Sunday, November 06, 2011

ENVISAT data shows global sea level declining:

As the graph (plotted from ENVISAT data) illustrates, global sea level have been declining from the end of 2007.  Another climate alarmist claim bite the dust.

ENVISAT, is the largest and most sophisticated Earth Observation spacecraft ever built. It carries ten sophisticated optical and radar instruments to provide continuous observation and monitoring of the Earth's land, atmosphere, oceans and ice caps.

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Sunday Blog:
AS-3 has moved due West in the last 6 hrs...from previous location of 10.8N / 67.5E to currently (12 noon IST Sunday) 10.7N / 65 E.....due West.

It seems this change of track from the expected NW track is due to the uppe rair 200 mb jet streams. These jet stream upper winds have markedly become due West below 15N (not very normal for Nov.) in the last 12 hrs. Even the 500 mb winds are supportive, and are flowing West below the 15N line. Surely influencing the movement of the system.Pressure is at 1004 mb with 20-25 knts winds.
System could re-curve the track to NW if it is able to cross the 12/13N line. Otherwise, would maintain a Westerly track. 

Resultantly seeing good cooling in the Central India region (M.P./Mah/Gujarat/N.I.Karnataka), and NW plains from early next week. 
More on this in a later blog.

chennai - Sharp showers from Sea or Localized T.shower before 4pm
chennai - 9:44am is having mild breeze from N-E, NO low cloud formations yet !! but soon we'll have it.
@cheeku_n >> chennai - Sharp showers expected for city even today.. may last till Monday noon.
Sharp showers for N,central coast Tamilnadu will continue till Monday ...
Some isolated Heavy rain possible for West Tamilnadu till 8-Nov..
S-central Arabian sea low "96A" will intensify slowly and move W-N-W towards South Oman ...
RT @iran_evolution: RT @fanchennai: Woman falls into drain pit, dies
Most models predict last day of showers along N.coastal Tamilnadu.. Almost NO rain predicted from 8-Nov till 12-Nov..
RT @kekkepikkuni: RT @kiruba This guy is walking from Varanasi to Sabarimala in 100 days to spread awareness on pollution