India - Today

#Chennai - 9pm, light rain seen over W,S-W,N-W from city and approaching. Rain expected in next 45min, It may strengthen while nearing coast

Davangere - 6:31pm, "more rain today"

#Kolkata - 4:49pm, "bright and sunny day"

#Bangalore - 5:25pm, "drizzling now and than"

Badlapur - "Heavy rain in Badlapur today" ... 

Shahdol, E. Madhyapradesh - 11:22am, "Showers totally vanished"

#Kolkata - Today Sunset ... a classic photo shared by our Facebook reader ... 

Chennai - 3:54pm, having good cloud formation now. Signs of localized rain in next 1hr is good!

RT @shri611: Heavy rains lashing #Mumbai, 8.50am. @weatherofindia What a welcome to the maxxximum city!

"Looks like a Cyclone over central India !!", 11:30pm, 22-Aug

11:30pm, 22-Aug, Heavy rain over S,W,central,N-E. Madhyapradesh.. pushing into N.Maharastra as well 
Latest analysis show that the low,mid level circulation is over S-E. Madhyaapradesh ... 
Models suggest that the low,mid circulation will start to weaken over E,E-central Madhyapradesh in next 24hrs.
And a weak circulation is expected to persist over E,N-E. Madhyapradesh till Saturday evening.
Upper level 500hpa circulation is seen along S-E. Madhyapradesh, N-E Maharastra and over central Chatisgarh .. 

Upper level W.D circulation seen along N.Pakistan and W.Kashmir. expected to persist for next 24hrs 

Rainfall Forecast
Before 5:30am, heavy rain expected over W,S-W,S. Madhyapradesh, N,N-E. Maharastra and some over N-W. Maharastra as well.
Very heavy rain expected over W,S-W. Madhyapradesh, E. Gujarat, N. Maharastra before noon today ... 
More heavy rain for S,W,S-W. Madhyapradesh before late evening today!
By midnight of 23-Aug, some showers expected over E,S-E.Gujarat, N-W. Madhyapradesh and into S-E. Rajasthan.
Till Saturday evening, rain will linger over central,N-W. Madhyapradesh.

Scattered rain also expected for S,S-W Bengal during next 2 days... Other than that LESS rain forecast for most of India till noon of 24-Aug

During next 36hrs, some rain will occur over N-coast Maharastra, S,S-E Gujarat as well.
By Saturday noon, evening ... showers possible for E.Gujarat into Ahmedabad zone.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Heavy rain over most of Madhyapradesh

#Kolkata - 2:24pm, after sunshine DumDum zone got a shower.

#Chennai - Yesterday's late evening rainfall stats, Airport = 11.2mm, Nungambakkam = 6.2mm. 
So far (5:07pm) NO sign of Sea breeze, rain.

4pm, Heavy rain seen ALL over Madhyapradesh due to the circulation and rain popping over E,N.Rajasthan, N. Maharastra 

Kolkata - Finally sunshine !

RT @chetanishere: #Kochi Cochin International Airport nice sunny morning @weatherofindia (8am)

RT @ganpatteli1: @weatherofindia Drizzling in #delhi since morining. (9:57am)

#Bangalore - 9:47am, "pretty clear weather"

#chennai - 2pm, Sunny! Temperature around 33 C. Mild breeze from West. "Rain expected for city, suburbs today as well"

1:30pm, as the circulation, LOW is moving West.. Heavy rain over central,E. Madhyapradesh seen ... 
1:30pm, Most of W,S-W coast is "Silent" again .. some showers seen over S-coast Maharastra, S. Kerala ..

#Kolkata - 1:53pm, "Bright and sunny after almost 4 days"
Wednesday Mid Night Posting:

BB-10 has moved NW, and was positioned at 23N and 83E as on Wednesday night. Still at 994 mb, it has resulted in strong gusty NW winds in Vidharbh. The SW and W quadrant is still showing convectivity.
Expected to weaken and track W/NW along the axis.

Many places in Jharkand and adjoining Chattisgarh and MP received good rainfall. Parts of Vidharbh too got fairly good rainfall on Wednesday.
Several places in Punjab Pakistan received some rainfall on Wednesday.

Storm "Trami" in the Pacific is now at 970 hpa strength, and just North of Taiwan. It has produced a strong trough in a SW direction, and has an embedded Low "pulse" at 998 mb and 107E and 20N, off Northern Vietnam Coast.. Keeping a track on this as it moves Westwards along the axis.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chennai rain today as well!

Chennai - 9:40pm, sharp showers now over Nungumbakkam zone

RT @thisismmk: @weatherofindia 9.10pm rain lashes Madipakkam. Chennai

RT @naveenkumars84: @weatherofindia Its raining now at Tharamani #Chennai 9:41pm

Chennai - 9:49pm, more sharp showers coming up S, S-W suburbs in next 30min

Chennai - 10:29pm more rain round 2 .. now over Polichalur zone. Heavy and steady!

Slow moving LOW over Jharkhand

11am, Analysis show that the LOW is over Jharkhand and adjoining N. Chatisgarh, W. Bengal ... moving W-N-W Slowly 

4pm, Heavy rain over N. Chatisgarh, Jharkhand, N. Odisha, E,N-E. Madhyapradesh, W.Uttarpradesh ..

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Raingram from #Kolkata

rohitnyss Flooded Streets in Kolkata! No respite from this rain! #rain, #flood, #water, #waterlogging, #monsoon, #weather, #kolkata, #iphone5

philipsapui #monsoon #calcutta #tram #kolkata #streetcar#esplanadecalcutta #wetcalcutta

ashmita_m Drenched kolkata! #rain #flood #road #instaedit #kolkata

karan89er On a rainy day in Kolkata #boeing #737 #boeing737 #kolkata#vecc #flying #aviation #airport #airplane #jetlite #jet #flight #rains#turbulence

sambhavbaid #flooded#street#raining#kolkata
nishit_smokeinc Right now in #Kolkata !

All photos taken from #Instagram