Tuesday, May 03, 2011

@davisparakal >> More details about "sustainability & rain water harvesting" please !
S. India heat on 2-May, Adilabad , Nandyal and Tiruttani recorded the highest maximum temperature of 42 deg C.. and coming soon to Chennai
RT @kartikpasupathy: chennai's getting hot like a blast furnace...Hope we get some rain b4 we turn into barbeque >> touched a max 39 deg C
7:30pm, line of massive T.showers over S.central, central and into North Tamilnadu ... http://ow.ly/i/b5zE
RT @1prad: @weatherofindia overcast in madurai ...... its going to rain. (6:20pm)
Chennai - Mild sea breeze now 3:44pm from E-S-E ... Temp is around 35 deg C and will go down to 30 Deg C by 5:30pm
RT @newindianxpress: Rain casualty in Bangalore rises to five : http://bit.ly/l4S0dG via @addthis
METAR weather reporting format ... http://ow.ly/4LPUT >> How to read a METAR report ?? ... http://ow.ly/4LPXA
Chennai - Touches 39 C in the past 30 min... No sea breeze yet to cool !
Chennai - in coming 2 days, the temp. will pick up by another 2 deg C and stay around 39 deg C.
Chennai - Having a hazy sky with almost ZERO cloud formations... Temperature reaching 38 deg C
On 2-May, highest maximum temperature of 44.4 deg C was recorded at Pilani (Rajasthan).
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 10.40am, Yestday 40-27C, Now its clear skies, hot, dry. Sky appears crystal clear-surf blue color.