Friday, August 05, 2011

Chennai - Raining here in Polichalur zone ... 10:42pm
RT @ranganaathan: @weatherofindia sudden downpour in T-Nagar, wow feel like its rainy season (10:26pm)
Chennai - Sea breeze is good, 9:08pm... W,N-W,N. Chennai will get a good shower in another 45 min.. around 10pm
Chennai - 9:05pm, a super shower fast approaching Tiruvallur from West , will be there in another 30 min... W-N-W, N-W, N.Chennai get ready!
8:40pm, A super shower is nearing Arakonam town (Tamilnadu) from W-N-W
Tamil Nadu Rainfall Toppers during South west Monsoon 2011 ...
Chennai - @drjagadesh >> a Strong shower is moving towards W,N-W suburbs of chennai .. now 8:25pm is at 80km from center
7pm, Widespread heavy rain all over Central and E.central India ...
Chennai - 8:07pm, Super T.shower over N-W at around 100km from Chennai center... Keeping an eye on it !! Good Sea breeze continues !!
RT @ramanihm: RT @chennaitvnews1: Get rid of plastics and wastage from Chennai- Jaya's next initiative- hope like her rain harvesting
RT @aj_ay_it: @RebelOtter I am 12km away from Munnar in Kerala, surrounded by cardamom, tea and rain. Lots of rain. (6:02pm)
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 7.55pm, Dark cloud formation and sudden downpour in the evening.. a pic
RT @asury: @weatherofindia "very heavy rain in bangalore" (5:38pm)

Breaking: IPCC Climate Scientist's peer reviewed paper invalidates IPCC 2007 report

If Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) thought his troubles are over, think again.  Now one of his reviewers in a peer reviewed paper produced results that invalidate the main conclusions of the IPCC 2007 report called the AR4. 
Previous research showing humans are responsible for emissions of CO2 is wrong. Increasing CO2 is not ‘driving the climate bus’ but is very much in the back seat to temperature. Natural processes alter isotopic ratios similar to expected from burning fossil fuels.

From 7-Aug, showers along S-W peninsula will reduce drastically and showers will continue over Central, N.Central India.
Chennai - now 3:11pm, Strong sea breeze has set in ... and now having Good preliminary T.cell formation over S, S-E, N-W
Chennai - Now having some cloud formation from S-W, Wind from S-W and Today again a passing sharp shower possible after 5pm
Chennai - having a Hot day with relatively high humidity now 12:55pm, 34.7 C
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 11.20am, It is cloudy and dark, but no rain so far.

East African Famine: Yet Another example why IPCC model is off the mark

As one climate skeptic blog noted "The count of failed IPCC climate model predictions being wrong is likely unprecedented in the annals of science." The East African famine is just one of the several confirmations of such a conclusion.
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