Thursday, May 23, 2013

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 7.00pm, Sunny and pleasant day after torrential downpour yesterday 21-33C. No Cloud formations yet, Clear skies!?? 

Today, a fresh circulation seen over S,S-E Arabian sea ... 

Circulation over Bangladesh persists and will persist for another 4 days along N.Bay ... 

@yuvaraajhan >> Check out today's Super #HOT temperatures in #India... Amristar= 48 C, Delhi= 47.1 C, Chennai= 41.8 C 

@vinu4875 >> A weak Monsoon current is expected to reach Kerala coast, S.Karnataka coast on 28/29-May ... 

Till 28-May, S,central Kerala coast is expected to receive early morning and evening showers !

From Saturday, the T.showers over N,N-W,central Tamilnadu to increase and persist till 28-May ... 

From Monday, lots of scattered T.showers to pop over South Peninsula.. Prelude to Monsoon entry into S.Peninsula.. 

#Chennai - may get a share of 1 or 2 T.shower during next week !

@vinu4875 >> Bangalore - also can expect more evening T.showers from Sunday till 31-May.

Heat Wave in Pakistan and India:..23rd May 2013

Hottest places Last 24 hrs:
Pakistan: Jacobabad  50.0c, ,  Nawabshah 49.5c, , Sibbi, Larkana 49.0°C, Sukkur,  48°C, Pad Idan  and Faisalabad  47.5c.
Minimums (Pakistan) : Sibi 31.7c,  

India: ganganagar 48.6c, Amritsar  48.0c (All time record), Rentachintala and Dholpur 47.5c,
Churu,  Hissar and Chandrapur  47.3 °C, Delhi AP (Palam)  47.2c,  Ayanagar 47.0c, Rentachintala (A.P.) 47.1 °C,  Ramgundam  46.8 °C,  Agra (U.P.) 46.6 °C,  Nagpur Sonegaon   46.6 °C,  Allahabad / Bamhrauli   46.5 °C,  Bikaner  46.5 °C,  Raipur  46.3 °C
Chennai  (NGM) 41.3c  ( MKBM) 41.8c.  
 Mumbai Clb  35.2c       SCZ   34.0c (Mumbai Temps are Maximum, not minimum J

Minimums: India: Indirapuram (NCR) 32.9c, Nagpur  32.2c,  Chandrapur  31.6c,  Delhi Sjung 31.4c,

see map on vagaries 
#Super #Hot #India on 22-May, Amraoti­ 48.0, Nagpur­ 47.9, Bramhapuri­47.6, Amritsar and Churu­ 47.2, Rentachintala­ 47.1 and Wardha ­47.0 C

@abndnkmtr >> Yesterday, Ganganagar recorded a Super HOT 48.2 C... Suratgarh is near to that town, so it is assumed that it'll be around 48.

Today, the circulation over Bangladesh and Bengal persists and has become marked ... 

The trough from Bangladesh circulation is seen all along S-E coast of India up to S.Tamilnadu ...

Today as well, T.showers forecast for S,S-W.Karnataka, N-central,N-W.Tamilnadu and S,central coastal Kerala ... 

#HOT at 12:30pm, Amristar = 45 C, Delhi = 43 C, Varanasi = 41 C, Jaipur = 40 C, Patna = 33 C.

12:30pm, Heavy rain seen over Central,N.Bengal, S.Bangladesh and N.Bihar ... 

12:50pm, Kolkata airport is reporting "Light rain with thunder" .. temperature is around 28 C.

RT @reghunadhapuram: huge huge rain with thunder in south kerala in india at morning.. have a cool day (6:49am)