Friday, October 29, 2010

NCEP - GFS (Future cyclone Path)

Complete track and Sea surface temperature

925mb Wind Swath

Current track and Sea surface temperature



Models showing projected path of Future Cyclone Jal or Typhoon Aere

GFS Model - Showing Cyclone Jal near Chennai on 5th November

NOGAPS Model - Showing Cyclone near TN Coast on 5th November

EFS Model - Showing Cyclone near TN Coast on 6th November

CMC Model - Showing Cyclone near TN Coast on 4th November

IMD GFS Model - Showing Cyclone near TN Coast on 5th November

NCMWRF T254 Model - Showing Cyclone near TN Coast on 5th November

ECMWF Model - Showing Cyclone near TN Coast on 6th November

RT @sowmihappy: "Destruction it may sometimes pour But only rain can life restore." (chennai)
RT @apoorvasripathi: Is it just me or is anyone else finding the rain equally depressing? (Chennai)
RT @jaishnal: Chennai - "Chanceless climate.watchin rain aftr so many mths....realy happeeee..:):)"
RT @dinaithal: சென்னையில் பெய்துவரும் கனமழையால் நிரம்பி வழியும் ஏரிகள்:
RT @digitaltyphoone: Typhoon CHABA (201014) is at 28.6N, 133.4E with 965hPa and 35m/s on 2010-10-29 09 UTC by JMA
4pm, Coastal clouds clearing off .. New thunder cells visible over S.central Tamilnadu & S. Kerala ..
RT @balajisanjeev: And the traffic becomes chaotic with water logged roads.. Chennai monsoon rain
Chennai - skies getting clear & sun shining thru 4:55pm.. more showers towards midnight and into early hrs of 30-Oct
RT @fultofaltu: - Dark rainy clouds in tuticorin :) Cc : @weatherofindia (4:14pm)

Tamilnadu rain 28-Oct-2010

Rain in Tirupur
Tirupur: Rain hit many parts of the district on Wednesday night and Thursday.

Following is the rainfall recorded (in mm) by various rain gauge stations in the district – Dharapuram-54; Udumalpet -38; Palladam-31; Tirupur-18.4; Kangeyam-16.2; Mulanur-13 and Avinashi-2.

Heavy rain lashes Thanjavur
THANJAVUR: Heavy rain lashed Thanjavur and Tiruvarur districts on Thursday. The rain is beneficial for samba transplantation.

The amount of rainfall received in both the districts till 8 a.m. on Thursday : Kumbakonam 29 mms; Kodavasal 26.4 mms; Lower Anaicut 35 mms; Valangaiman 13.4 mms, Nannilam 10.3 mms and Peravurani 8.2 mms

Heavy rain lashes Salem
SALEM: Rain lashed Salem city and its suburbs on Thursday.Heavy rain has been battering the district since Wednesday evening, leaving two dead.

Omalur recorded highest rainfall of 41 mm of rain followed by Yercaud 31.8 mm, Sankagiri 30, Edapadi 25.6, Mettur 25.4 and Salem 13.7 mm.

Rain lashes Coimbatore district
Coimbatore: Coimbatore district witnessed widespread rain on Wednesday.Steady inflow into catchments at Siruvani and reservoirs under the Parambikulam Aliyar Project has been reported, owing to the showers.Officials here expect the rainfall figures to go up on Thursday.The rainfall figures in m.m. at 8.30 a.m. on Wednesday are as follows, according to official sources:

Annur 40, Mettuppalayam 34, Periyanaickenpalayam 16, Sulur 98, Agricultural University 8, Chinna Kallar 1, Valparai PAP 21, Valparai 6, Sholayar 9, Siruvani 1 and Coimbatore South 2.

RT @highway_chile: Rain again lovin it....! (2:15pm)
RT @j_sriramin: ☁☂ Its raining in chennai and travelling in ECR is one gr8 joy.Past Muthukadu and the Trees are so GREEN.
Chennai - First North East monsoon style shower happening now 3pm in Saidapet.
North Easterly winds are 'RINSING' Tamilnadu coast ...

North Easterly winds are 'RINSING' Tamilnadu coast

  1. North Easterly winds are 'RINSING' south eastern coast of India especially Tamilnadu. The SWM 2010 withdrawal is evident by widespread TS activity in Tamilnadu. Usually withdrawal will be pronounced in coastal areas, where as during this SWM 2010 withdrawal period interior and western parts of TN is experiencing more TS activity than the coastal area.
  2. My friend pointed out a peculiar scenario in which it is noted that western Pacific High Pressure system located in China, is drifting towards WEST.
  3. This upper winds drag clouds along its path.
  4. Further the resultant reaction between receding westerlies and the meso scale incoming easterlies cause horizontal vortex to form and resulted in TS in interior to western parts of TN.
  5. It is interpreted from model OUTPUTS that in the entire troposphere, easterlies will be strengthening within next 36 hrs to proclaim the onset of NEM 2010.
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@emkay456 >> First let the low pressure to form over S-E Bay and then we shall see which direction it takes. We prefer ECMWF direction..!!
RT @emkay456: @weatherofindia ecmwf is predicting a landfall over N. Andhra - S. Orissa around 7th Nov. for the cyclone ?
Try visiting ... for simple weather report of any city around the world
11:30am, a cloudy morning so far for Punjab, Himachal, Kashmir and W. Rajasthan...
11:30am, Heavy cloud activity all along Andhra coast and N. Tamilnadu coast.. showers will pickup towards evening..
Take a look at the Cyclone predicted for 5-Nov.. IMD-GFS.. .. and COLA-GFS.. ..will it materialize
Chennai - Rainfall in Nungambakkam zone till 8:30am today.. 63.3 mm
Widespread showers expected for entire Tamilnadu & Andhra coast till 3-Nov... after that there'll be a break for a max 2 days.
Will the upcoming cyclone towards N. Tamilnadu coast on 5-Nov affect the Diwali celebrations?? hope not...
A cyclone over Bay , 1st of the N-E monsoon season is predicted to form over S-E Bay on 3-Nov..
A fresh low circulation will form along central & N. Tamilnadu coast on 31-Oct... and it'll move west and cross into Arabian sea on 3-Oct
Present S-W Bay low is expected to move in W direction towards S-E Tamilnadu coast before 30-Oct.
5:30am, still the Low circulation is over S-W Bay near E-S-E Srilanka...
RT @digitaltyphoone: Typhoon CHABA (201014) is at 27.6N, 132.0E with 960hPa and 35m/s on 2010-10-29 03 UTC by JMA
Chennai - Still no wind or cloud movement from E-N-E.. No N-E monsoon showers yet !.. but almost there.
RT @vatsala: drizzling and cloudy in thiruvanmiyur, chennai @weatherofindia wondering if schools will be closed today on account of rain