Friday, August 31, 2012

Heavy & widespread rains for entire Maharastra coast to continue for another 48hrs...

Heavy rains also forecast for N,N-E.Andhra, S.Chatisgarh, E,central.Maharastra and into Orissa from 1-Sep till 4-Sep..

More showers coming up for most of Gujarat till 4/5-Sep.

Scattered rain for North India and Entire Himalayan foothills will continue till 4/5-Sep.

Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac moved towards New Orleans and the United States’ Gulf Coast on August 28, 2012. This movie shows the movement of the hurricane from dawn to dusk. GOES-14—a geostationary weather satellite temporarily taken out of on-orbit storage—took one image every minute, compared to the standard of one image every 15 minutes. The “super rapid scan” images reveal the movement of clouds at different altitudes, and the rapid development of thunderstorms near the storm’s core as evening approached.
The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) normally operates a pair of Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites—GOES-East and GOES-West—to monitor the nation’s weather. Before becoming operational, GOES satellites are stored in space, which is safer and less expensive than preserving them on the ground. NOAA took GOES-14 out of storage in August of 2012 to evaluate applications of high-frequency imagery.
Offshore trough along Maharastra coast is strong .. the trough is expected to persist till 5-Sep..

Today a Monsoon LOW can be seen over S.Orissa, N-E.Andhra and S.Chatisgarh ...

This monsoon LOW is expected to persist over Orissa and Chatisgarh till 5/6-Sep...

Today, 2 weak Low level circulation can be seen, 1 over S.Chatisgarh and another over N-W.Maharastra..

N,N-W.Bay will pop a fresh circulation on 2/3-Sep...

2 UAC today, 1 over N.Andhra and another along Maharastra coast ...

N.Andhra UAC is expected to track West and vanish along N.Karnataka & S.Maharastra in another 24hrs..

UAC along Maharastra coast is expected to track slightly West and persist over N-E.Arabian sea till 4-Sep.

Fresh UAC expected along N-E.Andhra coast on 3/4-Sep ... 
5:30pm, Heavy rains seen over most of Gujarat, S,S-W,central Rajasthan and ALL along W,S-W coast ... 
RT @ssaig: Having an amazing day here at Trivandrum   @ Tides @ The Leela Kovalam (6:12pm)

RT @khushsundar: Trivandrum welcomes me with a lovely weather..rains n chill breeze..(6:04pm)

Rainy week forecast for most regions

Rain-driving low-pressure systems have brought six per cent more rain than normal for the country during the past week ending Wednesday.
It was only two per cent below average the previous week, which is still within the normal range.

The low-pressure systems had remained elusive during June and July as the Bay of Bengal, where these get generated, idled.
But things started falling into place from the latter part of July, reversing the ‘drought conditions’ in the Bay.
Rains, too, have followed, though their spatial distribution leaves much to be desired still.
Parts of north-west India, peninsular as well as east India continue to show a rain deficit. Gujarat, where only scanty rains have fell, has fared worse.
The overall deficit remains 12 per cent, though it is a significant improvement over what a bad June and July seemed to portend.
Meanwhile, Climate Prediction Centre of the US National Weather Services has signalled to fresh rains developing in the Indian Ocean during the next seven days.

Entire eastern Arabian Sea (covering Lakshadweep Islands); the west coast from Konkan-Goa to Kanyakumari; southern peninsula (southern Maharashtra, southern Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu) and entire south Bay of Bengal (Andaman and Nicobar included) will all come under rain cover during this period.
An extended outlook by the US National Centres for Environmental Prediction said that the ‘productive monsoon’ session would continue to hold until mid-September.
An India Meteorological Department (IMD) update on Thursday evening said that the monsoon was vigorous over coastal Karnataka during the past 24 hours.

It was only slightly less intensive over Konkan, Goa, south interior Karnataka, Kerala, sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Meanwhile, a fresh low-pressure area has formed over west-central and adjoining northwest Bay of Bengal off south Odisha and north Andhra Pradesh coasts.
Heavy to very heavy rainfall has been forecast over coastal Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, west Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand during the next two days.
Heavy rainfall may also lash coastal Karnataka, Kerala, the northeastern states, east Rajasthan and Haryana during this period.

Blue Moon

What is a 'blue moon'? ...

Blue moon to appear Friday night, broadcast online by the Slooh Space Camera to honor Neil Armstrong...

Blue Moon LIVE Coverage ...  >>in 13hrs 45min
Monsoon rains above average in past week...

Monsoon rally sees near 100% rain in August ... 
#chennai - 1:23pm, Warm and with mild breeze from S-W... Signs of Sea breeze now ! Today as well showers expected after 5pm.

Yesterday, S.Andhra got good showers, zones North,N-W of #chennai at about 45 to 80km from city... 
RT @aash_tvm: It is raining today morning also. Now drizzling. #trivandrum #kerala #malayalam @weatherofindia (9:55am)

RT @aash_tvm: It will rain again anytime! Aruvikkara #trivandrum #kerala @weatherofindia (11:27am)

12:30pm, Heavy & widespread rain ALL along S-W coast, Heavy rains also seen over S,S-W.Rajasthan..

Today, Monsoon showers continue over Kanyakumari dist. of Tamilnadu.