Sunday, June 02, 2013

RT @rangats: RT @sureshnakhua: Its raining - Navi Mumbai @weatherofindia "pre monsoon showers" 7:21pm

RT @AxPn: Heavy rains since 5.30pm , still pouring now at 8pm #Bangalore @weatherofindia

RT @Kaushikrg: Pouring in S. Chennai @weatherofindia 3:52pm

RT @thisismmk: @weatherofindia  pouring down in Velachery @ 3.40 pm :) good weather photo

RT @dsanjeevkumar: 4:08pm,  @weatherofindia - Heavy rains with thunderstorms at #Chennai #Guindy - Since 14:30hrs and still raining.

RT @fourvees91: @weatherofindia It's raining at Madippakkam Chennai for the past half n hour.  4:11pm

#Chennai - Very heavy Thunder storm now 3:32pm over Polichalur zone ... !.. 

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RAMAMOORTHY213:29pm via Mobile Web (M2)
Wow!!!!!!!! freezing Climate over here#chennai At last Clouds started crying with big cracking sound !!!!!!!!!!!!

yay!South west monsoon arrives in #chennai#Rain

Rain rain rain...... :-) it's raining in Chennai.... Thank God for such a relief. ...... :-)

SwatiDramaQueen3:39pm via Twitter for iPhone

Monsoon clouds and some welcome rain in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai :)

RT @oorsutri: >30 minutes non stop rain @ #Chennai #Velachery with some thunderstorms! :)
More clouds coming in from NW direction (3:45pm)

Chennai - 3pm, started raining here in Polichalur zone.

Today, Showers possible for N,N-W,central Maharastra, N-E.Andhra and S.Odisha.
Today, a low level circulation seen over S.Andhra coast and N-E.Tamilnadu ... 

And mid level circulation persists along S-E.Karnataka, N.Tamilnadu ... 

Today and in next 24hrs, T.Showers expected for N-W,N,N-E.Tamilnadu, #Chennai, S,W.Andhra and N-W,S,central Karnataka 

#Chennai - 1:15pm, showing good signs of Thunder cell formations ALL around. T.cell seen over 40km North from City.

#chennai - Before midnight have almost 90 % chance of T.shower. May not be widespread !

RT @aknarendranath: Rained last night in Palakkad. Windy and thick grey clouds up above.Rains resume as I type this tweet. 6:33am