Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chennai - 7:44pm, heavy rain for the past 20 min in chromepet zone

#Chennai - 4:30pm, a sharp shower seen over N-W suburbs of city, and Another heavy T.shower approaching W-S-W suburbs, now at 60km from city
#chennai - 4pm, showers popping out over W-S-W, around 85km from city.
2:30pm, Showers continue along Karnataka coast, T..showers popping over S.Gujarat, S,E,N.Maharastra, Odisha & Bengal.. 
RT @dipikac: Life in Mumbai city during the rains...Dreams. Destiny. Doors.: Dekho baarish ho rahi hai, it's raining... 
RT @saifarash: @weatherofindia 3pm- sky is cloudy but no rain #Malappuram #Kerala #Monsoon 
#chennai - 2:28pm, good strong low level sea breeze has set in... cloud formations seen over North of city.
@chirag_roshan >> For Gujarat, monsoon is expected to reach around 5/6-Jul... initially it'll be for the South,S-W and S-E.
Till 1-Jul, showers for N,N-W Maharastra coast will be on lower side & from 2-Jul very heavy widespread rains forecast.

Monsoon expected to push inland towards #delhi from East after 4-Jul !

in next 24hrs, Heavy rain forecast for Orissa, S.Chatisgarh.. and T.showers to continue for N,E. Maharastra..

E.India to get into rains again from 3-Jul

There's NO Western disturbance till 6-Jul and beyond ... almost coming to an END of it!
@aghorii >> Hyderabad Airport records 0.6 mm of rain till 8:30am today. While Visakapatnam airport records 41.8mm.
Today, N-E Bay is having a strong low level circulation...

RT @emkay456: @weatherofindia highly localised rain, sunny in South Mumbai  @Polkhol @SufiyanaSoul (2:09pm)
RT @aviraj111: Insane rain near Ghatkopar #mumbai (2:02pm)

RT @polkhol: @SufiyanaSoul awesome rain in mumbai... mausam is superb yaar. ... (2:02pm)

@nakulparameswar >> Monsoon for #Delhi after 6-Jul
#chennai - having a Deep blue sky day, with strong winds from West till 12pm, records 36.0°C at 12:40pm.

#chennai - 1:23pm, the ground level gusts from West is almost coming to a stop.. signs of Sea breeze setting in.

1pm North HOT !! Varanasi = 43.0°C , #Delhi = 42.0°C, Lucknow = 41.0°C, Amristar = 40.0°C

Today, vertical velocity over S,central Andhra, N.Tamilnadu, #chennai is high ... evening T.showers possible again .. 
The offshore trough along S-W coast is getting strong and extends upto N.Kerala coast..

Today, Arabian sea monsoon current is getting strong along Karnataka & Maharastra coast..

Both Arabian Sea & Bay wing of Monsoon to get very strong from 2-Jul .. Good signs ..

On 1-Jul, an inland low level circulation is expected to pop over N.Chatisgarh, Jharkand & Bengal .. and move W-N-W... 
RT @iambarun: Special "WOW" to Mumbai rain.. :)  (12:53pm)
On 29-Jun, The highest maximum temperature of 45.2°C  was recorded at Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh)
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia; If rain is delayed the situation becomes worse..

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 10.00am, Cleary skies, Sunny, hot &  humid. Rains play traunts sofar this SWM... 

Friday, June 29, 2012

RT @cheyyaruarun: Its raining here in Tambaram, Chennai and as usual, I'm now missing #VijayAwards coz of @TataSky (7:13pm)
#chennai - pallavaram rain photo taken at 6:58pm.. 
#chennai - 6:52pm, Heavy rain just started over #Pallavaram zone.
RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia cover of clouds over South Delhi (5:03pm)

RT @aghorii: @weatherofindia @TOIHyderabad  Telegana and costal Andhra have recieved normal rains till now,

RT @devsingh911: @weatherofindia rains lash hyd

RT @ravi_2kpp: Dark black clouds in sholinganallur, Chennai @ 18:00 (29/06/2012)  @weatherofindia

#chennai - 6:23pm, a strong shower is inching towards W,S-W suburbs of city .. now around 40km away from city. 
RT @aghorii: @weatherofindia  it has been raining heavily in Hyderabad since last 1 hour, seems heaviest of the season. (4:52pm)

RT @toihyderabad: Ten districts staring at dry spell as rain plays truant 
@chhavikalra09 >> #Delhi will not get the monsoon showers till 7-Jul !

RT @ashitc: Not a single drop of rain in Kutch. @weatherofindia

RT @ashitc: @weatherofindia bright and sunny ; no sign of rains #navimumbai (9:12am)
#chennai - good low level sea breeze from E-S-E, and now 4;27pm, T.showers seen over W-N-W around 80km from city.
RT @9881342685: Rain in goa :) love it :) (12:45pm)

3pm, Heavy showers seen along Goa, Karnataka coast, N.Kerala and lakshadweep islands  .. 
Today also the vertical velocity is on higher side over S.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu , #chennai .. evening T.showers possible.

Today the expected T.showers over N.Tamilnadu, #chennai and S.Andhra may extend into midnight ..
Latest COLA model suggests that LESS rain for #Mumbai till 2-Jul, but Heavy rains for central,S.Maharastra coast..

Till 2-Jul, Heavy & widespread rains will continue for S.Maharastra coast, Goa, Karnataka coast and N.Kerala..

Meanwhile, T.showers expected for entire interior Maharastra, S.Chatisgarh, Orissa, isolated over N.Karnataka,N. Andhra

From 2-Jul, Heavy & widespread rains to break in over E,central.Maharastra, Chatisgarh,N,N-E.Andhra and Orissa ..

Less rain forecast for E.India and entire N-E states till 1-Jul, and pickup after that.

The last of the present W.D over Kashmir will last another 12 hrs.. and NO more W.D expected till 5-Jul
On 28-Jun, highest maximum temperature of 44.3°C was recorded at Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh)

Offshore trough along S-W coast persists and it's expected to deepen from today ..

Today, a weak circulation can be seen along #Mumbai ... so far No rains for Mumbai, S.Konkan getting showers..

A fresh UAC can be seen over N-E.Bay..

The monsoon current is expected to pickup along S-W coast (Arabian sea) and very strong over Bay from tomorrow..

Today, a medium level circulation can be seen over S.Maharastra and adjoining N.Karnataka...

RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia NO RAINS SINCE YESTERDAY MORNING ... #Mumbai (9:56am)

#chennai - 3pm, getting ready for Sea breeze. From morning it was Clear & Humid. Records 36.0°C at 2:40pm.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

@shanpati >> :) #Mumbai rain will start again from early hours (or) early morning of tomorrow.

Chennai Rains today

Meenambakkam – 35 mm
Guindy (Anna University) – 27
Kea Weather (Nungambakkam) – 25
Taramani – 23
Kolapakkam – 19
Nungambakkam - 18
Ennore – 15
Sholiganallur (Sathyabama University) – 13
Kattupakkam (Guduvancheri) – 9
RT @jj_clinton: @weatherofindia heavy showers in shozhinganallur nd surrounding fr d past 40 mins... (6:33pm)
RT @abdulrahmanmb: @weatherofindia Good Showers in T nagar area..water logging on roads (6:28pm)
RT @shivakumar: @weatherofindia  its raining in chengalpet (5:26pm)

RT @kmathan: Heyyyy!!! Its raining in Chengalpattu !! @weatherofindia (5:18pm)

RT @djgoundai: Got stuck in my way.its raining heavily!!! #Chennai (6:14pm)
RT @natraj60: Loving this wet earth smell, outside my home at Anna nagar #Chennai @weatherofindia (5:56pm)

RT @devarya: Rain is upon Chennai @weatherofindia (5:42pm)

#chennai - 6:08pm, Heavy rain continues now over Pallavaram zone. This is continuing for the past 45min

RT @thisismmk: @weatherofindia Near Velachery MRTS (6:08pm)

RT @deepak_eshwar: #firstrains #chennai as from the #marina #beach @weatherofindia (6:13pm)

Chennai - rain started over pallavaram zone 5:23pm

RT @shanbhagsheetal: view from outside my home in #BannerghattaRoad, #Bangalore..its been a very light rain 
4pm, T.showers seen over N,N-E.Andhra, S.Chatisgarh, N.Karnataka, N.Tamilnadu & rains continue over coastal Karnataka.

RT @shanbhagsheetal: @weatherofindia Finally light rain showers in #BGRd #Bangalore. I am loving this #weather & the smell of soil (4:38pm)
#chennai - 4:15pm, lots of T.showers seen over West at 70km, S-W at 70km and North at 40km.. and moving East.. 
#chennai - 3:02pm, T.showers seen over North and W-N-W, around 80km from city.
RT @chhavikalra09: And reading all tweets abt rain in mumbai, m jealous! y so #hot in #delhi :(  >> #Delhi records 41.0°C at 2pm 
Present W.D is slowly moving East and expected to last till 29-Jun.

Isolated T.showers will linger over Haryana, Punjab, W.UP, Himachal, Uttarakand till 30-jun.. 
For next 24 to 48hrs, showers possible for S,S-W,N.Karnataka, N,N-E Andhra, E.Maharastra, S.Chatisgarh and Odisha ..

Showers over E.India and entire N-E states will be on lower side from today till 30-Jun.. and will pickup after 1-Jul.

 #chennai - after a rainy yesterday evening for most parts of city, today till 2pm its HOT & mostly Clear. Records 37.0°C at 1:40pm

#chennai - now 2:21pm, have ground level winds from S-E, getting ready for a strong setting of Sea breeze and possible T.showers after 4pm

Today also vertical velocities are high over S.Karnataka, S,Andhra & N.tamilnadu, #chennai .. T.showers expected again. 
RT @shanbhagsheetal: ..Gods yet to shower bounty! Depleting reservoirs point possible #power crisis.Farmers are restless #Karnataka 
Today, there's a weak low level circulation over N.Bengal & N.Bangladesh ...

Monsoon current to get strong over Arabian sea and will reach entire West coast except Gujarat during next 3 days..

Today, N-N-E Bay has popped an UAC ...

Today's UAC over N-N-E Bay will move West into N-central Bay and stay for next 2 days..

In next 2days, an UAC is expected along N.Maharastra coast .. this'll increase the rainfall for #Mumbai & Maharastra..

The offshore trough along S-W coast, extends upto N.Kerala persists and it's expected to deepen further in coming days.

Offshore trough along S-W coast (Maharastra, Karnataka) will deepen in next 3 days.. more rain for Maharastra coast.. 
RT @rajugana: Baroda 9.00am, Sunny, humid with passing clouds from SW. Short rain, last night brough some relief from the heat.

RT @atulgajbhiye: RT @ndtv: Mumbai roads, trains hit by heavy rain, more to come says met dept

RT @mandardeodhar3: Rain is trending in Mumbai >> Finally it's raining again in #Mumbai

#Mumbai - More heavy rains forecast till 30-Jun and beyond for City & entire Maharastra coast...

On 27-Jun, highest maximum temperate of 44.3°C was recorded at Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

As the West Coast Off shore trough persisit ( Quote:IMD), S.Konkan/Goa are Continuously lashed by rains. Goa too has achieved the 1000 mms mark for this Monsoon.
After Malvan in S.Konkan, it is Patgaon (1048 mms)  in Maharashtra and Pernem (1156 mms) and Quepem (1034 mms) in Goa.Gaganbavda (Kolhapur) is at 890mms, while Amboli was 812 mms ( till 25th June).
The strength of the trough is really showing its might in the region with heavy rains persisting. 5-11 cms in the last 24 hrs have added to the totals. Rains remain weak in North Konkan.
The reasons for the divided rains are clear from this IMD chart, showing a weak trough off N.Konkan.

Mumbai had 1.6 mms at Colaba and no rai at S'cruz or at Vagaries. The off shore trough will remain in position till at least Saturday. A further weakening of the monsoon trough can possibly strengthen the trough off n.Konkan . It is resisted by lack of energy and momentum (weak MJO aided). Mumbai can still hold out hopes for some improved rainfall for Thursday.

Meanwhile, much needed rains are lashing Chennai now, Wednesday evening/night.Rainfall measured upto 7 mms till night.
The rainfall from cross Kerala has crept in thru western TN.

RT @im_vicky7: Oooh....rain!!!!!! loving tis weather in Chennai.....its raining tis heavily after a long time. (9:44pm)
RT @akileshsri: #Raining in #Chennai (8:53pm)

#chennai - 8:55pm, strong drizzle & light showers approaching city from West. May last till midnight !
#chennai - 7pm, another good T.shower is now over Arakkonam zone, around 70km W,W-N-W from city.. and moving East.
Monsoon rains are not pushing above central Maharastra coast, T.showers seen over N.Karnataka and N-E Tamilnadu.. 
#chennai - a heavy T.shower with strong winds crossed S-W,South Suburbs of city.. now 6:30pm it's almost over sea.. 

Chennai - a super shower is now 5:30pm crossing or goin to cross tambaram

#chennai - now, sea breeze from E-S-E is seen upto a height of 0.9km above sea level.
#chennai - 4:40pm, heavy rains approaching S-W, West suburbs ! Conditions are good for the showers to cross the city and move into Sea.
#chennai - Madhavaram zone got good showers yesterday night !

#chennai - a good shower is approaching W,S-W Suburbs in another 15 to 30 min
#Chennai - now 3:35pm is having good strong Sea breeze from E-S-E and cloud formations as well.
RT @mody_shyamal: The #rain Gods are now just toying with #mumbai (2:18pm)
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 1.40pm, Sunny, hot, humid and dry. Patches of Puffy clouds floating in the sky. No rain. 
@aghorii >> :-)) What is COLA? Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies .. ... #education
#chennai - after a cloudy early morning, now 12:50pm it's partly cloudy, HOT and Humid. Records 36.0°C at 12:10pm.

#Chennai - Conditions are right for a Evening / late evening Shower for 27,28-Jun. Good vertical velocities are seen . 
COLA models predict that Heavy widespread rain for Maharastra coast, Goa and Karnataka coast till 30-Jun and beyond..

#Mumbai waiting for Heavy & widespread rains ... expected in 24hrs !
Due to present W.D, Isolated T.showers possible for Haryana, Punjab, #Delhi , W.Uttarpradesh, Himachal & Uttarakand till 29-Jun

The activity of present W.D will last till 29-Jun

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia A pic of monsoon sky from air... 
11am, Showers seen upto S,central Maharastra coast .. >> Rains expected to cover entire Maharastra coast by today!

COLA models suggest that the expected 28-Jun circulation over N.Bay may be a weak one at low levels !!..

29-Jun will pop a moderate UAC over N-central Bay ..

Tomorrow, the offshore trough along S-W coast may pop a weak UAC along S.Maharastra coast..

On 26-Jun, highest maximum temperature of 43.3°C was recorded at Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh)

RT @bandra_local: The rain is belting down in goa! The train ride is going to be *facepalm* (10:49am)

11am, Heavy showers seen along Goa, Karnataka coast, and kerala .. 

RT @aknarendranath: Less than normal rains in over 70% of country - The Times of India @weatherofindia

RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 4.30pm, 26-jun, Cloudy sky, drizzle in some places. Dark clouds but not enough for rain, a pic

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On Tuesday, Meaningfull resurging of the off shore trough along the west coast was limited to S.Konkan and Coastal Karnataka. Precipitation along the Karnataka coast (Honavar 42 mms penetrated inland resulting in much awaited rainfall in N.I.Karnataka on Tuesday evening. Bijapur, Bagalkot, Raichur (24 mms), and Bellary are receiving good rainfall while moderate rains are seen in Hubli, Gadag and surrounding regions.

Coastal rains from Kerala are also moving into the Nilgiri Districts of TN. West TN may see some rains next 2 days (mentioned in vagaries' forecast map of Monday). 
Coastal AP forecast remains as per Map.

In South Konkan, Ratnagiri is getting moderate rains, while Panjim guaged up 19 mms till 5.30pm Tuesday.

But, N.Konkan got nominal and scattered rainfall. Though heavy in few pockets, overall the day (Tuesday) saw thundershowers in a few places inland, and showers ranging from 5-25 mms in the day. Was expecting better rains in N.Konkan, including Mumbai Region on Tuesday/Wednesday. 

@shanbhagsheetal >As Arabian sea wing of Monsoon is getting strong from today, Evening showers are looking bright for #Bangalore till 30-Jun
#chennai - today having a High cloud cover with less low cloud formations... a good sea breeze has set in from 2pm and of NO use so far!

Conditions for evening showers are good from today evening till month end, for S.Karnataka, #Bangalore , S.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu and #Chennai

Vertical velocities over S.Karnataka, S.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu and #Chennai will be high on 26,27-Jun.. showers possible. 
Monsoon current seen strengthening along Central,N-central Arabian sea ..

N-central Bay will pop an UAC on 28-Jun and it'll move West towards Orissa coast ...

On 29/30-Jun, Both Bay & Arabian sea will have an UAC.. Arabian sea UAC will be along Karnataka,Goa coast ... 
Next N.Bay circulation will pop on 29-Jun ..

@vasuphani >> South extreme peninsula including S,central Kerala to get less rains during next 3 days
Rains over E.India states and N-E states will go down from today.. and remain less rains till 29-Jun.

Showers for S.Chatisgarh, Orissa, N,N-E Andhra will last for another 24hrs and then go down till 29-Jun..

The last of the present active W.D will leave some scattered showers for Haryana, Himachal, Uttarakand, #Delhi & W.UP from today till 28-Jun 
RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia This may be worst monsoon in 30 years, warns IMD via @DNA

RT @nivi15: A weird weather in Mumbai...rain and sun at regular intervals! Full confusion (1:53pm)

1:30pm, Heavy & widespread rains seen along entire Karnataka coast, S,central Maharastra coast and N,central Kerala..

@afc4lyfe @nivi15 @hsadhvani >> Heavy rain forecast for #Mumbai and entire Maharastra coast from today evening!

Heavy & widespread rains for Maharastra coast, #Mumbai , and Karnataka (rain already started) from today till month end. 

Cherrapunji's gets 1743 mm rainfall in last 5 days with 772 mm rainfall in 24 hrs

I  have been waiting to see what Cherrapunji has produced in the last two days for the past 4 years. Atlast it came today morning at 8.30 am.Its not Cherrapunji which is getting battered in Meghalaya

Jowai has got  200 and 224 mm rainfall in 2 days.
Nongostin has got 266 and 172 mm rainfall in 2 days

Cherrapunji rainfall stats are as follows -

 1.Past 24 hrs rainfall - 222 mm
    27-06-2012 - 222 mm

2. Past 48 hrs rainfall - 994 mm
    27-06-2012 - 222 mm
    26-06-2012 - 772 mm

3. Past 72 hrs rainfall - 1455 mm
    27-06-2012 - 222 mm
    26-06-2012 - 772 mm
    25-06-2012 - 461 mm

4. Past 96 hrs rainfall - 1586 mm
    27-06-2012 - 222 mm
    26-06-2012 - 772 mm
    25-06-2012 - 461 mm
    24-06-2012 - 137 mm
5. Past 120 hrs rainfall - 1737 mm
    27-06-2012 - 222 mm
    26-06-2012 - 772 mm
    25-06-2012 - 461 mm
    24-06-2012 - 137 mm
    23-06-2012 - 151 mm
 5. June Rainfall till 27-06-2012 - 3430 mm

 6. Yearly Rainfall till 27-06-2012 - 5684 mm

Considering all India, the top 24 hrs recorded in 2012 are as follows
1.Cherrapunji, Meghlaya – 26.06.12 – 772 mm
2.Cherrapunji, Meghlaya – 25.06.12 – 461 mm
3.Chebri, Tripura – 16.06.12 – 411 mm
4.Cherrapunji, Meghlaya – 09.06.12 – 396 mm
5.Malvan, Maharashtra – 19.06.12 – 386 mm
6.Khowai, Tripura – 16.06.12 – 369 mm
7.Dapoli, Maharahtra – 18.06.12 – 337 mm
8.Kayamkulam, Kerala – 05.05.12 – 334 mm
9.Gossaigaon, Assam – 26.06.12 – 330 mm
10.Kokrajhar, Assam – 26.06.12 – 320 mm
11.Dhubri, Assam – 16.06.12 – 315 mm
12..Falakata, West Bengal – 17.06.12 – 312 mm

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cloud Photography India >> must see ...
6pm, Heavy rain seen over Orissa, Chatisgarh, S,S-W.Andhra ... 
A GOOD wet phase of MJO starting from 1st week of July till End of July ... this is very good for Monsoon .. 

RT @1prad: @weatherofindia   Cherrapunji records extremely heavy rainfall........
46cm (460 mm)

RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 4.25pm, Sunny day, Cloud formation in the AN. Showers in some areas (Richmond circle). a pic

Will the IMD monsoon forecast pip global models in hitting the bulls’ eye? Probably yes!

The IMD is reduced to a butt of jokes. Two years in a row, they failed to predict the monsoon.  During 2010-2011 monsoon season, they got the forecast wrong, failing to anticipate a looming La Nina. The next year, again they missed factoring in the re-emergence of a second year La Nina and ended up with mud on their faces.

Last week the IMD revised their May forecast last week.  While their forecast of a “normal” monsoon [(viz. 96-104% of Long Period Average (LPA)] remains unchanged, rainfall shortfall is now forecasted at 4% of Long Period Average (LPA), instead of an estimated 1% earlier in May. This makes their latest forecast a downgrade of their first in May this year.

The probability for a below average monsoon [viz 90-96% of LPA] increases by a whopping 9% while those of a normal monsoon decreased 5% from their May forecast.  Since the IMD model possesses a statistical model error rate of + 5%, there is now theoretically, almost an equal probability for a below-average and a normal monsoon occurring this year. 

Can they put their infamous past behind and hit a bulls-eye this year? Most probably yes!

Bay wing of Monsoon continue to be very strong and shows NO relent !
Present W.D over N.Kashmir is moving East and it'll persist for another 2/3 days.

The weak offshore trough along S-W coast persists.. it's expected to deepen from 29-Jun.

@shanbhagsheetal >> #Bangalore - Evening sharp showers are possible again from 27-Jun.. as the Arabian sea monsoon picks strength.

#Chennai - having a windy, High cloud cover day.. now having a breeze from S-E. Records 37.0°C at 2:10pm
East India will have less showers from tomorrow, till 30-Jun... But North of N-E states will have strong & widespread rain till 30-Jun

For next 24hrs, Heavy rain forecast for N,N-E Andhra, Orissa and S.Chatisgarh ...

RT @kaymenon: Not a trace of cloud over Trivandrum! No rain in last 24 hours! We are (back to) enjoying summer! Join us for sun n' sea :)

Arabian sea wing of Monsoon to get started again from tomorrow .. and it's expected to be at its best till 2-Jul.. 
Today, the circulation over Bihar has vanished, a weak circulation can be seen over North N-E states..

The circulation over N-E states will persist till 27-Jun. More heavy rain for this zone till month end and beyond!

Next N.Bay circulation is expected to pop on 28-Jun.. and move W-N-W ..

Entire Maharastra coast, #Mumbai , KArnataka coast to get heavy rains in next 24hrs till 30-Jun..

RT @astromandaar: Here west suburb of #Mumbai Sun n Rain playing hide n seek (10:08am)
RT @shanbhagsheetal: #Bangalore -  Max temperature of 32 degree & humidity of 80%.Weather has become hot in the last 2 days.

1pm, Totally calm along Maharastra coast, some showers seen over Coastal Karnataka & Kerala, Rain over N-E states.. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

All India SWM Toppers from 01.06.2012 to 24.06.2012

The dry phase of MJO is spoiling the HRF figures. It is surprise that after 24 days into June, only one station from Peninsular India managed to cross 1000 mm. Just compare with 2011 figures for similar period. SWM 2011 comparitive figures. Meanwhile, the North Eastern HRF stations continue to impress. They failed miserably in 2011, but 2012 till June is definitely theirs. The MJO wet phase begins at end of first week of July, hopefully the peninsular HRF stations rock to their potential.

Rainfall in mm (Minimum of 700 mm)
  1. Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) - 1975
  2. Kumargram (West Bengal) - 1135
  3. Falakata (West Bengal) - 1110
  4. Malvan (Maharashtra) - 1080
  5. Chepan (West Bengal) - 1000
  6. Agumbe (Karnataka) - 990 
  7. Shirali (Karnataka) - 965 
  8. Coochbehar (West Bengal) - 930
  9. Gokarna (Karnataka) - 920
  10. Kollur (Karnataka) - 920
  11. Udupi (Karnataka) - 900
  12. Patgaon (Maharashtra) - 890
  13. Pernem (Goa) - 885
  14. Barobhisha (West Bengal) - 870
  15. Panjim (Goa) - 865
  16. Gaganbawda (Maharashtra) - 820 
  17. Karkala (Karnataka) - 810
  18. Mayabunder (Andaman & Nicobar Islands) - 805
  19. Dhubri (Assam) - 800
  20. Hasimara (West Bengal) -795
  21. Dabolim (Goa) - 795
  22. Gazoldoba (West Bengal) - 790
  23. Vadakara (Kerala) - 785
  24. Vengurla (Maharashtra) - 785
  25. Mapusa (Goa) - 775
  26. Mormugao (Goa) - 770
  27. Honavar (Karnataka) - 760
  28. Buxaduar (West Bengal) - 750
  29. Karwar (Karnataka) - 735
  30. Gangtok (Sikkim) - 730
  31. Passighat (Arunachal Pradesh) - 725
  32. Dodamarg (Maharashtra) - 720
  33. Panambur (Karnataka) - 710
  34. Dapoli (Maharashtra) - 710
  35. Quepem (Goa) - 700
  36. Devgad (Maharashtra) - 700
  37. Silchar (Assam) - 700
  38. Nagarkata (West Bengal) - 700
  39. Chinnakallar (Tamil Nadu) - 700
  40. Siddapura (Karnataka) - 700
  41. Diana (West Bengal) - 700 
  42. Enamakkal (Kerala)  - 700

All figures compiled with limited data and IMD resources. Other places such as Mawsynaram, Long Island, Castle Rock and Hulikal would have also have made it to the list. Next cutoff list is 1000 mm (to be published on 1st July 2012). 

For more stats visit -

Tamil Nadu SWM Toppers from 1.6.12 to 24.6.12

Chinna Kallar (Coimbatore) - 700 mm
Sholayar (Coimbatore) - 510
Valparai (Coimbatore) - 470
Devala (Nilgris) - 450
Upper Bhavani (Nilgris) - 380

SWM Rainfall as on 24 June 2012

  • Sikkim and Sub Himalayan west Bengal is EXCESS by 22% by receiving 463.1mm rainfall
  • Arunachal Pradesh Normal by 2% by receiving 395.6mm rainfall
  • Assam & Mehalaya received 377.0 mm rainfall
  • Odissa is NORMAL by [-]5% by receiving 148.5mm rainfall
  • Konkan & Goa is normal by [-]15% by receiving 413.0 mm rainfall
  • Surprisingly VIDARBA is also Normal by say [-]1% by receiving 110.6mm rain
  • whereas Coastal Karnataka is normal just by [-]13% with rainfall 560.9 mm
  • Other remaining areas of INDIA are terribly in either deficient or scanty category
(Courtesy: IMD)


The Mascarene High is fizzling in strength. Now the apparent motion of the Sun will be towards south.  By July third the earth will be far away from the Sun.  There may be changes on the location of this HIGH and its strength.  JULY being the representative month of SWM one can positively hope better rainfall for India. .
Courtesy: Mauritius Meteorological Service.

Courtesy: Australian Bureau of Meteorology

When contacted one of the noted / popular (but amateur) weathermen here,he narrated the following.
  1. The Nino 3.4 region that is the region between  Five degree South latitude to Five Degree North  Latitude and 170-120 Degree West which confines to mainly western Pacific Ocean is relatively warmer.
  2. The SST South of  cape Comorin in Indian Ocean is very low. But this will improve later.


Its finally raining in lonavala maharashtra as seen from my window sunday 24 th june 11.40 am
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

RT @Kaymenon: @weatherofindia Pitter-patter #rain across Trivandrum in last 48hrs! Nothing to rave about, though :)


Lonavala lake dried up view, lack of rain
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Khandala hills spotted with clouds but dry as no rains on the ghats too
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Monsoon bright skies western ghats overlooking matheran hills,near mumbai, where are the rains
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Chennai - 2:28pm very hot and humid. Now having good preliminary t.cell formations ..signs of early t.shower

After a long wait, monsoon is active over S.tip Tamilnadu (Kanyakumari district) for the past 2 days. and Today as well.
#Delhi - records 41.0°C at 1:30pm

Rainfall till 8:30am of 22-Jun .. Heavy rain over entire East Indian states ... 
@vbsingh60 >> #Kanpur can expect the Monsoon around first week of July.. Monsoon may get pushed in from the next N.Bay circulation.
#chennai - HOT again! records 38.0°C at 1:10pm. Clear Sky is having a DEEP blue tint. Very less cloud formations seen so far.

#chennai - now 1:44pm, having good signs of Sea breeze. A low level breeze from S-E has set in already.
Rain for #Mumbai to start again from night of 25-Jun or from early morning of 26-Jun and continue till 29-Jun and beyond.

Fresh upper level circulation will pop over N-E.Bay on 28-Jun and will move towards Orissa coast.
Now, entire S-W coast is calm except for showers along S.Kerala coast.

RT @arunpillai666: Its a pleasant sunny day in #palakkad, #kerala.. no sign of monsoons or rain clouds... (10:49am)

Showers along entire S-W coast will be on lower side till evening of 25-Jun and increase thereafter ..

Today, there's a weak UAC seen over Gujarat and W.Madhyapradesh.. it's expected to die in another 24hrs..

Today, Another UAC seen over N-W.Arabian sea and another over N-Central. Pakistan ...

Pre-monsoon T.showers to start ALL along foot hills of Himalayas from 26-Jun ...

 Due to the persisting circulation, HEAVY and widespread rain will continue over Entire E.India, Bangladesh and N-E.states till 26-Jun.
Today, the circulation is over Jharkand, Bihar and E.Uttarpradesh...

Today's circulation will move North into Bihar and N.Bengal and then vanish around 25-Jun ...

Next N.Bay circulation expected to pop on 28-Jun ..   
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia  #Massoorie in last 1 hour?extremely very heavy rain wth hail!COLD! (4:56pm, 22-Jun)

On 22-Jun, highest maximum temperature of  45.3°C was recorded at Churu (Rajasthan)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Today also the vertical velocity is high along N.Tamilnadu, #Chennai, S.Karnataka and S.Andhra .. so showers after 4pm. 
RT @shanpati: Bizarre weather in #Massoorie! From thick blanket of fog, its now partially sunny & thunder sounds rocking the valley (3:13pm)
#Chennai - today the winds from WEST is not as strong as yesterday at ALL heights. Sign of weak Monsoon current over peninsula.

#chennai - yesterday evening a strong shower pushed very near to S-W suburbs and then fizzled out .. 
A Fresh W.D will reach W,N-W.Kashmir on tomorrow and will slowly move East ... will persist till 27-Jun.

The UAC persists over N-Central Arabian sea, this'll not move anywhere but it'll vanish on 25-Jun..

 The off-shore trough along S-W peninsula coast is expected to deepen on 25-Jun..and this is good for next monsoon wave. 
In 24hrs, Heavy & widespread showers for entire East India, coastal Karnataka and N.Kerala ..

Heavy monsoon showers will pickup along S-W peninsula coast from evening of 25-Jun..

Rain for Maharastra coast, #Mumbai will start again from 26-Jun ...

 Showers along E.India will go down from 25-Jun, while Heavy & widespread rain will Continue over entire N-E states till June end.
Yesterday's N.Bay circulation has moved inland and it's over Jharkand and S.Bengal..

The circulation is expected to move North into Bihar and die around 25-Jun...

Moisture push can be seen well into Gujarat and even reaching S.Rajasthan and W.Madhyapradesh.. T.showers possible till 25/26-Jun

N,N-E. Bay may pop another monsoon circulation around 28-Jun ..  

Monsoon has further advanced into East India .. here's the latest Northern limit of Monsoon ..

Rainfall recorded till 8:30am of 21-Jun ...  
#chennai - 12:30pm, having strong winds from West. Morning it was heavily cloudy after last evening's mild rain. Getting HOT now at 35.0°C

#Delhi - records 41.0°C at 12pm while #Bangalore records 28.0°C at 12:30pm !
On 21-Jun, highest maximum temperature of 45.9°C was recorded at Amritsar (Punjab)

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia; Monsoon skies from air...somewhere near Bangalore... a pic

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 10.00am, Cloudy, cool n pleasant.. T.Clouds formation in the eve but no rain ..a pic

RT @altruist_s: Wow, awesome climate. I came home for this.... it's raining @ Trivandrum :-) :-) (11:42am)

RT @vipuljain: Surprisingly no rain. God's own country, kochi, Kerala. (@ Domestic Terminal) (9:46am)

RT @shanpati:  Live from #Massoorie.  Beautiful and absolutely amazing weather! Thick blanket of fog/clouds... Temp around 21 degree. 9:05am

But, the Break Monsoon" status quo continues in the Peninsula and Western India. It will be negligible rains in West MP, Gujarat, Interior Maharashtra and the NW states till Monday, 25th.
Strong Dusty Westerly winds would sweep Gujarat, Rajasthan and parts of NW India Saturday thru Monday.
With the trough remaiming weak off the West coast, and the trough in the North in its Northern most position, this status quo for the region, and the west coast will continue to get meagre rainfall at least till Sunday/Monday, 24/25th.
We could see the off shore trough in the west strengthening from Tuesday. 26th, to some extent.

The Southern States of TN, interior Karnataka and complete AP, will see no meaningfull increase in rains till Tueday 25th (at least). Temperatures expected to rise to over 40c again from Sunday thru Monday in Coastal AP as the region gets strong West winds, blowing out in the Sea.

More on

Thursday, June 21, 2012

6pm, Massive showers over most parts of East India... 

RT @vasuphani: @weatherofindia Yeah..It is #Pallavaram #Chennai.. The rain has stopped 
RT @premspk89: Superb #climate @ #Chennai (6:58pm)
#chennai - heavy rains almost over W,S-W suburbs, 6:42pm
#chennai - 6:35pm, a strong shower is approaching city from West.. S-W suburbs are in firing line.
RT @vasuphani: @weatherofindia Raining in some parts of #Chennai whereas other parts are still in a dry condition.. (6pm)
#chennai - 4:30pm, Sea breeze can be seen upto a height og 0.6km Above sea level and Good cloud formations continue. No rain yet!
As monsoon is getting weak along Kerala & Karnataka coast .. #chennai may not get showers from tomorrow till 25/26-Jun

#Bangalore can expect localized sharp showers (or) T.showers after 4pm everyday from Today till June end.

Vertical velocity along N.Tamilnadu, S.Karnataka & S.Andhra is going to be on higher side till 23-Jun, showers expected.

#chennai - 3:40pm, having good sea breeze upto 0.3km above sea level and preliminary T-cell formations seen now!
Arabian sea monsoon will pick-up again from 25/26-Jun ..

#Mumbai to get Rain again from 25/26-Jun...

Today, N.Arabian sea is having a weak circulation at medium & upper levels... expected to move towards Maharastra coast after 25-Jun
RT @prajjwalitah: @shanbhagsheetal @weatherofindia its so sunny now at arekere (3:16pm)

RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia in #Delhi today! Temp is 38 degree but feels like 45 degree. Extremely hot and dry! (3:22pm)
RT @shanbhagsheetal: @weatherofindia #Bangalore #weather outside my apartment in #BannerghattaRoad (3:06pm)
RT @shanbhagsheetal: @weatherofindia #Bangalore has breezy weather, generally cloudy sky with max temp. 29 C at 2:30pm...Pleasant weather!
1:30pm, Heavy rain started again over Bengal, Jharkand, Odisha and S.Bihar as the circulation moves inland..

RT @sanjeevvyas: Clear sky no signs of rain in Mumbai. (2:36pm) 
#chennai - 2:30pm, having signs of early Sea breeze.. expected to set in before 3pm.

Today, the N.Bay circulation has strengthened and moving inland thru S.Bengal and N-E.Odisha .. 

The N.Bay circulation is expected to be Fully inland by 22-Jun and will stay over Bihar, E.Uttarpradesh till 25/26-Jun. 

Circulation will push Monsoon upto E.Uttarpradesh by 23-Jun and Very heavy widespread showers possible over entire East India till 26-Jun

Very heavy & widespread rain for entire E.India from today ... till 26-Jun.. 

RT @kaymenon: @weatherofindia #Rain eludes Trivandrum yet for another day! Sunny, dry like summer! Hope the night sees some rain.(20-Jun)

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 10.50am, Sunny, and windy, with passing clouds. 

On 20-Jun, highest maximum temperature of 45.1°C was recorded at Amritsar (Punjab) 

The off shore trough at mean sea level from south Konkan coast  to Kerala coasts persists.

#chennai - records 38.0°C at 1:10pm with scattered clouds & strong winds from S-W continue.

Critique: ICRIER-Gene Campaign Policy Paper : Climate Agriculture & Food Security

CRIER, an independent economic policy think tank founded in 1981 with our Prime Minister, ManMohan Singh as one of its co-founders. Last month, ICRER published a document under their policy series entitled “Impact of Climate Agriculture & Food Security”.

Read the full study here

ICRIER invited reactions from the public for this research paper authored by Anna Ranuzzi and S Richa, researchers with NGO, Gene Campaign.

On one hand, our post critiques the ICRIER-GC paper and on the other hand we offer an alternative theory to climate change. If the axiom of any paper can be demolished using scientific evidence, the whole edifice of the paper crumbles down. This would make the solutions recommended by the ICRIER-GC paper practically meaningless. That in short would be the primary objective of this critique, structured into 5 sections as follows: 

1. Continued re-positioning signals a total retreat of AGW Theory

2. Given the performance record of AGW computer modelling, why should their warnings be taken seriously?

3. How has climate changed in the past and what can we learn from them in terms of its impact on agriculture?

4. What is the basis for predicting future climate?

5. What is in store for us the next 25-30 years in terms of climate change? Which strategic direction should agriculture adapt? 

Any reactions to this critique are welcome and we would be pleased to publish any rebuttals in our blog.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#chennai - Sharp shower originated near Thiruvallur at around 5:45pm and travelled S-E and now 7:12pm its over Sea.
RT @premspk89:     #rain @ #Chennai 
@dr_nawin @leprincz >> "not raining this part of Chennai"  These sharp shower system usually will be very small and travel from West to East
RT @chitrachaudhuri: RT @hemalmajithia: I wish it would rain, the humidity is killing. #badweather in #Mumbai (3:49pm)
RT @dsanjeevkumar: Crazy Rain. Heavy Winds. Traffic Jams all over the place. @ Chennai. (6:38pm)
RT @karthikdot: It's raining in #Chennai. Chaos on OMR! (6:37pm)
RT @fabwrite: It's raining in Teynampet! @chennaiweather @weatherofindia (6:32pm)
RT @nandhitharavi: Soooper mazhai @ chennai :-):-):-) semma... (6:29pm)
RT @stylish_vignesh: Raining in chennai.... Cool... Loving climate ...:) <3 rain now :_;) #chennai #Tamilnadu

#chennai - 6:20pm, a sharp shower is sweeping into city from West. 
Arabian sea wing of Monsoon is expected to peak again along S-W coast, #Mumbai and Gujarat from 26-Jun.. 

#chennai - 4:40pm, having good strong sea breeze from EAST for the past 1 hr. Breeze extends upto a height of 0.6km above sea level.
#chennai - Wind changing direction now 3:50pm, a strong Sea breeze possible from East after 4pm.
2:30pm, Heavy rain has broken out over Bengal, Odisha (Orissa), Jharkand, Bihar and even into E.Uttarpradesh.. 
#Delhi - records 42.0°C at 1pm
#chennai - at 12:40pm records 36.0°C with Strong winds from WEST continues.

On 19-Jun, highest maximum temperature  of  44.6°C  was  recorded at  Sriganganagar (Rajasthan)

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 11.45am, Sunny, humid & hot.. No rain for the past 3 days.. Wonders where is the monsoon ??? 

10:30am, ALL calm along S-W coast.. except for some heavy rain over Kerala, While N.Bay circulation is moving inland.. 

Yesterday, monsoon has progress even more into E.India .. 

RT @arunpillai666: Its cloudy and overcast in Kalladikode #Palakkad,#kerala.. surely looks to rain hard in afternoon.. (11:02am)

RT @mumbairealtime: Govt to send rain alert SMS #mumbainews 

Yesterday's N.Bay low circulation is moving inland into S.Bengal and S.Bangladesh .. 

N.Bay circulation is expected to push upto E.Uttarpradesh and be live till 23-Jun.. this'll further push Monsoon .. 

Top one day rainfall observed in 2012

(min 300 mm)

  1. Cherrapunji, Meghlaya - 09.06.12 - 396 mm
  2. Malvan, Maharashtra - 19.06.12 - 386 mm
  3. Khowai, Tripura - 16.06.12 - 369 mm
  4. Dapoli, Maharahtra - 18.06.12 - 337 mm
  5. Dhubri, Assam - 16.06.12 - 315 mm
  6. Falakata, West Bengal - 17.06.12 - 312 mm

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#chennai - sharp showers again now 8:14pm over Polichalur, S-S-W suburb of city

Chennai - strong drizzle now 7pm over south suburb Polichalur

Chennai - suburbs getting ready to host a t.shower 6:53pm

RT @imarsh7: Continuous rain Day-3 and supercool weather #calicut #kerala (5:09pm)
#chennai - 4:45pm, signs of Sea breeze from E-N-E 

Pressure & Height equivalents

1 hPa = 100 Pa 

925hpa  approx. 900m Above Sea Level
850hpa  approx. 1500m Above Sea Level
700hpa  approx. 3000m Above Sea Level
500hpa  approx. 5500m Above Sea Level
300hpa  approx. 10km Above Sea Level
200hpa  approx. 12km Above Sea Level

‘Talim’ forces monsoon into pause !

Tropical depression ‘Talim’ in South China Sea has intensified into a tropical storm (deep depression) this morning and seems to have a cast a spell on the Indian monsoon.
Rainfall amounts have dipped to single digits once again along the west coast, as is clear from the figures put out by India Meteorological Department.

And the northern limit of the monsoon has failed to advance beyond the alignment that precipitated the onset two days ago.
This alignment linked Veraval, Navsari, Akola, Brahmapuri, Kanker, Keonjhargarh, Midnapore, Burdwan, Malda and Baghdogra with Gangtok.
Latest forecasts indicate that ‘Talim’ might just graze the southeastern coast of China and enter into northwest Pacific on the trail of typhoon ‘Guchol.’
Meanwhile, ‘Guchol’ has already weakened into a nominal typhoon (cyclone) ahead of hitting central Japan later today.
‘Talim’ might go to retain its tropical storm status until the weekend without intensifying, leaving the door open for a resident circulation in the Bay of Bengal to hold on.

IMD expects this circulation to deepen as a low-pressure area over the next two days, and fuel monsoon’s journey into east India and the farming heartland.
The European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts sees the possibility of monsoon flows over the Arabian Sea resuming by the weekend.
The IMD assessed conditions as favourable for advance of monsoon into Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, and entire Maharashtra, Orissa, West Bengal, Sikkim and some parts of Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar during next three days.