Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today, there are signs of a weak low level circulation along Tamilnadu coast, this is expected to become slightly strong, persist till 5-Oct
From tomorrow, N-E states are in for heavy rain till 5-Oct.
COLA forecast says.. heavy T.showers for Central, N, N,central Coastal Tamilnadu till 5-Oct..
@sanjeevirao >> chennai - T.showers again possible tomorrow... these showers may continue till 5-Oct
chennai - After heavy rains in morning, now it's partly cloudy, very humid and warm at 32.9 C
RT @mehtajiger: ☂☂☂☂☂ Very Heavy Rainfall @Chennai ..... Drive safely Chennai
RT @saisowsen: @weatherofindia THICK DARK Clouds visible over Pallikaranai Chennai. Rains to follow very soon. (7:50am)
RT @prakashdhanavel: @weatherofindia heavy thunder and rain started in chrompet 7:47am.. so showers are crossing into S.chennai as well
chennai - Heavy rain with high winds just (7:42am) started over pammal, polichalur zone
RT @madan: @weatherofindia its pouring in chetpet - but Madhyakailash roads are Dry! (7:42am)
RT @yozenbalki: Thunderous heavy rain started now at Perambur Chennai. Any rain report somewhere around?
chennai - Heavy T. shower is now 7:39am moving across city from N-N-W
RT @mizarcle: Amazing thunder. chennai
RT @vanipriya: early morning heavy rains in Chennai.. thick grey clouds.. wonder how long its going go on for..
RT @fabwrite: @weatherofindia @ajoemanuel It has started to pour in Mandaveli... looks like 7.30pm!!!
RT @rangats: @weatherofindia showers started in koyambedu, virugambakkam areas in chennai (7:26am)
RT @sandeepmakam: terribly dark. completely cloudy. overcast. highly thunderous. windy, wet & cold morning7 AM now feels like 7 PM. chennai
RT @nravs: @weatherofindia raining in Anna nagar! Dark clouds all around!! (7:17am)
RT @fabwrite: So dark & cloudy at Mandaveli, is it raining anywhere? @weatherofindia chennai
chennai - N, N-E chennai is going to get a T.shower... and we can hear the first thunder
RT @snyper6:
chennai - T.showers possible from today along Central, N.coastal Tamilnadu and S.Andhra coast... Already chennai is having signs of it !!
South West Monsoon is retreating Southwards ...
chennai - upcoming season (or) coming month is famous for Early morning and morning showers.
chennai - now 6:46am having a high cloud cover from a dead T.cell which has formed over Sea S-E of Chennai
Chennai - a lone t.cell can be seen over west of city 6:20am