Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chennai - A calm day totally... but not going to be the same from tomorrow. Showers might start from tomorrow morning. Heavy on 26-Nov-2010
5:30pm, S. Tamilnadu is getting today's quota of Showers ...
5:30pm, Gulf of Mannar is very active ... S-W Bay low is active while Easterlies are nearing C and N. Tamilnadu coast..
1:30pm, Heavy showers erupting over S-W Bay (over Bay circulation) and Gulf Mannar ..
RT @mercylivi: My lil Son can expect holidays :) Due 2 upcoming Bay low circulation.S.TN wil get very heavy showers 4 next 4 days.
IMD-GFS predicts, N. Tamilnadu will get heavy rain from 25-Nov till 1-Dec... and more as another easterlies is predicted for 1st week of Dec
Due to upcoming Bay low circulation.. S. Kerala and S. Tamilnadu will get very heavy showers for the next 4 days.
Present S, S-W Bay low will move West into Gulf mannar and adjoining Srilanka and stay there for 3 days.
The easterlies will reach Central and N. Tamilnadu coast from morning of 25-Nov...
Showers are due to start for N and central Tamilnadu coast from 25-Nov... or it may get delayed by 1 Day..
Today, the S.Bay low still persists and it had not moved for the past 24 hrs...