Sunday, October 14, 2012

RT @mid_day: Last fortnight's rain patterns lead to a drop in vegetable and fruit prices at Mumbai's wholesale market 
Heavy showers for W.Ghats of Kerala to continue till Tuesday..

GFS predicts that Showers for Kerala W.Ghats to continue even till afternoon of 17-Oct...

Widespread T.showers for Tamilnadu will also continue till evening of 16-Oct..

Rain is expected to cease over most of Tamilnadu from evening of 16-Oct till evening of 17-Oct.

By evening of 17-Oct, some rain is expected to reach along N,central Tamilnadu coast.

From 18-Oct, N-E monsoon rains will start along N,central Tamilnadu coast ... 
By tomorrow evening, the N-E monsoon current will reach into E,S-E.Bay...

On 18-Oct, the 200hpa Jet is expected to become westerlies upto 19th parallel... 
No change in date for N-E monsoon onset along N,central.Tamilnadu coast... it's on early hrs of 18-Oct.
Anti cyclone over S-central Bay persists.. and it's expected to vanish in another 24 or 36hrs...

The present W.D over W.Kashmir to extend into Punjab & Himachal during next 2/3 days.. and persist till 17-Oct..

Low level circulation over S-E.Arabian sea persists and it'll move West. It may strengthen while tracking West during next 3 days.
RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 6.50pm, Development of Thunderclouds  in the evening, and it is raining heavily with thunder & lightning now.

RT @vomlwx: Thunderstorms developing over Mangalore India with cool breeze bringing down the temperatures .@weatherofindia (6:32pm)
Most of the conditions are good for the upcoming N-E Monsoon season for Tamilnadu ... 
9:30pm, Heavy rain all along W.Ghats of Kerala & Tamilnadu, W,N-W,N.Tamilnadu, S.Andhra and S,S-W.Karnataka..

9:30pm, showers due to a W.D is seen over W,N-W.Kashmir and into N,N-central.Pakistan..

During evening N-E.Andhra also got some T.showers.. last of the showers during this Monsoon withdrawal time.
Recent observations indicate temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean have cooled further for the second week in succession  Nino 3 and 3.4 are cooler by 0.2c. SOI and tropical cloudiness have remained at neutral levels. 
The chance of El Niño developing in 2012 has reduced over the past fortnight.

The latest SOI value to 7 October is 0.7. Climate models surveyed by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology suggest the chance of El Niño has further decreased.
The current Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) index is +0.6 and falls within the neutral values. Recent model forecasts predict that the positive IOD will weaken during October.

Both of the above events should spell out and indicate a normal precipitation for the NEM season. If at all, a borderline El-Nino, would hint at a slightly above normal rainfall for the Southern TN regions.

The weak phase of the current MJO ends from the 16th of October. Bay gets active and buzzing from next week. 
The MJO achieves a strong phase from the 22nd of October, enhancing chances of increased Bay activity... possibly setting the stage for the NEM to advance....

more details in Vagaries 
#chennai - scattered T.showers seen over city zone now 2:21pm

1:30pm, lots of fresh T.showers seen over most of Tamilnadu, S.kerala & S,S-W.Karnataka ..
More heavy showers today for S.Tamilnadu, and W.ghats of Kerala.. as vertical.V is going to be high...

Scattered rain also forecast for most of Tamilnadu today from 12pm to midnight.

Today, Showers also will creep into S,S-W,S-central Karnataka .. 
#chennai - 9:22am, now showing signs of early T.showers 
#chennai - 9:22am, now showing signs of early T.showers 
#chennai - 9:22am, now showing signs of early T.showers 
RT @iaravindh: Rained heavily last nyt in bangalore @weatherofindia