Monday, September 03, 2012

Heavy rains to continue along S.Gujarat, entire Maharastra for next 2/3 days ..

Heavy & widespread rains to move into N-E,N.Andhra, S.Chatisgarh, S.Orissa and into E,S-E.Maharastra from 4-Sep evening. 
As expected a strong Monsoon LOW has formed over N-W.Bay along Orissa coast ...

Offshore trough along entire S-W coast is also strong and will be till 6/7-Sep..

The present Monsoon LOW along Orissa coast will deepen even more and track west into Land on 4/5-Sep ..

This monsoon LOW is expected to be the strongest in this season so far !!

A strong low level circulation is associated with the LOW .. and located at the same zone ..

The low level circulation is expected to track west into S.Orissa by evening of 4-Sep ...

A fresh low level circulation may pop along N-W.Maharastra ...

The UAC associated with N-W.Bay LOW is seen along N-E.Andhra coast ...

Fresh UAC possible along N.Maharastra coast & #Mumbai by evening of 4-Sep ...

The UAC along N-E.Andhra coast is expected to track W-N-W into N-E.Andhra on 5-Sep .. 
RT @mid_day: Torrential rain disrupts life in Mumbai: #MumbaiRains 
RT @vomlwx: @weatherofindia its been quite moderately raining here in #Mangalore our webcams prove it! (5:16pm)
A Severe Thunderstorm happened in Nagpur on the evening hours of 2nd Sept 2012 ..
Today, Heavy rain all along S-W.coast, Entire Maharastra coast and S,S-E.Gujarat... 
RT @openbysource: In every 10 min, you can expect one rain shower in Kochi.! #rain #Kerala (1:18pm)

RT @vdhi25: If this rain ain't stoppin it's the next 26 July 😒�#Mumbai
N no college 2mra 5pm
#chennai - after yesterday evening & night rain .. today it's heavily cloudy with a High & medium cloud cover till now 5:02pm

#chennai - as the vertical.V is high today, city is expected to receive more rains after 7pm.. now a mild sea breeze has set in.

S.Andhra is having T.showers now 5pm, Around 100 to 150km N,N-W from #chennai.
High Vertical.V after 5pm for S.Karnataka, Entire S,central Andhra, N,N-E Tamilnadu & #chennai .. more rain ahead..

RT @hrishikeshb: Heavy rain in #Mumbai & #NaviMumbai.... 4:55pm

RT @ranjeet_pd: THE RAIN GOD INCHARGE OF MUMBAI seems to be on fire Today!!!!! ITS POURING DOWN!!!!! #mumbairains 4:51pm

RT @bud_y_sir: Finally its july. Monsoon starts in #Mumbai #rain (4:43pm)

4pm, Heavy rain over most of Rajasthan, Coastal,W,central.Maharastra, S.Chatisgarh, Orissa, Bihar, Bengal .. 

Tweets about Chennai rain on 2-Sep, evening

Devilish wind with rain !! #Chennai@weatherofindia 4:50pm

@weatherofindia Heavy rain in marina beach ,triplicane #chennai 5:06pm

@weatherofindia Heavy Rains in #Guindy#Chennai for the past 10 to 15 mins..!! 5:23pm

@weatherofindia Heavy rains at Tambaram with thunders., 5.44 pm

@weatherofindia, now it's 5:55pm, #ChennaiAdyar area had a nice and heavy rains and looks more awaiting. Cool weather now

happy rains over chennai. cool breeze.#happiness @weatherofindia 6:59pm

@weatherofindia Pouring cats and dogs! Lightning and thunder dot the sky! Ambattur 9:47pm

@weatherofindia pouring now at nolambur. 9:47pm

@weatherofindia any cyclone? winds are like cyclone time 9:48pm

Gusty, high velocity wind in #Mandaveli#Chennai @chennaiweather@weatherofindia 9:57pm

soooper..rains lashing #chennai@weatherofindia 10:01pm

Crazy Rain. Pouring heavily for the past 15mins. No power. @weatherofindia #guindy#chennai. 10:01pm

@weatherofindia Heavy downpour in T-Nagar, Chennai..with thunderstorm..looks like tonight going to rain hectic.. 10:03pm

A thunderstorm strike very near to our place. Very loud and deafening. #guindy #chennai@weatherofindia 10:09pm

@weatherofindia, now 10:15pm @ Adyar area#Chennai, we see a lightning and continuous rains. And too windy too. 10:17pm

Till 8:30am of today,

Chennai airport records 2.3 cm
Nungambakkam records 3.9 cm