Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kashmir :: "weather may hit surface, air communication in next 24 hours" ... 
7:30pm, No good convective activity seen over S-E Bay circulation.... Cloudy for S.Tamilnadu ..

Going to be cloudy night for N,central Punjab, Entire Kashmir (with rain / snow) and into Himachal ...
Night temp. over N,N-W,N-central India will go down again after 30-Nov, after this present W.D ...

#chennai , most of N.Tamilnadu to have another Cold & Dry night and morning .. Chennai temp. now (8pm) is 26.5 deg C and goin down.
Almost NO rain possible for entire Tamilnadu, #chennai till 1/2-Dec. Night temp. will go down over most of N,N-E Tamilnadu till that.
W.D has started affecting most of Kashmir.. Heavy rain / snow expected during next 36hrs..

W.D will give some rain / snow for Himachal and Uttarakand as well in next 48hrs ! 
@yashpalsalecha #chennai - temp. at 12:50pm is 29.5 °C.. will go down again after 3:30pm.
COLA model now suggests that the present circulation will become eleongated from North to South during next 2 days ..

And suggests a strong circulation will pop from this over S-S-E Bay on 1-Dec... this circulation is expected to track West from 2-Dec.

NOGAPS still maintains the same forecast for Bay.. now it shows as a Cyclone hitting central,N.Tamilnadu on 3/4-Dec.. 

Here's the COLA model for S-central Bay on 3-Dec.. a Depression .. 
Today the strong circulation is over S.Andaman Islands ..

And today the central Maharastra Anti-cyclone has slightly drifted W-S-W.. and now along N.Karnataka ..

This Anti-cyclone is expected to move North into Madhyapradesh after 30-Nov... this will be good for upcoming S-E Bay LOW.
#chennai - COLD & Dry again .. Nungambakkam records a low of 20.6 deg C today!