Saturday, January 01, 2011

Extreme cold day in Punjab and Haryana on 1st.Jan 2011
Max. temperatures in Amritsar: 9.8c, Hissar: 10.3c, Karnal: 11.4c and Chandigarh: 14.5c

Mumbai Colaba measures 17c and S'Cruz 13c on New year Day Morning. While New Delhi at 8.4c and Pune was 10.1c
7pm, After S.Tip of Tamilnadu... now S. Kerala is also getting heavy isolated showers ...
Heavy showers predicted for N, N-E Srilanka starting from 3-Jan till 8-Jan and even more.. Some rain might spill into S-E Tamilnadu as well.
A huge High pressure Anti-Cyclone will form over W.central India on 3-Jan... and may last till 7-Jan...
A strong easterlies will start to affect N-E srilanka and coastal S-E Tamilnadu from 3-Jan...
Westerlies has moved into E.central India and Snowfall has almost stopped over Kashmir and Himachal.
Another Easterlies has started entering S-E Bay today.. It'll affect N-E Srilanka again from 3-Jan-2011...
Nagercoil - Heavy rain from 1pm till 4:15pm... Surprise New year day shower.
Today a Low circulation can be seen along Maharastra coast and over S-W Bay...
Chennai - is having a mild day so far with some low cloud formation... low temp. was 21.5 deg C (5:56am)
*** Indian Weatherman wishes all its followers and readers a Happy 2011 ***
Mumbai Colaba measures 16.5c and S'Cruz 12.8c on New year Day Morning.
New Delhi at 8.4c and Pune was 10.1c.