Tuesday, July 12, 2011


7 pm cloud cover over mumbai.cool breeze. Today few showers
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Rain along Kerala and Karnataka coast to become heavier and widespread from tonight till 17-Jul
Chennai - had a mild day with high cloud cover till now 6:27pm and very little low cloud formation can be seen. NO good sea breeze as well.
S-W peninsula coast is experiencing high winds for the past 24hrs and it's likely to continue for another 3 days.. Rains will become heavier

Kollur still leads the rainfall table ahead of Cherrapunji

The most important thing about Kollur (Karnataka) rainfall is that it has got above 1cm rainfall from the day monsoon set in. It has got above 10 cm rainfall for 13 days and between 7-10 cm rainfall for 11 days.

The stars of Maharashtra, Gaganbawada is nearing Cherrapunji which has got (-1335 mm) rainfall less than the average. While Sangameshwar has gone above Agumbe which has got (-399 mm) rainfall less than the average and Kadra is also in striking distance of overtaking Agumbe, which has lost the Cherrapunji of South title to Hulikal, which is also located in Karnataka.

Top 5 SWM from 01.06.11 to 12.07.2011 (43 days)

  1. Kollur, Karnataka - 3424 mm
  2. Cherrapunji, Meghyala - 2607 mm
  3. Gaganbawada, Maharashtra - 2447 mm
  4. Sangameshwar, Maharashtra - 2322 mm
  5. Agumbe, Karnataka - 2302 mm
  6. Kadra, Karnataka - 2220 mm

The lead between Kollur and Cherrapunji is extending day by day. Its now at 817 mm.
A fresh N.Bay UAC has formed today ... so entire Bay has become very active again .. http://ping.fm/dfzPD
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 9.45am, Sunny with passing clouds. So far No rain today.

weather at 12.30 pm,mumbai

cloudy skies with a steady drizzle since morning, cooling mumbai a lot, less sultry and sweaty for now