Monday, October 04, 2010

6:30pm, As expected heavy withdrawal thunder storms along S-W Coastal Maharastra ..
6:30pm, Heavy cloud activity along W, central and N.central Bay... due to the Low over E-S-E Bay..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, baroda 4.20pm.., Sunny, hot and sultry...
Kanyakumari dt battered again

Colachel - 9 cm
Pechiparai - 7 cm
Kuzhithurai - 6 cm
Eraniel - 6 cm
Kurunthancode - 6cm
Nagerkoil - 5 cm
Thiruvattar - 5 cm
Boothapandy - 2 cm
Mylaudy - 2 cm
and Thuckalay - 2 cm
TN gets good rain ...
Rainfall around Chennai from 01.01.10 รข€“ 03.10.10 ...
1:30pm, Heavy activity over Central Bay and W. Bay near Tamilnadu coast ...
Heavy showers forecast for Chennai, N. Tamilnadu and S. Andhra on 6, 7, 8-Oct.
Heavy & widespread showers for S. Kerala and South Tamilnadu to continue till 9-Oct.. with heavy showers on 6,7,8-Oct-2010
Final Heavy withdrawal showers expected for Mumbai, Maharastra coast in another 24 hrs.
8-Oct.. Is this going to be the start date of North East monsoon over N. Tamilnadu coast ??
The expected movement of the LOW & Circulation is Westwards and it'll cross Chennai, N. TN & S. Andhra coast on 7/8-Oct.
A low pressure Area and circulation upto medium levels have formed over E-S-E Bay... this was predicted earlier..
Chennai - Woke up to a clear day and now 1:45pm its getting heavily cloudy.