Friday, March 23, 2012

S. Bay is expected to pop a circulation on 24/25-Mar.. this'll give showers to Srilanka & S. Tamilnadu from 27-Mar..
From 26-Mar, HOT conditions will spread to Central, N-W, West, E.central India ...
Entire N. peninsula (Maharastra, N. Karnatak, N. Andhra, Orissa, S. Chatisgarh) will be under HOT conditions ..
POLL -- Which place will end up as the Rainfall topper in 2012 South West Monsoon ??
chennai - touched a max of 32.9°C (11:17am) and now 2:17pm sea breeze has set in !
Today is World Meteorological Day 2012 - this year theme is "Powering our future with weather, climate and water"....
On 23 March, the World Meteorological Organization, its 189 Members and the worldwide meteorological community celebrate World Meteorological Day. This day commemorates the entry into force, on that date in 1950, of the WMO Convention creating the Organization. Subsequently, in 1951, WMO was designated a specialized agency of the United Nations System.
All the Best to the Vagaries' Meteorology Community and other meteorologists around the World... Let's inter -act More to be of use and help all around us !