Friday, May 04, 2012

Next W.D is expected to reach N-W India on Sunday, 6-May.. this'll open up isolated T.showers over W,central India from Monday
Continuous SUPER heat for N-W, N India to commence from 6-May and HOLD for another 20 days..
T.showers over Orissa, Jharkand and S.Bengal till 7-May..
T.showers expected to continue over E.Madhyapradesh, Jharkand, Chatisgarh, S.Bengal, Orissa and into N,N-E Andhra..
The circulation is expected to drift S-W into N,N-E Andhra in another 24 hrs..
A Low level circulation is present over Orissa, Chatisgarh, E.Maharastra, E.MP..
Central Arabian sea will host a Anti-cyclone from 7-May.. and it'll slowly deepen and move towards S-W India coast..
The cross equatorial winds pushing into S,S-E Bay will continue and likely to get strong after 9-May..
The moisture concentration along S.kerala coast will last for another 2 days and expected to be back again after 10-May
5pm, T.showers seen over S-W Kashmir, Himachal, E.rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkand, Coastal,N-E. Orissa, central,N-W Tamilnadu
Area over Bay just East of Port blair & very near to Myanmar coast is getting ready to host a strong circulation..
A lonely T.cell can be seen 60km South of chennai .. and RADAR shows that it's raining over S-S-E of Chengelpet. WoW

Polar Bear Extinction: Deconconstructing the Scientific Hoax;

In an age in which emotional narratives often trump facts, the polar bear quickly became the icon of the climate alarmist movement. The frame of a cuddly polar bear clinging on to a swiftly melting tiny ice floe tended to immediately rake up a flurry of emotions all sympathetic for a creature, apparently portrayed as helpless to starve off the danger of its imminent drowning.

Al Gore, former US Vice President, used the above frame in his controversial documentary “The Inconvenient Truth”. All these publicity spurred the frame going viral over the internet and succeeding in recruiting tens of thousands to the climate change cause. It however also spawned an ever increasing band of climate critics. Science, the renowned international scientific journal selected the frame in its editorial “Climate Change and the Integrity of Science” to counter this growing worldwide trend of “climate scepticism”:

"We are deeply disturbed by the recent escalation of political assaults on scientists in general and on climate scientists in particular. All citizens should understand some basic scientific facts."

But they didn’t factor into their calculations, an encounter with my pal, James Delingpole of The Telegraph, a leading newspaper in the UK. James’ brilliant investigative work exposed the frame as a photo-shopped graphic! Instead of helping to refute the allegation, this frame ended up confirming that the integrity of climate alarmist scientists was indeed suspect. Science consequently had to swallow its pride and render the following editorial correction:

"Due to an editorial error, the original image associated with this Letter was not a photograph but a collage.

chennai - will have sea breeze from E-S-E after 2:30pm .. until then no respite !!
chennai - 12:40pm, temp was 39.0°C
RT @spocky_himanshu: Sexy morning in Bhopal. Dark Clouds. Cool breeze and a feeling that it will rain today. Maybe li'l but it'll.. 9:17am
Nagpur at 11:40am has touched 41.0°C
chennai - temp. at 11:40am was 38.0°C and feels like 43.4°C .. another 40 C on cards !
chennai - Day before Agni Natchatiram, city hits 40 on 3-May ..
On 3-May, highest maximum temperature of 44.2°C has been recorded at Chandrapur (Maharashtra)