Monday, June 17, 2013

#Bangalore - can expect "evening" sharp showers during next 3 days !

#Chennai - #HOT, today = 39.2 C. Yesterday it was 38.5 C.
Puttur - 7pm, "Non stop heavy rains from last night till now in Puttur." ... shared by Facebook reader.. 

Puttur - Where is it ??... 

#Monsoon - clippings !!

RT @sanjeevnaique: @weatherofindia fishing boats anchored at #river Mandovi in heavy rain this evening at. 4.30pm 

RT @gsarkar: @weatherofindia Travelled from Kolkata to Pune. Its green, wet and cloudy everywhere. Marvelous Monsoon :) 

RT @rishal_twit: What a welcome to mallu land, Kerala... #rain #green #kerala 

RT @mytechnopark: Technopark, Trivandrum is much more beautiful, when its raining. 

Today, #Chennai - tops the MAX temperature list of all the airport weather reports. At 2:40pm, it was around 37 C, persisting for past 3 hrs

3pm, Lucknow, Mumbai, Trivandrum and Kochi airports have reported "Heavy rain"

Evening sharp showers are expected to be back along N-E.Tamilnadu coast, #Chennai and S.Andhra coast from today !! 

#Chennai - For evening showers, the Sea breeze should set in before 5:30pm. At present (3:15pm) " HOT breeze from West ".

#Delhi Monsoon - "Short lived ?? NO rain expected till 24-Jun !!

RT @ganpatteli1: @weatherofindia its raining in #delhi since afternoon. weather is pleasant. (7:33pm, 16-Jun-2013)

RT @ganpatteli1: Delhi is having its best monsoon opening. Drizzling through out the night. .  (6:57am)

RT @ganpatteli1: @weatherofindia happy #monsoon. raining in #delhi (9:17am)

@ganpatteli1 >> #Delhi - Happy monsoon!, but the rains are expected to clear out from today evening and NO rain expected till 24-Jun !
Mid level trough from Delhi to S-E.Gujarat is expected to pop a mid level circulation over  W.Madhyapradesh in 24hrs.

The upcoming mid level circulation over W.Madhyapradesh is expected to track into E,central Uttarpradesh on 19-Jun.. 

Today, the offshore trough is seen from S.Gujarat to central Kerala coast ... 

Next 12hrs, HEAVY rain expected for N,central Uttarpradesh N,central,N-E.Madhyapradesh, Uttarakand and Jharkand.. 

Tomorrow, heavy rain expected for E.Uttarpradesh, into Nepal and over scattered over most of E.India ... 

From today, showers are expected to be widespread and heavy over most of N-E States of India .!

Showers for S,S-E.Gujarat and N.Maharastra coast are expected to reduce from tomorrow.

But HEAVY and widespread rain for Karnataka coast, Goa and Kerala to continue during next 2 days.

Tomorrow, very less rain expected over most of N,N-W,N-central India and expected to be that way till 21-Jun.. 

During next 2/3 days, scattered rain expected over Bihar, Bengal, Jharkand, Chatisgarh, Odisha and Sikim.

Showers are also expected for N,N-E.Andhra , S.Andhra coast, N,N-E.Tamilnadu and low intensity rain over S,central.Karnataka as well.
1pm, Heavy & widespread showers are back along Karnataka coast, most of #Kerala and S.tip of Tamilnadu .. 

1pm, HEAVY rain seen all along S,S-E Gujarat, Maharastra coast and into N-W Maharastra ...

1pm, HEAVY rain continue over Uttarakand, All along N,N-W.Uttarpradesh, Nepal and into N.Bihar...

10 people dead, 50 washed away as heavy rains lash Uttarakhand, pilgrims stranded... 

Today morning, the low & mid level circulation is seen over #Delhi and it's trough extends up to E,N-E.Gujarat .. 

Yesterday's upper level circulation over Central Madhyapradesh has fizzled out ... 

The low and mid level circulation is expected to persist over central,N-W Uttarpradesh during next 36hrs and vanish !

Meanwhile, the upper level W.D trough up to 27th parallel is slowly drift East and clear out in next 36hrs.